Junjou Romantica S3 – 04

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Probably one of the most awkward relationships of this season

A new couple (to me) brings all sorts of opportunities for Junjou. Will we get a story involving character depth and realistic emotions that truly speaks to the gay experience Japan? And if you believe that, I recorded a 4 hour interview with Hayao Miyazaki that I think you’ll be interested in hearing soon.


Managed to pull Samsura to do tag for some of the episodes with new couple, so expect to see him often! This couple is my favorite because there’s the whole age gap and divorced man thing, and I hope Samsura will also like it nishishishi


Samsura: yeo, in the cafeteria

Samsura: unappreciative!

Anaaga: Ok seriously this is what guys talk about? Screw you people. We make food and you complain about it?

Samsura: I always cook for my girlfriends

Anaaga: girlfriendS ???? // Read MoreShow ▼

More Age Gap Sweetness:

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My feelings on this episode are somewhere between “D’ahhh” and “Ugh.” We got some genuinely sweet moments between this weeks couples and a lot of poor dialogue and tortured metaphors. And I swear that the Shinobu from act 1 is a totally different character from act 2. But I still pick these two over Usami Misaki, so in the end I’ll say I rather liked this episode. But really, lets find some better sweet nothings to whisper into our lovers ears than “Miyagi poisoning.”

This was definitely better than Misaki’s story. Way way better. Despite of his tsun tsun action, Shinobu was able to express his fondness of Miyagi directly. The relationship progress between the two is also decent. At least, there is some progress. The relationship between Shinobu and Miyagi progressed from “nothing” into “something.” I guess this is the reason why I don’t nitpick this couple that much. Despite of the lacking in the characters, there is some kind of concrete proof that the two’s relationship is way better than how it was before – unlike the dear Misaki who is always stuck in the same stage. So yeah, characterization needs some improvement, but at least there is something to show that the characters did try their best when it comes to their precious relationship.

Preview: Another Misaki episode ugh. When will his story end?

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Such blatant self-advertisement


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