First Impressions – Noragami Aragoto


Welcome to godly hijinx!

Yaaay, more Noragami! When season one ended, I was really worried if we would get another season but good things come to those who wait! For new watchers, you can’t skip on season one if you want to enjoy the story, while welcome to the old followers.


It feels like such a long time since I last blogged this series, but I guess it wasn’t too long ago… But as the boss lady says, getting a second season is a good thing. Bones’s take on the first season added a lot of flair to the action scenes, so I’m looking forward to seeing Bishamon and Yato do their things in season two.

Yatogami, the minor god

Noragami Aragoto 1-00007Noragami Aragoto 1-03

Like any continuation, we are thrown right back into the world where another world exists in the darkness and there are gods to ward this darkness off. However, there is an actual hierarchy of things and the big seven have the biggest clout and Bishamonten is one of the prominent ones. In comparison, our main protagonist, Yatogami is a meagre god, a small fry if you will. He runs a hotline for 5 Yen per task… I mean, this gives Airtasker a run for its money, when you realise that 5 Yen does not even equal to $5 cents…! And all of this effort is for him to raise money to build his very own Shrine. Yes, there will be times you would question this whole setup. Shouldn’t gods be getting points via their divinity or how much evil they fight but sadly, this game is not point-based rather Yato is in a precarious situation of being a very minor god. The only way he can get any position is having a Shrine and a following. We will come to this point later in our coverage.

I didn’t expect big developments in the first episode as our delivery god is carefree as usual with his troupe of two: Yukine, his Shinki and Hiyori a coincidental follower/friend. We can’t forget Daikoku and Kofuku, whose presence is always enjoyable (who doesn’t like Daikoku kicking Yato’s ass and Kofuku being her cute self?). This was more of a setting episode showing the same old activities but with something brewing in the horizon. Clearly, there is some bad blood with Bishamon and Yato, with his dark past still not fully revealed yet. Not to mention, even when Yukine and Hiyori are well-built, there is room for development on how Yukine is a young boy at heart and new in the Regalia business, while Hiyori being a rock for both of them with her resolve yet aloof to what she has gotten herself into. Yato still needs to keep a promise with Hiyori and be a good example to Yukine. With how he’s going, you would really think he’s doomed as he’s nowhere near in achieving his goal of a shrine. But that is why we are on for the ride so be ready for some supernatural hijinx and a lot more story this time around.

Bishamonten, the strong and beautiful

Right away, there seems to be more about Bishamon than ever before in Noragami (which means more Sawashiro! Yay). Other than her relationship with Yato (which seems a little more justified now, with how she seemed to suffer while Yato killed off her shinki right in front of her), her sense of justice and wanting to save others is admirable. Just looking at the wide shot where her newest shinki was being welcomed in, she’s saved so many people. Though of course, this has it’s downfalls. Like how Yato suffered when Yukine rebelled, Bishamon has a far greater chance of being stung if any of her shinki become corrupted. Plus no matter how great she is at managing, it would be near impossible to monitor the mental health of all of those people or be able to even tell when one of them strays or not.

Noragami Aragoto 1-05Noragami Aragoto 1-00010

Kugaha revealed his probable villain status pretty early on since he has one of Nora’s masks, but I suppose he looked really suspicious in the first place from design alone. It’s great that Bishamon’s faith in Kazuma is so strong that even if Kugaha told her the truth about him and Yato, she didn’t believe him. …Of course, that’s probably going to just hurt her more if she ever does find out, but at least there isn’t going to be internal strife within her shinki family right away. Or at least, not regarding her and Kazuma. But even if that doesn’t happen, Kugaha is definitely the most suspicious person thus far.

The OVAs that happened seem kind of out of place now since the chapters that they were based on happened after the events that will happen in Aragoto and it kind of takes away any danger of the trio dying or having anything significantly bad happen to them (for example, having Yukine permanently lose an arm or something). The cherry blossom one is debatable, since it really could have happened anywhere in the anime timeline between the two seasons. However, at least regarding the OVA where Hiyori made it into high school, that obviously hasn’t happened yet since she’s still wearing the middle school uniform. But oh well, you probably weren’t honestly thinking that anything would happen to the trio in this arc anyways.

