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She not a harem member, but she’s still a SHAFT character…

“You can despise me as much as you want. At least as much as I used to love you before.” – Araragi Koyomi, Sodachi Lost Part Two.

“I’m sorry, but please be my villain”

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How much he used to love her before. It’s really not something that needs questioning. But it does get down to the heart of the matter. He was happy during that summer in middle school, just him and his maths fairy. But what does need questioning at this point is why he forgot in the first place. In the beginning of this story, he recalls she was in high school with him, the next time he recalls he knew her in middle school. Now, he recalls that he knew her in grade school. How do you forget that? The answer for me is that he’s recalling three separate people, or he’s recalling one person, from three different facets of their life, and all three are quite different. But now it’s time to add all those variables up…

I love how the deeper she goes, the brighter it gets outside…

Early on she left a single impression, and one that would have been lost on a another child; interesting that Sengoku recalls her, but that’s her thought process, remember someone that was around her beloved Koyomi-onii-chan. She was quiet, and she left quick. The next time, she was the maths fairy, and they must have had fun with each other, so that’s the version he recalls the most of. Finally there is the somewhat obnoxious version of her in high school. Yet by Oikura’s standard, he was always the same, and came in to her life when the horror of abuse paralleled it.

It’s no secret that Oikura is a broken person by now. I mentioned a few episodes back how much her hate of him gave her energy, a reason to go on. I had her pegged then, but didn’t quite get the circumstances for it. It been an interesting exploaration so far. Seeing these layers peeled back bit by bit. Had we been told from the start her exact reason, her exact need, at least from her perspective why she hated him so much, it wouldn’t have had the same impact. It would have been too easily explained. But seeing her finally break down, almost hit near rock bottom, we get what her past is like, and what her future may hold for her.

She brought it piece by piece, her own salvation, really. If she can see the distant pain in her own rear view, then she can look for the happiness that was in that view. Instead of seeing a villain, she can see a friend. But, since they opened this episode with the question about how Oikura knew his parents were cops, and that tied into his conversation with Sengoku, that creates a specific juncture. At this point in the story his future with Sengoku is not yet told. But the advice he got at the end of Medusa fits here as well. He’s a catalyst for both of these girls. Burned away for in the process of change. But Oikura still has an ally…

If anything this was Hanakawa’s moment to shine. She really brought the best of herself to this encounter. Not only did she display those “cat like” reflexes she’s come to embrace, but she brings both the deepest and the brightest moments. It’s true, you cannot bring happiness to someone that cannot see it as anything but a crushing weight. But “troubling those we care about is how we do things.” That’s the best she has to offer, “Well said”, Tsubasa, you get your own well said. It’s very rare that you can be proud of an anime character…

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But, and there is a huge one here. We all know what the investigation that Oikura’s initiates is going to uncover, don’t we? This is not a happy tale in the making, and it’s end will be made of the same stuff. But, it’s closure. For someone that’s had to bear the burden of, “not being the correct child”, that might be the thing that Oikura needs the most. She’s found someone that can help her, and it really isn’t Araragi. Do you think she already knows, well and full, the truth about her mother’s disappearance? Do you think she’s been waiting for someone just like Tsubasa to be the one to tell her?

On the technical side of things, this was quite the episode. The animation was restrained by Monogatari standards to be sure, with those interstitial moments allowed to slow down and behave. The composition was very well suited to the dialogue. I loved how Oikura’s room started with that sterile lighting, and her cold mannerisms. That shifted to a natural color and light with her voice becoming softer, her words having more weight and meaning. Marina Inoue has done a bravura job with this character, and it cannot have been a walk in the part for a VA to pull that off.

So we are on to the next part, and all the answers we may not want. But hopefully we’ll get other answers soon such as, what part will Spoopy Ougi ultimately play in all of this

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  1. Neomo says:

    I think it’s great to see Tsubasa play a larger part in arcs again. Don’t think we’ll see her in Shinobu Mail though, but ehh…we can happily wait for the movies!

    2 weeks time equals Shinobu loli.

    • skylion says:

      …and she’s playing for keeps! I’ve peeked a bit, here and there, for information about Shinobu Mail, but I’ve not seen any mention of Tsubasa. But yeah, she will play a large role in the films, possibly all three!

      Yes, delicious Shinobu in two weeks!

  2. Wanderer says:

    She not a harem member,

    Wanna make a bet as to whether doujin artists think that way or not? :p

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Article: Voice Actress Miyu Matsuki Passes Away

  4. amado says:

    indeed its a good thing araragi chose hanekawa to bring.

    if ougi came along, she’d just draw out the truth in an agonizing way on top of making both of them miserable, which is not a good thing to do with how sodachi’s close to being suicidal. not to mention sodachi and araragi might have gotten into a fight as ougi doesnt seem to be the type to calm down the situation.

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