Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 04

kpandora 4-012

Cooking Nene!

I’m feeling somewhat mixed about this episode. It’s not exactly a bad one, but for a fourth affair it doesn’t come out as strong as it could….for all the show’s past manic pace, this was almost a pedestrian…

A little bit of plot goes a long way?

Takumi want’s that little lion’s secret places….

A nice main line running this through this episode was how Uzal’s plan’s run far and deep, and I hope they can make the first one’s random meeting between Nene and her look like it was “all according to plan”, instead of writer’s convenience. As for now BUER is a good plot device, it’s destructive power already showing itself as very wide reaching and permanent (instead of something the creator’s forget about when they choose to advance the plot), and it rests beneath a submerged lake, far below the ground, with a mysterious Colonel Kurtz looking after it like a Heart of Darkness (unless the writer’s aren’t going for the Apocalypse Now reference, if not then pffffffft to me).

For right now, little fragile BUER is no match for the forces around him. He’s only so much shuttle-cock, bouncing back and forth, de-fanged, yet still tantalizing for all the secrets he must contain. I cannot help but paw, like a easily distracted kitten, at the dangling plot thread that brings little BUER so close to Uzals’ obvious rival, Takumi, who for all her power is only able to gain as much victory as a cat against a running vacuum cleaner. She’s equally defanged, but she does have her share of powerful resources at her disposal.

kpandora 4-009

Nene finds a niche…

I like how much they’ve filled Nene out so far. She’s just looking for a somewhat normal life for a girl her age despite her uncanny origins. Going to school, having hopes and dreams, and being able to walk hand in hand with someone she cares about (hand in hand everywhere! this episode was Holding Hands: The Anime). But it almost feels to perfect, as if they are beating me over the head with magical girl show parallels, like metaphorical and tropilogical assault and battery has become the new norm.

Given how much they’ve rammed a train of “what do you means it’s symbolic” down my gullet with how Nene’s and Clarion’s Pandora operation work maybe I should see any form of “literary violence” as the new norm from the start and stop whining like a toddler with a skinned knee. Of course there are magical girl parallels. But as much as I liked this season of Cooking Nene and her “robots in disquise” act at the end, part of me wants to see her clear more house in Monster Mash! I don’t know how that would give her the valuable lesson due jour, so let’s stick with what we have. In the end, Nene and Clarion learn that to make a connection, you actually need to be there and make it count. Heck, the not so very well heeled delinquents knew that.

kpandora 4-010

I suggest a new strategy, let the loli win!

More Doll Parts

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Yeah, not impressed by this one, but not entirely let down either. It just feels like a holding pattern with a few new tricks tossed in to keep it from going stale. We get to see some of Takumi’s influence over the city, and with Vulcan Park, we see that the place is vulnerable with some normal folk in danger should things turn sour; a building block for heroic fiction to work with. I don’t know why they felt the need to add a new character in the green accented news caster, not when they had a perfectly fine one, not serving as a good comedic device, begging to be in there. But seeing Bunny-minion being a minion for hire, and still being a big goofus despite new employment was a kick (or there’s another rabbit hole out there we’ve yet to go down). So here’s hoping the next episode can pull out the old stops and make this thing blare…

kpandora 4-014

…do it for the robots!


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The story is:



  2. Namaewoinai says:

    So this Pandora Device can uh…

    Enhance almost anything including…cooking abilities…huh!

    • skylion says:

      IKR! But I do admire that the writers are aware enough to show,that in the end,whatever ability they drum up with the Pandora is limited for the time and is only a tool. Without a person to work the tool it’s useless….or something to the affect….

  3. skylion says:

    Nice connection….

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