RE: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 08

Beako! Get!

So Subaru’s first order of business is to wake up and face the new (old) day. I really liked that moment where he checked his anger and frustration after seeing both Ram and Rem in their familiar positions. He knows business isn’t going to be as easy a sweep as his (old) new chores are.

Uneasy lies the head…

Take it easy this time

But there is still the hint of what has been building up on the boy’s psyche for so long. He get’s right back to work, this time choosing to remain as close to the maids as possible, trying his best to earn their favor. As it turns out most of the time he couldn’t help but be under their microscope.

I like how the episode built up the tension; adding in some of the same old argument from previous episodes, bringing to mind how his past experiences have tainted him.  I also like that little change in that we didn’t see Ram either sneezing or yawning after Subaru makes his request. It gives a bit of texture, without being overt, that things are going to be changing.

rezero 8-005

Ah. Push It. Push it real good

Next the world of magic use is opened up just a tad (folding in a bit of exposition from a previously cut LN/manga scene) It looks to be like a lot of standard fantasy fare with a some name changing to show a bit of willing to make it the story’s own thing. It has elemental affinities as the basis for using personal, or internal mana, as well as spirit arts that require mana to be used from the surrounding area.

It suggests, but doesn’t spell out, that a spell caster can use both arts (or at least it doesn’t directly rule out). It also makes the same sort of suggestion that nearly anyone in this world is capable of using some sort of magic, making it a part of my personal favorite sci-fi rules corollary: Sufficiently Understood Magic is Indistinguishable from Science.

rezero 8-006

Science or magic, things go boom

I kinda dig how they cut off most of the lesson, and instead focus on the effects it has, which is the most important part of using magic in any story. This was a good time to drop some clues as well. The overall effect fills me with a chill; looking at all the colors, a unexpected mishap when opening his “gate”, and how shaken he is as a result of the attempt.

All of that makes me think of how Subaru’s mana has been abused since he got to the Mansion. It misfires here and there, and Betty likes to knock it out of him. Does this have anything to do with the curse?

rezero 8-007

Some of the same old suspicions

Then the night before this occurrence’s second day he clears some things with Beatrice, and we probably get some additional clues about the whole storyline out of it. Emilia-tan choose the name Satella (a derivation of Stella or Star, and is there a connection to Subaru or Pleiades, a star cluster?) in a somewhat misguided attempt to to discredit her attempt for the throne.

But, that is just too easy, isn’t it? I mean, it’s to darn straightforward for me; I know that LNs aren’t the best place to find original structure, but still! No one should be able to draw a clear line from A to B like that without expecting a kink or two to trip them up.

rezero 8-bea

Don’t you know anything, mortal?

More important we learn that once a curse is casts the spell it’s a done deal and the only way to stop it is to keep it from being cast in the first place. But I’m going on an assumption that it still takes mana to cast it in the first place (either personal or area) and then more to maintain until it finds it’s target…

The other type of magical effects, outside of combat spells, look like they don’t take much time or effect the world for very long; elemental style spells usually don’t unless they get tons of mana pumped into them. But then these are way to many un-testable assumptions for right now. For me, I’m seeing a connection, and yes, I know I’m being to hard on Subaru for doing the same…hehe…

Look at that pattern! He’s gone nuts!

The most important part of the show is Subaru’s eventual breakdown. As far as plot points go it’s very much to the point, isn’t it? I fear that for right now it’s hiding something that will come up in the story later on, and probably bigger than can be managed at first; and that is the fact that Emilia is really busy focusing on her own responsibilities, and they have to be important too.

But it’s good to see that she is strong enough to help this clod lead go of that huge emotional burden he carries with him. Now that I think of it, maybe they both needed the catharsis. Emilia is looking to make a deal with a dragon to contain a cosmic horror, and then lead a nation that is probably already reeling in chaos. If she can find the time and effort to help out a clod, then it’s step in the right direction for her to learn how to do for people.

rezero 8-008

Emilia is getting tired of your antics, guys

rezero 8-011

Uneasy lies the head…that wears the MC crown


One of these days this show is going to exhibit clear signs of Vujà Dé. No, you read that correctly. It’s a take on Déjà vu, but it isn’t. Vujà Dé is when, well, I’ll just let the late George Carlin describe it. Now, one could argue that after every single Return, Subaru has experienced Vujà Dé, in that he does have different experiences when he comes back, as his own observations of past events changes a number of things on a number of levels, both scene and unseen.


Competition LOLi lifting, the next demo event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

So, I guess I’m talking about the poor boy getting a new save point. I think he’s earned it. But before I go,there are a few things to keep in mind. Beatrice has almost always knocked the mana, and they’ve yet to really address that and it seems really weird to me. If anyone should get away with that type of chastisement it should be one or both of the twins. Speaking of which, we have the big change up with both Rem and Ram going to village with him a day earlier than the last loop. And he rather foolishly tempts fate by hoping the both of them aren’t poisonous.

rezero 8-013

Just don’t get bitten this time?

rezero 8-livedierepeat

Edit: Added image, thanks to @AniHistory…


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16 Responses to “RE: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 08”

  1. ProtoSovereign says:

    So, let me get this straight? Emilia fits the description of the Witch of Envy to a T? I’m really surprised she’s not being persecuted for that very fact considering how much of a big deal this witch seems to be in this world. I think the only 2 people in the mansion Subaru trusts atm are Beako and Emilia-tan he probably only feels safe around them. He’s going to be so edgy going to the village with Rem-rin and Ram-chi… he already knows 1 of them is poisonous after all… oh and Vujà Dé XD I just had to link that to my friends.

