Haifuri: High School Fleet – 06

haifuri 6-010

Do you know how to eat natto?

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. The crew of the Y-467 Harakaze has yet to see much go as planned -right now they are dealing with everything from a shaky retreat, to fog, then mines, that’s on top of the ongoing mystery, and a captain who’s resolve is wavering

We’re in the middle of Lake Biwa

haifuri 6-001

“This big computer screen confirms our we are effed bias”

If it’s not looking great on Misaki’s ship, it’s not looking good at all in central command. The only difference is that at least command is able to communicate with it’s departments, and at sea that is the real crux. Ship’s just aren’t reporting back; either they’ve lost the ability to communicate or, it’s spotty at best. So, on the big board, thing’s are looking very grim. Both the girl’s and boy’s schools are run under by the might of a full time war vessel that is packed and ready to go. That’s one fact that makes this show something interesting to watch. The Blue Mermaids are a peace-time force, but they can prepare for war. Musashi is proof of that, and Munetani is really taken aback that it was fully armed to begin with, so that isn’t the standard now, is it?

haifuri 6-005

Pretty much all ships reflect their captains

Misaki is in a bad communication pickle. She wants to solve all the problems, and she cannot help but be very hands on and active in the solving of those problems. She can delegate, and she’s capable of taking all the information and making the decisions that need to be made; well we can argue, but she’s doing great for a novice. But, she still has something of an inferiority complex hanging over her. This is coupled with a desire to see her crew safe. She rushes headlong into danger because she won’t ask a single precious member of her crew to do the same, and she feels she has so much more to prove then they already do for her…

C’mon Kuro, trust your captain!

This is only creating a feedback loop on the ship.  As her crew need to see and hear her presence on the bridge, and also see her act like they expect a captain to act. We see engineer Kuroki really laying her discomfort on thick; with Maron pulling her back when appropriate. Which is a really neat point they set up with those two. I don’t really get the reference, but I do know that a portable shrine does carry the main shrine’s kami with it – so I guess she’s trying to enforce that the captain is the captain no matter where she is, and the rest of the crew should adapt to that?

haifuri 6-007

How many of these damn things got on board?

But life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I find it interesting that just when Rin is finding her courage and getting a good test of her resolve, she get’s replaced at the wheel. Now Matoko is part of the navigation team, but you couldn’t tell this episode as she got them instantly lost, with the girls really missing their marks on instrumentation. Something that the hamster epidemic brings in abundance, it seems. We still really can’t pin all the trouble on these furry little intruders. but thanks to doc Minami (give me more Kana Asumi, plz!) they might be on the verge of another clue.

WTF am I reading?

So yeah, mo’ naval stuff, mo’ stuff for me to gloss over. They had a plan to clear out the mines, it looked like it was going smooth until it didn’t go smooth, such is the way of drama. Thank you for the attempt Fanuficu-chan. It seems like she channels stuff from our time-line doesn’t she? But for the drama of the scene, I got the stakes pretty clear despite my derp on tactics. The main issue here is imitative. That’s what really makes a captain, right? Now the story really could have screwed the pooch, but they have some good writers on board. It could have been a clear case of Mashiro is right and Misaki is wrong or vice-versa. But they don’t cut it that way at all. It makes for a more interesting, and better developed set of characters to see them emerging into their roles rather than cut it black or white, over and done.That was is much better than forcing the issue or treating their characterizations as foregone conclusions.

haifuri 6-015

Why can’t we have a normal beach episode, captain?

Stoke the Boilers, Raise the Guns

haifuri 6-002

We got all the guns!

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Goodness Braunschweig, you put the natto on rice or toast, you don’t eat it by itself, much less with just your chopsticks. I can’t help but think that some of the engineering crew she shared the bath with, and who felt victimized by the size and shape of good German guns, felt a bit of payback watching her eat breakfast. It was also cute seeing how the ship’s cooks attempted German cooking and got it pretty much wrong; but they got boiled potatoes right…so that’s something, right? I like how that underscore pretty much the entire episode. Your gonna make your mistakes, some of them really are still edible, wrong in some cases, but still edible. Keep at it, Haifuri, you’ll get there.

One day CR will translate this bit, until then I’ll just wait for someone else to do a GoodJob


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6 Responses to “Haifuri: High School Fleet – 06”

  1. Highway says:

    “You should watch next time, too…”

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    How many ships had been sto— er i mean lost…I fear that Big Ship (and the rest of the “Lost” Ships) is somehow going to…

    Show ▼

    So the crew finally notice about those rats eh, They really need to bring that thing to academy ASAP…Otherwise…

    So they create a Anti Berserk Vaccine…Does it work? Well…KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSS ANYONE!!

    I see one of the crew out there seem to be a smug around here (Hiromi Kuroda…right) due to the captain’s unpleasant performance, so instead she want the other one (Mashiro Munetani) to be a captain more, but again the captain (Akeno Misaki) admit that yeah, she is kinda bit incapable of it. so yeah I had that coming but like any other shows the situation may change so. Patience anyone!

    Natto…Natto…Natto…Man, Seriously i want to eat that (i never eat those actually in my life…)

    Finally, I know someone knows this, The biggest criticism of this show is of course no airplanes (and no aircraft carriers), but we see some sort of blimp, man i wish we see something like…Helicopters! i doubt it really!

    • skylion says:

      I think they said something like 16 total ships have been affected, either damaged, or lost.

      That virus has to pack a punch to fix electronics, if I have an accurate read on the situation…

      I enjoy natto on rice. I never tried it on toast, cause I had rice, so why bother…You have to really stir that stuff and get the strings going, something that Brown Sugar didn’t do at all. Then you dump in on the bowl of rice and mix it in. Japanese breakfast really makes you work up an appetite…

      The instructor’s ship from the first episode had a helipad? So maybe? The lack of flying power is there to create tension, too give the sense of large scale back to open bodies of water, something that planes make smaller and smaller.

  3. HannoX says:

    In the tug-of-war between Mashiro and Akeno regarding a captain’s duty, I have to side with Mashiro. It’s the captain’s job to stay on the ship and provide direction. It’s other crewmembers who leave the ship when it’s necessary to undertake jobs requiring someone to leave. Of course, this anime is setup in such a way to have Akeno undertake these jobs when they’re dangerous in order to show how much she tries to protect her crew. It also provides her character arc as she learns she can’t do it all and just what a captain’s job entails. The fact that two other crewmembers left the ship to clear the mines shows that Akeno is starting to learn what a captain’s job is.

    I can sympathize with Braunschweig and her attempt to eat natto. I tried it once by itself without putting it over rice or toast. But at least I was using a fork rather than trying to eat it with chopsticks.

    • skylion says:

      I agree, Misaki’s arc is totally at “must protect my precious friends” and it will more than likely end there; the whole naval experience, the plot, pretty much everything is there as set dressing to feature this one trope and her place in it…With Mashiro keeping her in line, as much as she is capable of doing that.

      They are slippery, that natto, so I can only imagine that a fork was mildly less frustrating…

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