Big Order – 7


They’re researching the secret formula for bromance

I’m never 100% sure what’s going on in this show. I guess that’s kind of like real life though, where I’m also not entirely sure what’s happening around me. Hmm.

After losing Kamimusubi to a dimension-crossing sword slash, Eiji is told to retreat. It’s revealed here that the actual goal of this council is to try and stop Eiji’s father, who is determined to destroy the world for whatever reason. Eiji is the key to destroying the world for good, and he simply cannot fall into his evil clutches. This makes Gennai a classic textbook villain with the reason for his hatred of the world remaining unexplained. Even Eiji doesn’t recall his dad being completely bonkers. I much preferred watching Eiji conquer all of Japan and try to unite them all under his reign, Sengoku-era style. That had a definite sense of progress as he gained more and more territory, convincing new Orders to join his side wherever he went. Now his goal is more nebulous as he tries to fend off attacks from his father..and maybe get Rin back? It’s all over the place now (even moreso than before!).


Fuck your cactus, check out this sick bonsai!

Hiiragi tries to sort out some of this mess by explaining his past with Gennai, which helps to clear things up a little. I actually thought his backstory was sweet and wished we saw more of it. Hiiragi was once an eager researcher, keenly devoting as much time as possible towards building a system that could respond to the will of others. He had a heated bromance with Gennai, who always looked after him despite the fact he was bullied for being such a nerd. Gennai was caring and very bright. It was only until Eiji appeared at the lab one day that things went awry and he suddenly became a psychopath. I honestly have no idea how they’re going to explain that one, and I’m not sure if I even want to see them try.

Hiiragi now has his one weak spot exposed: anything involving Gennai. Eiji is shocked at how he gets more flustered than even him when Gennai contacts them with his hologram. It’s a very different side from usual, composed self. He’s probably the most coherent character in the show at this point. His “change” in personality makes total sense given the circumstances he’s been through, which gives him a consistent yet varied personality.

Sena is the opposite of this.


Blowing sunshine up her ass (literally)

While in the bath with Rin, Sena suddenly goes from sweet imouto to manipulative diva. I’m torn on this change. On one hand, it means that Sena isn’t just a passive object of affection that her brother fawns over (in a frightfully sexual way). Sena takes charge of her life without resorting to wishes – she just grabs the bull by the horns and makes shit happens. She’s pretty badass now! It’s an interesting counterpoint considering the whole show is about people getting superpowers through their wishes during weak moments in their life. On the other hand, Sena’s change is incredibly abrupt and will likely lead to more fanservice. The bath scene with her was already sketchy enough, and now I’m afraid with her bold new personality that she’s going to start giving flirtacious winks and smirks. I don’t want that to become A Thing for her.

The funny thing is, Ayahito does what I wish I could have done in this situation: calls Eiji a lolicon taking advantage of his sister not being related by blood. Instead of calmly denying it, he starts wailing on Ayahito and basically proving that yes, he is absolutely in love with his not-blood-related-sister. Ugh.


Welp, only 3 episodes left so let’s hope for at least a decent cliffhanger ending.




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4 Responses to “Big Order – 7”

  1. skylion says:

    You know, I love Sena as a villain, this can only end well! (Puts away his excess of sarcasm)

    But yeah, one of the things that anime (well pretty much 90% of comics, manga, and anime)does horribly is to sexualize it’s female villains. It’s like no girls can have an honest approach to sex! “Oh noes, I’ve lost my purity. Can’t be helped! Gotta be the bad girl now!” Compartmentalizing this scene was a bit hard, as it just came off badly, poor execution, and it could have been a bit more interesting.

    But damn, this tale is just getting more twisted. Good stuff…

    • Overcooled says:

      A recipe for disaster…But of course, it’s still fun to see where it will go

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate that being evil automatically entails being sexual in the media. Why can’t we have a sweet lil hero girl who also just happens to be less sexually innocent?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    True, Sena’s change to a more villain-like personality is well abrupt but works enough because it makes her more interesting than being another pitiful, helpless damsel in distress. What’s frightening about this is Sena’s sudden insight on exactly what area to hit that would cause a person the most pain, be it physical or psychological. Especially with no regard for her own life. And while acknowledging her half year life span, she has no reason to hold back. Fear the one who has nothing to lose!

    • Overcooled says:

      It makes her a little different, but it feels like yet another contrived plot twist to make things dramatic. Ah well. I guess they can blame it on her finding out she has less than a year to live.

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