First Impression – Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst

Maria is back to ecchi things up! Oh and Mio does stuff too.

winter15-foshThe last time we saw anything from Shinmai Maou was back in July for a very ecchi filled OVA mostly involving silly To Love-Ru antics which is fine because ill admit the “story” for Shinmai Maou isn’t exactly the most unique, but the characters make things funny especially Maria who is by far the most entertaining to watch. That said I really hope the new season brings in new characters or possible harem additions like Kurumi who will probably join the main group this season.


Boobs and swords

shinmaous2 (1)

Cool anime dad doing cool things.

I was surprised how fast this episode opened up to Basara’s dad kicking demon ass instead of going straight for a shower scene or Basara touching boobs, but I remembered the first season ended with Basara’s dad about to fight some random demon and of course the boob stuff happened right after with Mio having a incest dream cause remember they are “siblings” just in case we forgot! Yeah I still fail to see why the creators even need them to be siblings in the first place especially since they aren’t blood related? I guess they gotta have something that appeals to the incest crowd huh? Besides the dream stuff and ecchi scenes with Mio and Yuki acting like “bitches” because Maria suggested it so Basara can dominate them in case his powers go crazy? Good job Maria at least we can count on you to not disappoint in the ecchi department.

shinmaous2 (3)

This is totally a chick! I’m onto you Shinmaou creators.

Aside from that the little bits of actual plot was more around Chisato Hasegawa being setup as the possible mid series boss because she has mind control magic or was that from Nanao Tachibana? I have to ask is that a new character throw into this season or have we seen that demon looking boy who is probably a girl before? Speaking of boys Basara’s dad saved a demon boy after his big battle or was it a girl? That character is also seen in the opening if you pause at 1:17! After seeing that character and Nanao it makes me think traps and reverse traps might be a thing for this season cause every series just like Shinmai Maou wants to be the next High School DxD which has a trap named Gasper. It almost feels as if the team behind this is new season is playing anime bingo! Whats next Basara being revealed as an actual demon or him being next in line for the title of demon king? I seriously wouldn’t put it past them to pull that off.

Fk ya Extra Testament

shinmaous2 (2)

Best part of waking up! Incest dreams!

shinmaous2 (5)

Halloween came early for Mio and Yuki.

shinmaous2 (4)

Maria-“Were making a movie! A very special movie.”

shinmaous2 (7)

A new challenger joins the fun!

shinmaous2 (8)


shinmaous2 (9)

Best nurse <3

shinmaous2 (10)

Basara’s dad-“The human world is going to enjoy you…”

End Thoughts


This was a typical episode of Shinmai Maou and if you saw season one you know what you’re getting into! A little bit of plot and one or two ecchi filled moments with Maria doing whatever Maria does best! Set things up and Basara and the rest of the cast is forced to play along with! Like Kurumi being pulled into things this week to prove she was more mature than her sister Yuki? She is sooooooo joining the harem this season along with Zest who was shown as a maid in the previews for this season and I also have a feeling that Nanao and the other mysterious demon boy will also be joining the growing harem because why the hell not right? So what did you like about this episode or are you one of those fans who is going to wait for the uncensored BD before watching? Either way I’m happy that Maria is back.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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7 Responses to “First Impression – Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Best part of waking up! Incest dreams!


    Halloween came early for Mio and Yuki.

    The lure of kemonomimi no Paradise should entice me here. Wait. Kemonomimi no Paradise is in another show. 🙁

  2. skylion says:

    Traps and/or reverse traps are not at surprise at all. If they are “relevant to your interests” then they are welcome regardless.

    Yeah, this show succeeds by taking every single trope it can and fling it against the wall. If the trope doesn’t stick, they glue the damn thing on! That’s the charm, and it does succeed. Yeah, DxD does it too, and that show is perhaps the “higher calorie” version of Testament, and does it’s flinging so well, it doesn’t need the glue.

    But I think calling this a “poor person’s” DxD is missing the point. It’s fun and indulgent in a way that DxD doesn’t truck with.


    Dammit, the cheeky LOLi just got friendzoned…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yeah, DxD does it too, and that show is perhaps the “higher calorie” version of Testament, and does it’s flinging so well, it doesn’t need the glue.

      If Issei had the privilege of the Master-Servant pact ability that Basara has… Whoa, Nelly!!! The scenes with the girls in his harem there would be beyond NSFW. That’s a guarantee!!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    My, my, has it really been 9 months since the first season? That was quick. Well, no one needs to convince me to follow this. Shinmai Maou is welcome with open arms. Good to see Basara, his badass dad Jin, Mio and Yuki again. Most importantly, more of that mischievous, perverted and lovable succubus, Maria.

    With Kurumi in the mix, it’s easy to assume she’ll eventually make a Master-Servant pact of her own with Basara. Wonder how erotic she’ll be when it’s time for her to be dominated.

    Maria talked about having an older sister. The odds of that being the person Jin saved are 50/50 in my opinion. How many times have we had coincidental plots? I’d say Jin assumed it was a boy because we didn’t see a frame of him getting a direct look at the face (If that last pic serves as any indication). Besides, this is anime. Appearances have numerously been proven to be deceiving.

  4. HannoX says:

    Maria continues to be best girl. And she continues to act like a succubus should, since they are sex demons.

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