Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – 08

Shimoneta - Wanting to make those manga come true

I think Goriki got some ideas from Hyoka’s favorite manga…

winter15-highwSo it looks like things are going to get bad before they get better.


Help For the Bad Guys

Shimoneta - Good morning, Darling

Gooood morning, Okuma-kun…

Last week, SOX got a new member with Kosuri, and this week, Anna gets the help promised by her father, who is apparently a big police muckety-muck. He’s established a training academy for Decency Squad goons, and is sending his star graduate, Oboro Tsukimigusa, to help Anna with her misguided goal of winning Tanukichi’s love by cracking down harder on inappropriate materials.

Shimoneta - Bad decision

Tsukimigusa takes a while to narrow things down

But at least at the beginning, Tsukimigusa’s presence is less foreboding and more comical. She doesn’t know any better what is contraband or not than any of the normal students, and for whatever reason is relying on input from Tanukichi about what is acceptable, probably because of his reputation as coming from a background of dubious comport. So Tsukimagusa’s identification leaves a lot to be desired, such as confiscating all the toilet paper from the school, because toilet paper cores are round and have a hole… But the true threat of her presence starts to be evident at the end of the episode as, having honed her heuristics, she has a squad of do-gooder students who are now confiscating everything in and out of sight, operating at high efficiency, and really putting the squeeze on SOX’s efforts.

Shimoneta - Bad hair or hats

I can’t tell if these are really dorky hats or really dorky haircuts. Either way, they look like Captain Mauser.

Internal Problems

Shimoneta - Success

Kosuri has some success…

Did I mention last week that I didn’t like Kosuri? I think I did. Well, this week, I disliked Kosuri even more. Not solely because I find her mannerisms annoying, but this week she seems to expose another side of her nature to Tanukichi. Things start off pretty well, as SOX is trying to expand their efforts into another school, and Kosuri takes the initiative of mapping out the school, getting the guard routes, and infiltrating the student council. Set up like that, it seems like it would be easy for SOX to make some progress and have some success.

Shimoneta - Getting a little full of herself

And is letting it go to her head.

But Kosuri is the type to have this kind of thing go to her head, and she starts deciding that she will replace Tanukichi as the #2 person in SOX. Consequently, she starts treating him like a slave, although Tanukichi doesn’t really go along with it. Even more, she reveals that the way she made so much progress at Zoshigaoka was by fomenting a love scandal within the student council, leading on two of the boys as if Kosuri liked them, but telling them that the girls liked them. Then she dumped the two boys and confessed to the third boy, humiliating the first two boys. But despite her sordid tale, she dares Tanukichi to rat her out to Ayame, who Kosuri identifies as the girl that Tanukichi likes (I think we’ve all been picking up on that for a while).


We’ll see how long Tanukichi plays along with Kosuri. I don’t know if he relented to her bullying him as a slave, but that doesn’t really seem like something he’d do… although he did just kinda go along with Ayame bullying him into being in SOX. If you like manipulative characters, then I’m sure Kosuri is right up your alley, but she’s not a particular favorite of mine. We’ll see how SOX handles these threats from without and within, as they have to figure out how to deal with the prefects (and their stupid hats that look like dorky hair), strike against Gathered Fabric, and deal with Kosuri.


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One Response to “Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – 08”

  1. skylion says:

    Kosuri is such an odd character, as tactics from a shoujo manga should just….not….work. But, if those guys and girls aren’t seasoned to the tropes, then I guess it does? Knowledge, even of a dubious source, could be power.

    Also, she is living well as Tanakichi’s anti-wingman. The slave bit is taking it too far, but I can see how the power got to her head. Her leverage is weak to begin with, so maybe she should avoid that type of shoujo? Is there that type of shoujo?

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