Mechanorn – 25


Felia is trapped in a tiny box.

winter15-foshTime for more mech talk on Metanorn! Sorry if the Gundam recording sounds a bit odd at the end! We ran into some loud static at the end so I had to cut a bit of it out, but so far things have slowed to a crawl in Heavy Object while Comet Lucifer opened the door for more plot.


Heavy Object – 05

Extra Objects

heavy object (2)

Watch out for her Heavy objects.

heavy object (3)


heavy object (5)

Qwen is having the best week ever.

heavy object (4)

Did the helicopter pick up some fast food?

heavy object (1)

Milinda-“My god I hate this mech.”

heavy object (6)

Sorry but the helicopter isn’t an RV…

Comet Lucifer – 05

Extra Fun

comet lucifer (2)


comet lucifer (5)

Gus loves a good mech on mech battle.

comet lucifer (4)

Everyone knows that red mechs are badass.

comet lucifer (3)

Moura version 2.0

comet lucifer (6)

The story might have been meh, but hey cool looking fight.

comet lucifer (1)

Felia x Sougo possibly?

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans – 05

Extra Gundam

gundamiron (6)

Who do you choose Mika?! Kudelia, Atra or Orga?!

gundamiron (5)

Derp hitler wanted to sit in the captains chair but got beaten up.

gundamiron (4)

Were in spaceeeeeeeeeee!

gundamiron (3)

McGillis loves his hair.

gundamiron (2)

Gotta love that grin.

gundamiron (1)

RIP derp hitler.


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24 Responses to “Mechanorn – 25”

  1. Samsura says:

    It’s sad, but Gus really is my favorite character in Comet less so for his individuality, rather it is because he is a character type I enjoy. That character type is the warrior who lives only to fight, and also feels out of pace in times of peace. And you can consider this a teaser for the next Mechanorn, but an episode of Heavy Object that doesn’t have things exploding just might cause me to lose all hope for the show. Not that there was much to begin with.

  2. Tenkuro09 says:

    Thank God that Derp Hitlet is out of the picture, ive always hate that guy besides his fat fish belly. I guess assholes die in shame. 🙂

    • IreneSharda says:

      Yes, the IBO have enough to worry about than waiting for Derp Hitler to betray them every time. The guy was so obvious, that it would have actually made Orga and the others look dumb if they had kept him around any longer.
      However, he’s not dead yet, so I can bet ya he’s going to come back at some point.

      Also, welcome to Metanorn! We welcome a mecha/Gundam fan to our little abode!

  3. zztop says:

    Gundam Orphans: And then Gjallarhorn rebuilds derp-Hitler into Robo-Hitler, and sends him out as a weapon to destroy the Iron Blooms! Oh no!! 😮

    Heavy Object: Kamachi Kazuma claims he wrote Heavy Object as a literary experiment, where each volume is a collection of (connected) short stories.

    “I thought the first volume could be…a starter pack that explained the basic setting and actions of the characters (and) the makeup and values of the different parts of the world. Then the subsequent volumes could be something like expansion packs.

    My intention was to have a timeline that continues with each volume, but where you can pick up and enjoy any volume (provided) you have the basic information from the first volume. I hope you readers can check to see if I was successful or not.”

    Do you think he was successful?

    • IreneSharda says:

      Heavy Object:

      I can see what he was going for, but it somehow doesn’t work here. I think his initial premise doesn’t work as that kind of story. What he’s talking about is more like a “journey to do something important” story, something similar to Pokemon in a way. Where you can pick up any episode of the story and pretty much understand the whole thing, because it’s built to be episodic while still having an overarching storyline. The issue there is that in order to do that, your overarching story has to be so simply that it can probably be said in one sentence, or even be completely inferred from the events of that particular adventure. That way, it doesn’t get repetitive trying to convey it every new story line.

