Gintama – 272

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Gintoki-“I wish someone would attack! I am so freakin bored.”

 Wooooooooooooo! Time for some hilarious fun with Gintama on Metanorn! So yeah this is the end of the Kurokono mini arc and yes fun fact they actually got Kensho Ono who does the real voice of Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket to play a fake copy of his character! That was kind of interesting.


Fk ya extra Gintama

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I forgot Takehito Koyasu aka Dio also plays this cool villain!

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In the words of Anaaga! Now kiss~

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Gintoki-“Wow the things I’ve seen boy let me tell you.”

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Kuroko no Basket of the dead.

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Gintoki will help just about anyone.

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I think Kurokono shared a drink with Gintoki before leaving.


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Hijikata is being trolled again.



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One Response to “Gintama – 272”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Give it to Gintama for a successful cross-over and have fun in the process. I wish this was an old arc starter but oh well.

    Btw, Samsura, Sugita is a legendary seiyuu! You should watch few episodes of Tokyo Encounters just to see how much. 😉

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