Haifuri: High School Fleet – 05


Your fortune is misfortune…

You should never trust horoscopes. But, as a narrative device they can be intriguing. It’s not what you believe, but that you choose to believe, sight unseen, in the first place…

I would have fired too…

If we knew you were coming…

I loved so many of the bits and pieces. This one was it’s biggest fanservice instance to date, in a show that hasn’t really had all that much, but it’s almost a beach episode in it’s own right. It was cool to see them rest and recuperate, and make cakes and wishes. But while most of the girls are stretching out and enjoying that much needed down time, both Mei and Tama, still confined below decks, are wrapping up the investigation started started by the Maritime Safety Support Department. Tama has been more or less let off the hook, but with some later conditions that are likely to be triggered in coming episodes.



All told, I rather like this balance of fun times and serious times as it did a good job of setting up some of the what this episode deals with. Sometimes the captain gives the order for what needs to be done or does what needs to be done, even if you don’t fully understand why. So for all intents, it looks like even welcoming Braunschweig to her new crew is not just part of the relaxation, her speech may be part of the plot!


You can still get to work in the swimsuits it seems…

But before most of the main action this episode begins we have already seen the inner working of the decisions some ship’s commanders make. During the cold open, we have on captain leading a group into what should be an easy, if admittedly non-routine situation, so that set’s a tone of unease. Then we later shift focus to Instructor Furushou with her very spooky uncertainty as to why she fired on the Harekaze for being tardy in the first place; which all hands under her command remember following the order for, but cannot discern why…the fact that the official logs are deleted is just icing on the cake of conspiracy. When all is said and done I’m smelling to much uncertainty here, where I should be sampling the opposite.

..see? No one changed…

I’ve said before that I’m rubbish at talking about ships and naval combat, so I won’t attempt it here again. So with that in mind I found the combat, “very interesting”. I’ll leave it at that! But the whole situation makes for a very refreshing change of pace inside the episode itself, to see Akeno take charge. It was a huge risk, and by the end, it looked to be a foolhardy one at that.

skylion sez things went boom boom

But, when she takes charge it looks like a good reason, for an anime that is, to leave your ship and pursue something personal. My own feelings on the whole plot is that someone or someones are taking advantage of people following orders due to training and discipline, because means folks are acting predictable. These are the best people to take advantage of!  Akeno is not doing that. Now, this seems terrible to leave her “family” behind, but at the very least, she left her ship in capable hands. At most, she could be getting a valuable clue. So  Mashiro may look down on herself, but she can take charge when she can push past her limits; plus there is the unknown variable of Winner Brown Sugar, as she really does need to find same real bite to back up that bark of hers, and this might be what both need to evolve.

Ship fires on friendlies, the captain is out of it or not in command? Two points don’t make a pattern but the Mystery Deepens…

Blow you to smithereens!

Show ▼

I think I can probably get away with writing a very short piece this week. The episode was so straightforward  in both it’s rhymes and reasons, and they managed to stretch the overall mystery for one more episode. Now, having said that, has that gone on to long? Are you expecting some resolution to it soon? I think I can see it going on for a bit longer, but then I also see something like nesting dolls, and that there is going to be anther layer underneath the one you’ve come to understand. Wacky electrical weird hamsters is just too bloody obvious for even an anime, don’t you think?

Rin was so brave this episode…


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3 Responses to “Haifuri: High School Fleet – 05”

  1. Namaewoinai says:

    Yup, Those Mice are the real culprit…if the people are realize it fast, i mean They can disrupt and electric equipment there, and even can disrupt missiles and torpedoes too…

    Anyways, So the Captain of that big Ship (Musashi) Somehow seem to be OK, i wonder what lies inside that big ship….

    also, if someone remember this, Why this big ship, somehow get drifted on an island of Ascusion?, What is in that island, and what would the big ship crew discovered on it….

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, we are going to have to wait and see what the connections are sometime in the near future. Part of me is thrilled that they’ve kept the mystery sewn up tight for five episodes; the other part wants them to spill the beans already!

      I’m thinking that the Moka, the captain of the Musashi has herself locked up on the bridge or something similar (I’ve heard she’s confined to her quarters? which seems odd…). So again, next time maybe we’ll get more details.

      • HannoX says:

        Yeah, wherever she is I think Moka is a prisoner on her own ship. So most if not all of the rest of the crew got infected and mutinied. Time to start getting some answers next episode, but we don’t need all the answers then.

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