This seemed like a lot of expositional recap (let’s have Yato explain to Yukine what he can do, even though he should probably already know), but I suppose it was necessary since the last season of Noragami aired a while ago. Plus they introduced a lot of plot that will lead into the events of the arc, so that was good. So far it was nice to see the new characters again after so long. The new OP and ED seem really reminiscent of the first season’s (which is good since I like both of those), and the action scenes still look good. So yay for more Noragami. I look forward to watching this for the next few months!

I actually missed Jungle savanto so loved seeing that again. You don’t really see a well-rounded character like Hiyori these days, who kicks ass and keeps everyone in check whenever needed. We need more characters like her in every anime! Anyways, good to see everyone back, Bishamon and Kazuma included. Kazuma is such a nice little boy but even he will have loads of trouble this arc. So, now that we are done with setting the scene, we should assume business as usual from next episode. Kara and I would be covering this for fall, so look forward to the Kara no Kyokai alternate tag. I’ll leave you with the catchy OP (nice, Iwasaki Taku!):


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21 Responses to “First Impressions – Noragami Aragoto”

  1. sonicsenryaku says:

    when yato was explaining to yukine how to cut what he wanted, that wasnt really recap for the audience. That same scene occured in the manga as yato was just affirming to yukine that even in an area as close quartered as the bedroom they were in, he can still cut whatever he chooses without losing the sharpness of his slice by using the same concept as drawing boundary lines.

  2. zztop says:

    Some manga readers think Aragoto could cover 2 manga arcs this season, Bishamon’s arc and Show ▼

    The cherry blossom OVA is debatable, since it really could have happened anywhere in the anime timeline between the two seasons.
    This OVA actually takes place at the end of Bishamon’s arc in the manga.

    • Kyokai says:

      I am pretty sure Show ▼

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Noragami is back!! Doesn’t seem much has changed. That’s good. Though the Delivery God is more irresponsible than I remember. You don’t wreck a stranger’s stuff and scram. You suffer and pay back what’s been destroyed. The money Yato wasted on that useless cat trinket could’ve given him and Yukine some food for a while. Poor kid. Looking at this, being Yato’s Regalia is more of a curse than a blessing.

    First episode and Izaya and Shizuo Yato and Daikoku are already at it. Will those two ever get along?

    Nice to see Hiyori again, one of the few females that can hold her own. I know she’s said to stick with Yato until he finds a way to fix her out-of-body experiences but if he does, will she still want it? Hiyori’s seen a lot since being able to interact with the Far Shore and I doubt she be able or want to let go of all that.

    So this season will focus on the overly kind goddess Bishamon. Easy to see why Kazuma would keep quiet about his involvement in Yukine’s purification last season, otherwise it would incur her wrath. Bishamon had prior run-ins with Yato but because she still demonizes him for the past she isn’t even trying to notice there’s a difference in the current him. Really sad. She is an odd one. In her mansion, she’s tacked down in military clothing but on patrol, she’s scantily clad.

    The kind of flags anime raises for its characters that you end up pitying them. Yukine was told to stay away from Bishamon, which is a warning he’s clearly doing his best to heed yet he ends up with the second worst thing: meeting one of her many Regalias.

    Overall, good to have this show again so because of that, the 3 episode rule thoroughly irrelevant. This will be one of the most looked forward to series for Fall 2015. I’ve already marked two of them so far (K: Return of Kings, Heavy Object) and another I’m waiting for to start back.

    • Kyokai says:

      Being Yukine is suffering. Yato is an insufferable idiot and everyone knows it and love/hates him for it.

      Yato and Daikoku are already at it. Will those two ever get along?

      Hopefully never. I like their bickering and this is nice nostalgia for fangirls.

