Haifuri: High School Fleet – 07

haifuri 7-010

On this show, it pays to be good to the cat…

Pretty good episode this week, this time we have Mashiro on the away mission. So what did Misaki learn while her XO was in danger?

BluMers to the Rescue

haifuri 7-002

But first they have to reserve their precious H2O

We start off this one where we left on in the last. After being cleared of all the false mutiny charges they were tasked with finding the Mushasi. After making contact, and being witness to the ensuing battle, they’ve been tasked with  following the vessel until the authorities can send the necessary force to restrain it. Of course, and I’ve said it before, more trouble always finds the troubled, and while doing that they discover they are running out of potable water. This causes them no amount of unrest, going from frizzy hair, to unwashed undies, and seawater up the ole sterncastle…if you know what I mean….

If you don’t know, then I’ll just remind you of the picture that was painted…

But while dealing with that little obstacle (and finding the leak in the tanks that caused it in the first place) the crew of the ship find themselves on another active duty; this is after a very considerate storm paid them a visit, providing them with the much needed fresh water. Now, the actual mission is something I may have to really ding the show for. So, unless the Ulithi atool (or indeed the Caroline islands they are part of) has some very tall mountains, I don’t know how that shopping vessel ran aground of it. By all rights, in the High School Fleet world, most of the islands should be fathom upon fathom under the water’s surface.

haifuri 7-008

But, let’s make sure our newly confident Rin get’s us there anyway….

But it looks like the storm does quite a bit more than just handle plot points, it also bring with it some characterization for Captain Misaki. She’s already trying hard to get use to referring to her crew by their rank and/of ship function and therefor as a real crew and not just her peer group or friends.  Now she is revealed to be not the typical fraidy cat when it comes to inclement weather. Instead, she has a very on point character reason to be concerned. This is my second gripe for the episode and that is this reveal is just too damned convenient for what happens next.

But darn it girl, did you have to smoke cigarettes in your cabin? Your were what? Five?

All of this was pretty good undercurrent all things considered. Just a bit to easily set up for my liking, but it works for the show. With the crew reinforcing Misaki to buckle under and follow protocol, we see the contrast emerge for how her emotions go on the line. She is totally blameless for what happened to her parents, of course. No one would blame her for that trauma, and anyone would be sympathetic to how she feels about Moaka now, seeing as how she partly filled the parent shaped hole Misaki has to endure. But I do like that they don’t take it any further. What Misaki needs is the knowledge that she doesn’t have to be so very proactive to see the right thing gets done. The real BluMers showing up and saving Mashiro actually did a lot of good for her in that respect. I’m kinda happy they didn’t devolve this episode with some dippy “special feelings” moments. Just let it play natural…

…and they do it in style!

A leaky tank of extras…..

haifuri 7-001

She has a trumpet and a knack for intuition. She’s female Radar from now on…

Show ▼

haifuri 7-015

…all is well that end’s well…

At first I thought this episode just breezed by, and on a second viewing, I’m still not wrong. But when looking it over, searching for that one angle to write about it kinda dawns on me. I guess you get points if you saw it before I did, and that’s OK. For the most part, Haifuri is about the voyage anyway. If nothing else seeing the real Blue Mermaids gives us, and the Harekaze crew, some insights into how far they’ve come and how far they have yet to go. Honestly, they look to be in a darn good place anyway, they just the time and experience to get over their youthful gripes and really dig in…

haifuri 7-017


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10 Responses to “Haifuri: High School Fleet – 07”

  1. Highway says:

    Those girls are always ready to be in swimsuits up on the deck aren’t they?

    I kind of like the Captain Kirk-ness of Misaki. One of the reasons they retconned into Kirk’s character for why he always went on the away missions was because he didn’t want to make others assume the risks (as opposed to because they only had a few characters in the show so they were going to use them, dangit!).

    I also liked that the Harekaze crew was pretty much done with the job before the Blue Mermaids actually showed up. Correctly, efficiently, and effectively.

    • skylion says:

      They’ve had to deal with all sorts of tension they never expected or predicted since their instructor’s ship fired on them. When it’s time to cut loose, it’s time to put on the swimsuits!

      Yeah, I always get really leary of why creators have to explain things that don’t really need explaining. If we watch Trek from week to week, we bought the why, didn’t we? Anyone that would dump a show based on “Well that’s stupid” for why Kirk is on away mission probably shouldn’t be watching the show anyway, right? I just wish they had a bit more finesse with her origins this episode…

      Yeah, Harekaze has been pretty smooth all thing considered, so they can get the job done. But I think the real BluMers were needed to rescue the rescuer.

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    It seems like these people are needing of water by any means…EVEN SALTWATER!? (Who ho ho), Well if they had of course a right stuff to convert into freshwater, but there about more than 30 people in there and they need to do something about it for the entire crew, but luckily the rain pours out, and they had no hesitate to collect it. (um pardon my English for this anyways)

    So The Naval Cat meets it’s playmate eh i would like to called him…The Frigate Cat

    and…Mutiny? nah it’s just a jealousy alert, it remind me of something like this…also the real threat (or is it?) is about to face so soon!

    • Namaewoinai says:

      “Mutiny? nah it’s just a jealousy alert, it remind me of something like this”

      i mean something like this show in a certain episode

      • skylion says:

        I’ll reply to both here: Your English is fine…could be better, but it gets your point across. I think we should call the new one Mall Cat; as he came from a mall ship, a point that I never got around to in the main post. But…mall ship? Really? A mall no on, but that is a ship? Whoa…

        I dunno if only jealousy covers Kuro’s feelings quite enough. That looks like trouble…

      • Namaewoinai says:

        Mall Cat…Wait, is that Frigate Ship a Mall?…I never knew that, But fine you take it!!

  3. HannoX says:

    The ships I was on in the Navy had evaporators to turn seawater into distilled water. That was necessary not only for potable water but for water to makeup for that which is lost in the steam cycle for the propulsion turbines and the steam used for cooking and a number of other things. So the Harekaze didn’t just have a leak in a potable water tank but a breakdown in the evaporator system (a very bad thing to happen to a ship). However, I can understand that the anime team felt that level of detail wasn’t necessary to go into.

    I really felt that part about flushing with seawater and the one character’s reaction. One time I reached back to hit the flushing handle before I had pulled up my pants. There was a leak in the line supplying flushing water and my bare butt got sprayed with seawater under pressure. And San Francisco Bay water is cold! Since then I’ve always pulled up my pants before flushing.

    • skylion says:

      Sometimes a show just does a shortcut with that sort of detail; or else deliberately engage in Truth in Television. But honestly, they plotted it out so the girls could wait for rain and go out in swimsuits. Reclaimators be damned!

      What? I’d rather have a bare butt get wet than me pants!

      • HannoX says:

        You might change your mind if that had happened to you. That water was COLD and under pressure! You can always change your pants afterwards.

        • skylion says:

          …I would have to experience that at least once before I made up my mind. I really hate having wet clothes (especially a wet seat) for any length of time. Which…probably means that I would have been a “wash out” in the Navy?

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