Happy Birthday, Will!


Woooooooo! Another Birthday party for Will-Sama!

Whooaaaaa Happy Birthday, Will! I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes keeping Metanorn floating with your super tech skills! Oh and don’t forget to eat tons of cake!!


Happy Birthday, Will-sama! This is my annual BIG THANK YOU for keeping Metanorn running and being on stand-by if anything absolutely horrible happens to the site. Thankfully, we don’t get much (if any) of that aforementioned horrible stuff. But today isn’t about work, it’s about celebration and having a great time. Tell your friends they need to buy you a cake or I’ll beat them up. …Or maybe you don’t need a threat to get birthday cake. Either way, have fun with your friends and famil


WOOT! It’s a birthday for the Will of the Metanorn. Thank you for everything you do behind the scenes. I want to wish you a great birthday will all the merriment you could ask for. Happy Birthday! Now about this Linux thingy….



Happy birthday Will! As always, thanks for your hard work behind the scenes and hopefully this next year is a great waifu-filled one for you!


Happy birthday to our resident tech guru! Take the day off to party hardy! Oh, and I know you’ve been busy with real life, but do try to stop by every once in a while. It gets lonely without you around~


Happy Birthday oh mighty invisible Will-kun! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do all the great stuff that we’re able to deliver to the fans. You are the unsung hero of this site and I hope that you have a great birthday and have some fun!



Happy Birthday, Will!  Thanks for keeping the lights on and the server squirrels alive! I know I appreciate all your efforts to keep us up and running and avoiding the pitfalls of websites as much as possible! I hope you enjoy your birthday and that the coming year is your best one yet!


Happy birthday, Will! I know you have been pretty busy lately but I hope you take some time off for your special day. Enjoy with friends and family and as you are not so young anymore, branch out to experience new things too ~_^ Have a rocking birthday!



We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Will!”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Thanks for all the good work, Will. I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    More meido for our programmer! 😀

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Happy birthday to the tech master of Metanorn!! Another candle added to the cake.

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