      About Hiyori, knowing her, she is honest in everything she does so she would of course want to keep in contact with the new friends she has made and it’s not just Yato and Yukine but other gods and their shinkis as well. The solution to her problem is not straight forward and I’ll wait to see if they show it this season.

      About Bishamon’s battle gear. Her entire attire is made of her shinkis (Yes, the short grey skirt and jacket, black bra and hat, belt, gun holster and long boots are her Shinkis, including the cherry blossom-shaped earing Kazuma).

      I believe this season would be close to original material and much better.

  4. zztop says:

    Yato making the band:

  5. akagami says:

    I saw the post pic and got confused for a moment – was wondering why Yukio from Ao no Exorcist was doing here… first episode cross-over?!? You know, with the same VA (Fukuyama Jun) and character design.

    • BlackBriar says:

      first episode cross-over?!? You know, with the same VA (Fukuyama Jun) and character design.

      Nope. No crossover. Same VA, similar character design but purely coincidental. No relation between Noragami and Ao no Exorcist.

  6. JPNIgor says:

    Wow, I really didn’t expect Bishamonten to have that many regalias. That’s actually really dangerous, right? It’s like they are scheming behind her back or something.

    I’m so glad they stuck with the same style of the first season for the OP/ED song. I really loved Tia’s voice and supercell is always such a pleasure to your ears. Though looking at the ED animation, I can’t help but expect that at some point, Yato is going to be stripped of all the happy moments he has been living.

    • BlackBriar says:

      That’s actually really dangerous, right? It’s like they are scheming behind her back or something.

      It is dangerous having so many, though not exactly the way you have in mind. When a Regalia strays away and indulge in its worldly desires and past habits (because they’re former humans), the master suffers a backlash from their actions and gradually becomes tainted. Last season, Yato was almost completely consumed thanks to the wayward actions of Yukine, his only Regalia. Now imagine if all of Bishamon’s Regalias started straying.

    • Kyokai says:

      Bishamon is too nice for words and she suffers due to it. Not always for the right reason but oh well, you will discover the why this season.

      Love the music indeed and glad the quality is similar to first season.

  7. HannoX says:

    Great to see Noragami return and being as good as ever. I’m watching this one all the way to the end.

    I don’t expect Bishamon’s core Regalia (except maybe the herbalist) straying or betraying her. She spends a lot of time with them, gives them plenty of attention and depends upon them, making them feel wanted and useful.

    However, the peripheral ones are another matter, like the teenage girl spying on the new one being shown around. Looks like there could be some jealousy in action there. At a guess, some of Bishamon’s Regalia are going to cause her much grief and the resolution of that will result in her and Yato mostly burying the hatchet between them (and not her burying it in his skull).

    • Kyokai says:

      You are definitely onto something with Bishamon’s regalia. She is too nice and she pays the price of having too many regalies. It is dangerous indeed.

  8. akagami says:

    Hmm, it felt more of the same from season 1. Don’t think I will continue following it, Yato annoys me as much as I recall he did in the entire first season.

    That and I’m not really interested in the Bishamon and Yato feud. If they focused more on Hiyori and Kofuku I might have more interest, but I don’t know the source material. Those are the only two characters I find interesting – even though I normally like blonde hair characters, Bishamon just doesn’t spark any interest.

  9. Hoshi says:

    ~I was surprised Noragami got another season! I loved the series but didn’t expect a second season because of an anime-original ending. Anyway, I’m glad they’re animating the Bishamon arc because it was certainly very memorable, plus I lovE Bishamon and Kazuma (*´▽`*)

    • Karakuri says:

      They completely left the Bishamon thing midway through, so I was hoping that they would go back and solve it! Ugh I love them too. Especially because of this arc!

  10. vin says:

    I not really surprised Noragami got another season! I loved the series and worthy of it, the graphics i could use on the great anime-photos. Anyway, I’m glad they’re animating the Bishamon arc I LOVE Bishamon and Kazuma

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