    • skylion says:

      Well, the Witch of Envy is a Cosmic Horror style monster or something close to it. I imagine rumor will stick to it like peanut butter does to bread; so yeah, pick the person you want to blame every little woe and worry on, and attribute to the Witch.

      I’m officially at the end of the manga, so no more spoilers for me (unless the scanlators get another out in 5 days or so). I can’t wait to see what happens; and since episodes of the show and chapter of the manga don’t often sync up? I got one tip then nothing…

    • BlackBriar says:

      There had to be something to it. The day Subaru first met her, she called herself “Satella” instead of Emilia. Beatrice’s description simply raised more warning flags.

    • FVA says:

      yup silver haired half elf is a boogeyman to every living thing in that world. Watch the reaction of old man Rom (The Giant) he startled and scared shitless when he saw silver hair and pointy ear.

      • skylion says:

        It’s also fun to ask the question. What if she’s not bluffing, or at least, what if she does have a solid connection to this cosmic horror? If she takes the throne, that means she doesn’t have to make the deal with the dragon (the current cosmic horror sealing agent), she can screw it up. That leads us to thinking about how solid Emilia’s run to the throne is. If the story is that straighforward then it means she has every chance of winning. If it isn’t (and it isn’t) then that means there’s a much larger plan going down.

        ..and what I love is that they are able to suggest this with just a few name drops, a few qualities, and some time to let them cook….

        • ProtoSovereign says:

          You keep calling Satella a cosmic horror but what if she’s a moe blob :O you never know with anime/manga/LN

          • skylion says:

            It can be both, but I’m willing to bet that Satella is a lot less cute…

            • ProtoSovereign says:

              HAHAHAHAH that’s reminds me that I still haven’t finished Nyaruko XD I got half way through season 1 I believe then lost too much steam.

            • Highway says:

              If you think it lost steam halfway through S1, then you would definitely not make it through S2.

              It did lose steam continuously throughout both seasons.

            • skylion says:

              It was, largely speaking, very uneven. But I really like the characters, and it had more laughs for me than groans. You can forgive a lot sometimes, and Nyalko was one of those occasions I did forgive. But, saying that it’s not something I’m racing to to rewatch, and I mostly love it because I can show it to old school Call of Cthulhu gamer friends that have at least some level of anime awareness to…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Beatrice’s physical description of the Jealous Witch does not bode well for Emilia, being so spot on with her appearance. It wouldn’t come as a shock if people made the connection, tormented her for it and decided to stay silent. Specifying the half-elf trait is pushing it, though. She can’t be the only half-blood elf around.

    Phew, I’m glad they did away with Subaru’s hyperactive, positive act. Honestly, it was overbearing and quickly started getting annoying.

    Puck’s detection of his Shadow attribute left me wondering. Is that all his or is it the Witch’s influence overriding? Or it could be his and the Witch decided he was a perfect fit to manipulate because she has a similar attribute. I can’t see him as the type that has anything to do with darkness.

    Speaking of which, we have the big change up with both Rem and Ram going to village with him a day earlier than the last loop. And he rather foolishly tempts fate by hoping the both of them aren’t poisonous.

    Is the reward worth the risk? Last time, he went with just one of them and still got screwed over.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      Well I was getting annoyed with Subaru’s hyperactive act too but that’s cuz he was clearly cracking and the act was getting more and more off by the second. It was like he was going insane.

    • skylion says:

      I guess it depends on how ironic he was being when he said “poisonous” out loud? It might not be then, but it will be something. My guess is that won’t be an undangerous clue.

    • skylion says:

      Phew, I’m glad they did away with Subaru’s hyperactive, positive act. Honestly, it was overbearing and quickly started getting annoying

      I was hoping someone would point this out. I can see the allergic reaction to annoying character traits, but I really do feel like they timed it just right and blended the result well. But it also underlined and reinforced the moments when he first arrived in this world. He needs to stop making pretense to genre savvy, and this world will knock that out of him in ways he didn’t think it could…

      Shadow’s conceal, they said it right there. So far, that’s all I would feel comfortable commenting on. They conceal.

  3. Iron Maw says:

    Emilia-tan choose the name Satella (a derivation of Stella or Star, and is there a connection to Subaru or Pleiades, a star cluster?) in a somewhat misguided attempt to to discredit her attempt for the throne.

    I think part of it was Emilia most likely trying to scare Subaru off and so he wouldn’t get dragged into her troubles. Anyone calling themselves Satella despite having the kind of history she has would most likely be considered insane to any native in that world.

    • skylion says:

      …and despite the revelation about that name this episode, it’s still pretty much an unfired gun. Who else did she call herself Satella too? Was he the first, and she just got lucky and never did it again? That latter is probably how it broke down, but Old Man Rom is still alive and so is Felt…so it’s still waiting to be aimed back at her AFAIAK.

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