Plastic Memories – 09

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Sometimes you need the help of a disinterested third party…

…or in this case, many interested parties. Regardless…it’s never easy being turned down. It’s like your whole life is either pointless, without flavor, worthless….etc. You might know the drill. But it’s never the end, and sometimes things have a way of working out, in the most unexpected of ways perhaps…

“…always smiling…”

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Michiru, “Making ’em face reality, one fool at at time”

So we start with Tsukasa in a mighty white funk; which is where he was left the last time we saw him. It looks like very little of the typical teasing or horseplay that friends or office mates offer up to sooth the heart are going to work any time soon. So, that means the story can leave him be for the moment. We got important heart to heart Michiru and Isla business to get down to.

Michiru is a character that keeps on giving. She has all the looks and demeanor of the classic tsundere; as if there’s been a doctorate for it all along, and she’s set to lead the field. But here she transitions from bossy and opinionated, to smitten and helpful; as the practicum courses include being mentally and emotionally charitable.

Besides, she’s a romantic at heart, and is coming closer to being even more smitten with our male lead that she already might be. But her advice is practical. There are quite a few emotions to sort out, and the best thing is to given them a bit of time and distance. I would think that Isla’s time limit would kibosh that whole idea, but that is something that Michiru isn’t 100% clued in on. And it is still a vital thing to think about in quality of time, as much as quantity.

PlaMemo 9-1

Michiru “Why can’t I get some of this action?”

So, with the plan in hand, both Tsukasa and Isla live separate lives for a while. Their first evening in other’s company was eventful to say the least. Isla’s is the easiest to cover, as she only had to bide her time and ward of the inevitable Eru advances. Not to mention weathering the “morning after” misunderstanding.

Tsukasa, however was on the receiving end of a Michiru, busybody, earful. The long and short of that, is that she is as much an employee as she is a devotee to what Kazuki believes their services have to offer, and she leans strong in the later’s direction than the former. It’s no secret that her father’s Wanderer case has set a new standard for their office, and both of the red-heads carry that banner quite strong.

I like how we had three scenes that, for the most part, decided how certain characters would act in the future. All of them were pretty fine distillation points. At first we have both Michiru and Isla coming to heart, with Isla finally admitting how she has felt all along. Not only, case in point, that she has loved Tsukasa the entire time, but deeply worried that her passing will effect him; and I’m guessing she fears not being there to help him through it. So she resolved to dissolve the partnership.

This leads us to the about face. Michiru learns exactly how much time Isla has and this forces her to confront her own fears again. She takes Tsukasa to task for not showing a sense of responsibility, but soon learns the he is much stronger now than she was then. This is only after realizing that Tsukasa has known of Isla’s time quite some time before his confession. His stern face to this reality gives her new energy..

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And then we have Kazuki lowering the boom and officially dissolving the partnership. When she found out about Tsukasa’s confession (thanks again, Eru) she was indignant, at first assuming more than a simple confession of love allowed for, and then wearing the obvious, and stating it, “something must be done” face. It does take some initial prodding from Yasutaka to get her there, feeling enough has been done already. She has the authority of course, but…

Some extra smiles

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Seriously, that was one heck of a boom to lower. But it’s hardly surprising. Kazuki strikes me a a very adaptive person, able to take on many threads and find solutions no matter how challenging. It may be as simple as this, stop this, as it’s really only going to end in pain. Or…she could be playing reverse psychology, trying to get both Isla and Tsukasa to find the happiest ground they can given the circumstances. I loved how much Michiru was in play this episode, even if some of the reactions can be a bit on the overdone side. But her new-found full on support of the romance might just be the challenge that Kazuki is looking for, or it could be a spanner in those works. I guess it remains to be seen…


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8 Responses to “Plastic Memories – 09”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Is that Hasebe bleached out, sulking over a traumatizing moment again? Oops, my mistake. It’s just Tsukasa. 😛

    While average at best yet still able to maintain an acceptable amount of interest, Plastic Memories has done a good job blurring some lines. At one point, I stopped seeing Isla as a machine all together. She acts so human (The panicking after Tsukasa’s confession, her scatter brained behavior) it becomes unconsciously easy to perceive her as such. The same can be said of Zack and the other Giftias in their department.

    Damn, things were getting raunchy at the “pajama” party. Cute bunny Isla on side and Playboy bunny Eru on the next.

    I wonder what purpose Kazuki dissolving the partnership now is supposed to serve when they’re so in deep already. I very much doubt that will do anything drastic. In the end, all it may do is make them want to be together more.

    • skylion says:

      I very much doubt that will do anything drastic. In the end, all it may do is make them want to be together more

      I would count something like that out. We’ve seen several Giftia-human pairs pull a runner, enough to establish a precedent for a similar thing with Isla…at this point I wouldn’t rule that out.

      And yeah, I do like that blurring of the line, just wish the science fiction was crunchier.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Because it seems appropriate here:

    Skylion would be happy. Hail LOLicons! 😀

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