Sora no Method – 14 [OVA]

Just another day at Lake Kiriyako…

Well, it’s getting close to the end of the Summer anime season, so that means we have some wide open spaces in our daily coverage. It’s a nice opportunity to catch up on some random, yet interesting, things. So, with that in mind, I will welcome you back to Saucer Town!

If you’re keeping track. this episode takes place during an undisclosed period between episodes six and seven. This was right after Yuzuki reconciled with Nonoka, but way before Shione defrosted her icy exterior, even as her friendship with Noel was starting to deepen. As an OVA it really doesn’t further the story in any conceivable way, but it does add a cute little wrinkle to the characters, especially Shione.

The Mystery of Kirigon

soramess 14-1

This girl never plays things by half…

You’ll recall, that before she became obsessed with ridding the town of the Saucer, Yuzuki was all about the local town mascot, Kirigon, the kaiju from the lake. Before shifting to selling Saucer goods, Koharu’s family store sold Kirogo themed merchandise, and a standee of the kaiju graced the entrance to the store. As you might also recall, Yuzuki is pretty much obsessed about lots of stuff, and once she gets fixated on something it’s hard to get her to swear off of it. This includes the one and only copy of the Kirigon film that the local Lake Kiriga visitor’s center keeps in their collection of local flair.

She’s yet to see the film, despite having posters on her walls devoted to the big beast, and she’s always wanted to watch it. But, the film is always on loan to someone. Who could be doing this to her! Soon, she spies Shione leaving the visitor’s center carrying something away from an attendent at an official looking desk. In her own Yuzuki like manner, she naturally assumes that Shione must be the one keeping the one and only copy, and that she’s doing it to keep all of Kirigon’s secret’s to herself!

SoraMess 14-Detective

Kiriyako no Ranpo (click for much larger pic)

So, what is she to do? Well, enlisting the help of her friends to investigate this mystery seems like the only logical approach. They only take a bit of convincing, with Nonoka wondering about the nature of that rare film. But soon, the game is afoot! They just leave Souta to mind the store. I guess if this were a beach OVA he’d be pretty much left by himself anyway.

To their credit, the rest of the girls help out as much as they can. Having supportive friends is a wonderful thing, no matter how fruit bat you just happen to act. Nonoka goes on general principle, feeling happy to tag along with her freshly minted old friend. Koharu, always diligent, keeps careful notes of what Shinoe is up to. Noel is there because there just isn’t enough enthusiasm in the group already. Plus, she’s the go-to mascot, can’t leave her behind.

soramess 14-2

I wonder if she kept measurements of DAT Butt?

So the girls follow their mark, going oh-so-surreptitiously behind their wheelly Kirigon standee. After a brief trip to the local conbini, where Shione rather uncharacteristically stocks up on tons of snack foods and related items, they keep up with the mission until she arrives at a tiny little peninsula off the lake. Is she going to meet the Kaiju itself?! Will she feed it not-Pocky and noodle-bread? Will this lead to a colossal show down between the Saucer and the Monster? They must investigate further! Yuzuki hatches the perfect plan; send Noel in wearing Koharu’s glasses! It’s foolproof!

soramess 14-5

Instant water, just add Noel…

But, those pressing questions I asked will remain unanswered, as Noel’s enthusiasm (and fuzzy vision) gets the best of her, and it ends up with a crash into the lake. The rest of the girls catch up and lay the questions on Shione. But, as has been characteristic in this show, you can track Shione down, but you can never keep her cornered. She dismisses herself just like she usually does, the mystery of her involvement with Kirigon to remain for another time. Well, it will wait for the end of the OVA. Which I’ll put behind the spoiler cut because it seems like the right thing to do.

I know, the tension must be killing you…

Show ▼

A lovely time to revisit….

soramess 14-4

If I ever visit Japan, I’m going to Hokkaido first. DAT Civic Art!

With a running time of around eight minutes, you shouldn’t expect too much. As a bonus, it’s there for the BD buying crowd. As a story, it’s just a little bit of fun fluff. But it does rather stick to exactly the way the characters acted during the show. None of their actions, despite the fruit bat nature of the story, felt like a put on. And that’s a great mark of a good writer; encapsulating pretty much everything in such a short period of time. It was a welcome revisit of an anime original, one that even though I thought the end was a bit overdone, I enjoyed covering it all the same. Cheers, folks!


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    If I ever visit Japan, I’m going to Hokkaido first.

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    “Help me Kirigon, you’re my only hope.”

    Also, have seen *questionable* but cute Noel cosplay.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Do you really want to ruin your ideal and pure impression of Noel? Really? Really Really? There is no turning back here.

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    News for the Flappy cat/LOLi Defender known as Skylion: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Gets 4th Anime Series

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