      Heavy Object just isn’t built that way, so every time we go to a new adventure, it feels very repetitive for a person who saw the last adventure. That slows down the story rather than continues it. And anyone who DID try to pick the story up in the middle would also feel that way once they decided to read the rest. This would have worked much better if he had stayed with the regular continuation formula of starting out at one point and then just continuing the story volume to volume and having the reader have to start at the beginning. Or else, if he wants to continue with this short story expansion, he’s going to have to reel back the plot, and change the story structure.

    • Samsura says:

      I’ve been reading this guys 59th light novel series (exaggeration? I don’t even know) the Zashiki long name continue here. It is also a series that plays around with narrative structure by having multiple narrators, plenty of time skips, and some pretty zany plots. I actually like that series because it is more of a mythology based mystery series, and the characters are pretty well written. That “have the main character comment on the fan service/or just how hot the girls are BS” is also very present, which is pretty irritating to me. But I enjoy the Zashiki series much more than Heavy Object.

      • zztop says:

        I haven’t read it, but I remember the title.
        “The Zashiki-Warashi of the Intellectual Village”, right?

        Do you think he still puts effort into his writing, or is he just winging it for the money, like Kubo Tite?

        • Samsura says:

          The only light novel of his I ever bothered to read of his was Zashiki. I have never watched or read Index, Railgun, or any of his other works. I probably will just stick to Zashiki. I would say that the author is writing Heavy Object for an audience that I am not part of, and so far he seems to be trying something that would please an audience that I am not part of. Let’s not talk about Bleach, it just depresses me.

  4. HannoX says:

    Comet–poor Skylion, the Loli grew up! She’s just appeared, but already I prefer the older Felia. The nearly inarticulate, simple-minded child Felia was starting to get on my nerves. Now she can become an actual character, not just the show’s McGuffin.

  5. IreneSharda says:

    Who do you choose Mika?! Kudelia, Atra or Orga?!

    Please, this isn’t even a question, we all know who Mika would choose in an instant, and I’m sorry…but the fairer sex doesn’t stand a chance. 😛

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Heavy Object – 05: I continue to enjoy watching this knowing the two main guys will get royally screwed in their hopes of being discharged from the army. The banter is a considerable contributor to why the series hasn’t rubbed me the wrong way.

    Oh, the naiveté. Not one but a second Object fallen thanks to them. I know they had no choice but Qwenthur and Havia only added another nail to their coffin. It’s only natural they’d get railroaded to another high ranking mission.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Comet Lucifer – 05: At this point, if one wants to continue this, it’s better to watch without the slightest bit of expectation and go with the flow. Due to previous episodes, it suffices to say anything might be allowed to happen.

    That aside, the mecha battle was entertaining and I’m already liking the more grown up version of Felia. Definite preference over her loli counterpart.

    PS: Can someone kick Alfried’s miserable ass sooner than later. The sight of the slime ball makes me cringe.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Article: Funimation Reveals Broadcast Dub Cast for Heavy Object Anime

    Justin Briner (Seraph of the End’s Mikaela Hyakuya, Gangsta’s Worick Arcangelo, Arslan Senki’s Elam) as Qwenthur
    Micah Solusod (Seraph of the End’s Yuuichirou Hyakuya, Gangsta’s Nicolas Brown, Index/Railgun’s Touma Kamijou, Akatsuki no Yona’s Su-won) as Havia
    Alexis Tipton (Gangsta’s Loretta Cristiano Amodio, Index’s Hyouka Kazakiri , Noragami’s Kofuku) as Milinda
    Morgan Garrett (Kore wa Zombie desu ka’s Seraphim, Index’s Kaori Kanzaki) as Frolaytia
    Wendy Powell (Fullmetal Alchemist’s Envy) as Ayami

  9. SherrisLok says:

    I just hope that this new Gundam won’t go the Aldnoah path and have a ‘monster of the week’ week after week after week after week with the plot being shoehorned into the remaining 5 minutes of an episode… Just get to the Earth already!

  10. […] or Gangsta.  And yet I keep watching them).  And as you may have guessed from my appearances on Mechanorn but I don’t particularly like fan service anyhow.  Young Black is the kind of show where […]

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