Haikyuu!! S2 – 16

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get rekt daichi

HEY HEY HEY~ Welcome to another blog post called “I put LOOK UP TEAM NAME LATER for every instance I had to write the name of the opposing team because I have a bad memory”.

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The party team didn’t go down without a fight, but their demise was inevitable. I mean, it’s kind of amazing they made it this far without doing an ounce of critical thinking or planning. However, instincts aren’t enough to beat Karasuno. They’re the main characters afterall! The match didn’t drag on for too long, ending nicely with their manager passing the torch to her kouhai, much like what Karasuno is doing with Yachi. It was sweet. This team has a bright future ahead of them.

The real meat and bones this week was the introduction of a new team: Wakutani. They’re a bad match-up for Karasuno not necessarily because of their skill level, but because of their playing style. Karasuno thrives on throwing their opponents off balance with their unpredictable style and fast plays, which is why they struggle more against level-headed teams. Despite that, Wakutani really doesn’t do much to scare me. All the players look pretty average, and even the captain’s special talent in rounding up his team doesn’t seem like it would qualify as a killer move to combat Hinata’s quick. The most intimidating thing about them is the unfaltering cheers of Takeru’s entire immediate family. That is some frightening devotion! I would be pretty embarrassed if I were him, actually…

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So really, Wakutani didn’t impress me much. Saying they’re a bad match-up for Karasuno seems like an excuse to try and make them seem stronger than they are since they don’t have many special qualities about them. The match started off okay, but was admittedly one of the less exciting Haikyuu!! matches.

That was until Daichi injured himself.

Daichi had become a background character for quite a long stretch of episodes, with the spotlight focusing more on Hinata, Kageyama and Tsukishima. Daichi’s “thing” is that he’s kind of boring, but he’s the glue that holds the team together. That’s a role that should not be underestimated, especially for a team filled with guys so thirsty that they need their captain to physically restrain them whenever a cute girl is nearby. I felt a little bad he was being ignored for what felt like an entire season.

haikyuu 3006

Maybe he’s just….tired…?

Thankfully, he stood out in the Johzenji match as a perfect contrast to the party team. He was just starting to inch into the spotlight more and more this week as well. He was doing so many small but critical things, such as puff up Hinata with pride and get Tanaka energized through the power of jealousy. Just as Coach Ukai commented that this match was going to be a showdown of “Who is the better captain?”, I started to get nervous. Daichi suddenly becoming important was now a flag for something horrible to happen to him. AND IT DID.

While the episode leaves the severity of his injury rather open to interpretation, it does appear that Daichi is at least out for the game. He may even end up taking a break for the rest of the season…! Heck, just sitting this one game out will make winning an almost impossible task. And just like that, a match against a “meh” team becomes an intense struggle. The preview for next week shows some unusual suspects trying to fill Daichi’s shoes, which should be interesting since a lot of the underdogs have been practicing really hard and deserve some court time. I’m suddenly pumped to see how Karasuno is going to beat this team!

haikyuu 3003

Please tell me they don’t lose to the goddamned pink pineapple team


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2 Responses to “Haikyuu!! S2 – 16”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Nooooooooo. Daichiiiii! I swear I wanted to pick up the manga yet again after seeing that cliffhanger but stopped myself in time. Actually, I like all character (even the small ones like that black-haired dude who sometimes makes snarky/intelligent comments). Anyways, hopefully he’s out of one game than the season because this is his last season, damn it!

    I totally agree with you on pinky team. I was like, c’monnnn, this is like that turnip-kun team. Though, they seemed more organised but Karasuno should be able to kick their butt. Here’s to some butt-kicking next episode.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s tempting…My boyfriend reads the manga so he knows everything that happens. Thankfully he hasn’ spoiled anything yet.

      Haha yeah they’re like the turnip-kun team. But other than that, should be an easyish win. I’ll get to watching the new episode now! =w=

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