Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 06

Screw subtle….

…and with this episode we have most of the people from the OP in the story and on the go; this leaves out a chunk from police we’ve not seen yet, and Uzal’s Rebel Fetish brigade is still MIA, but hey, we got ourselves, a little girl, a doctor, a nurse, and a really scary granny…really freakin’ scary granny…..

Seven Armed is Seven Shadowed…uh

kpandora 6-004

Yeah, like this isn’t going to come up again….

…I mean, four-shadowed…Moving on, our cold open with Vii– and our reintroduction to Takumi leads us into some future plot points. One, that this so-called independent island is in allegiance with a far greater power, and you don’t have to know much about politics to know that their independence will only last as long as their usefulness to said greater power. This, two, ties us back to some of the maneuvers that Colonel Kurtz has been up to, how BUER figures in, and why the little park the show has been featuring has slowly and surely become deserted despite needing it for refugee space…

Leaving that aside for, we come back to Takumi giving Nene a rundown on what has to be some high military grade hardware; I’ll just mention in brief that them seven arms Nene is having trouble with is so much a call back to both Appleseed and to GitS:SAC, and well, Greek myth (a Titan’s name…with a series that already has a cthonic demon thing) and all, but mostly the old Shirow shows. But that is hardly surprising given the circumstances, and equally not surprising that this much heavy four-shadowing is coming the middle of the cour, right? So what other little bread crumbs can I find?

In which I looked up more Greek words…

Well, I guess things resolved themselves?

What we have in this episode is the introduction of some side characters with the emphasis on Amy, her kitten Lean, and what I guess we could charitably call some character development for BUER, or Buer as I prefer to call the little guy (I’ll save all caps for his much larger version). I was thinking that Amy’s little adventure, losing and finding her cat, the people she meets, Buer helping her out, getting her new leg, and so on were sort of a story in a story; more foreshadowing so to speak with metaphor. I’ll be damned if there are any connections I can see, but the gist I came up with was that Amy was standing in for Cenacle Island, metaphorically speaking (the way her hair is wavy with that hairclip just reminds me of the island somehow).

So with that in mind what did I come up with? Well, I did look up more words above and beyond the GitS/Appleseed/Greek myth stuff. Cenacle is an ‘upper chamber’, or in more modern outlooks, an ‘inner chamber’. A lean is the facing side of a niche, a cut out inside a room or chamber, so her adventure with her kitten is something deeper itself?  Also, tying into more Greek myth, especially Pandora, is Elpis, which is the goddess of hope. Which helped Amy out a great deal in the form of her little secret sewing session. Also, one other little feature was introduced to go along with Nene’s arc. She was being tested to see if her cyborg body was “normal”; not superhuman, cause that would only cause trouble…which is far more true than most people would think about. Five will get you ten that that switch is gonna get flipped later. Given that we’ve not reunited with Amy’s grandmother, well…..

More Crumbs….

kpandora 6-006

..grab ’em while you can….

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Yeah, I’m probably reading a ton into this episode, but I’m not hurting anyone, and it’s fun to look for clues if nothing else. I’m not really seeing an end of a path anyway, so looking for the trail of bread crumbs is just a fun little diversion. But…it feels like something is there. The fact that Buer was ultimately useless in finding Lean the kitten may be preparing us for the fact that BUER is only so much MacGuffin, and that Nene and Clarion, as a team is more what this place needs. They dropped the suggestion that the island depends on a stronger power for defense, and that defense does come with a price. A super weapon, maybe? We got rivals and factions galore already starting up. And a little girl that wants peace….

kpandora 6-013

…and her FK YA kickass LOLi….


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