Yoru no Yatterman – 12 [END]

Yatterman (4)

These characters spend a lot of time naked together.

 Well we have finally reached the thrilling end of Yoru no Yatterman! So how was this final episode? Did you like it or were you not really all that into it? Either way I had fun reviewing this somewhat old school anime reboot.


It’s the final night for the Yatterman or is it? From the way the show went, it looks more like the dawn has finally come….


No More Friends?

Yatterman (3)

This is (not) Attack on Titan.

With our “heroes” being beaten last week by Dokurobee what is their new plan of attack?! Well to my surprise Galina came up with the plan to take up the role of Yatterman one with Ally to become Yatterman two and honestly I think they were hinting heavily at that happening from the beginning. Also with both of them being in the ending we could say that was the biggest hint of all;however after they put the plan together I fail to see why Doronjo can’t continue to be friends with them, but at the same time I understand WHY because every hero needs a villain right? That part was easily the saddest point in the episode and it got me quite teary eyed! In the end I kind of wished that Leopard got a chance to share her feelings for Galina, but again I still feel the age difference between them doesn’t really help things. Besides the plot I really enjoyed the ending and how the new Yatterman cleaned up the city and now the world has some true heroes instead of a fake leader! Speaking of the fake leader how the hell did he become a damn titan? Is that just part of his alien race or something? I guess that is something we probably will never learn and lastly it looks like all the training Galina did throughout the series paid off in the end because wow he was kicking some ass and Ally as well.

The Heroes Return

Yatterman (1)

The Yatterman return!

Well, it’s become somewhat typical for this gang. They get put down, and then they regroup. It’s always by the fireside, and it’s always comforting in it’s own way. Seeing as they have no home and that’s the best they can do, it’s pretty awesome they got this far. But that’s just one step. The next one is the biggest….they just gotta give that Dokurobey the head flick! And so the guerilla campaign begins, spreading dissent to the citizens of Yattertroplis. Doronjo sticks to street levels tactics, drawing out the General’s wrath. All for the plan. The plan to unveil the new Yatterman 1 and 2. And then the proper fight can begin. Both Galina and Ally are bound and determined to make this world theirs, and they carry that fight in the true Yatterman tradition but for that, Doronjo needs to be villains again? I understand you can’t have day without night, but that might be taking it a bit too far.

Extra Yatterman

Yatterman (5)

Watch out for LOLi hulk.

Yatterman (7)


Yatterman (2)

Hell ya!

Yatterman (6)

I will miss this character <3

End thoughts

Wow for a series I really had no desire to watch originally I gotta hand it to Yoru no Yatterman for doing a great job pulling me into their world! I didn’t really think I would watch another series produced by Tatsunoko Productions especially after watching Gatchman Crowds which to be perfectly honest I was not all that into at the time even though it is another old school reboot; however this series just had such an addictive story and some really great characters even though I will say there were few episodes that I did not like such as the sumo wrestling, Loc Ness monster and save the turtles episodes! Yeah I wasn’t really a fan of all of that, but overall this was a really interesting anime and I look forward to seeing more old school anime series get the reboot treatment, I do know there is an all CGI Astro boy series coming in the future so maybe that will be cool? I never saw any of the original so I don’t think I will watch that, but anyway what did you think about Yatterman? Did you like it or not so much? Also what old school anime do you want to see brought back in the form of a reboot like this one?

Well, first off I want to thank Fosh for making me aware of such a great series in the first place. It was not even on my radar back at the beginning of the Winter season. Next, I want to thank Leopard for keeping me in the series. When the chips were down, you could always count on her to keep things cheerful and righteous. This was a great series to follow from week to week. I don’t think it matters one bit that it came from a much older series, as good ideas never go out of style.


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28 Responses to “Yoru no Yatterman – 12 [END]”

  1. bobob101 says:

    After watching this and Gatchaman crowds, I really want to go watch that show Casheren sins, another Tatsunoko reboot.

    Even though I have seen a grand total of 2.5 episodes of Yatterman, I really enjoyed this show. That literal dogfight to the Yatterman theme was absolutely great. In the end gatcha and allueto were always meant to be the heroes of the show, and while I think its sad that the friends are parting, I do get it. This was a show I didn’t expect to like as much as I did, but it was a great watch all the same.

    PS: my anime club absolutely despises this show, I am its only supporter

    • skylion says:

      Back in the day everyone but me in my anime club hated Ranma 1/2. Shows what they know…and on a long enough time line…shows what I know….

      Yeah, I caught like four episodes of the 2008 version. As a love letter to the franchise, it’s feelings were gotten. I prefer this update all things considered.

      • Irenesharda says:

        At least you had an anime club. Anime wasn’t really popular at my school so no club for it. In high school it was a group of friends and I that sort of made the “unofficial” anime club. And we tried to set one up during my undergraduate years, but it fell apart after the president left the next semester.

        But it’s cool to find something you like, even if you’re the only one. 🙂

        • skylion says:

          It wasn’t so much a club I guess? It was a collection of fans that centered around the local comic book/game specialty store. Viz Media was just starting up and were part of the import boom of the late 80s early 90s. Our unofficial president worked in insurance and traveled to Vancouver on business. He would bring back tons of home-made tapes…bringing in the fansub era. Some were pretty bad quality, both in terms of visual/audio quality, and in subs. We also chipped in money to buy from the aforementioned story.

        • BlackBriar says:

          When I was in school about six years ago, my French language teacher found out I had an interest in anime and manga then told he had the same. He tried to organize a manga reading club where those interested would group together after school hours.

          To no surprise, personally, I found myself being the only one there. Not that I cared much about the fact really, he showed me what he had. Piece by piece, he lent me volumes of the French version of Dragon Quest. It was nearing the end of the school year so burned through them as fast I could while at the same time enjoying the story and managed to read them all.

          After that, I went for another series in the collection. One titled Higanjima and the teacher said it was his personal favorite. I can definitely see why he’d say that. It was a truly dark story but at the same time compelling, testing the cast, putting them in horror fueled situations and pushing their survival capabilities to the limit. I read as much as there were available. Unfortunately for me, the collection was incomplete and further volumes had yet to be translated and released. What a bummer it was back then.

          • Irenesharda says:

            Wow, I wish my French teacher had shown me French manga, none of my high school teachers were into it, but this was during the Yu-gi-oh boom, so they did know about it, (kids played card games whenever we got the chance). I honestly never thought about reading French manga, all we got was Asterix and such, I’ll have to try it sometime.

            • skylion says:

              Back in ’84 my High School Bio teacher lent me his X-Men collection, a few at a time to read before class. I didn’t want to get into the series, said I didn’t want to get into it at that point cause of the backlog. Wow, back in the days when there was one X-Men book, and no cartoons or movies…

            • BlackBriar says:

              I’ve seen Asterix related books in every school year until about four years. For a last standing Gaul village, their residents sure give the Romans hell whenever the occasion calls for it. Especially Obélix, whose favorite past time is knocking Romans silly.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              I want my Magic Potion!

    • BlackBriar says:

      PS: my anime club absolutely despises this show, I am its only supporter

      Then what kinds of animes do the other members prefer if this retro-reboot isn’t within their tastes?

      • skylion says:

        For me it was a lot of mech shows that generally got the interest. Patlabor, the original Macross, Appleseed etc. I was also one of few that likes Dirty Pair…

        • bobob101 says:

          Speaking of Macross, I just watched do you remember love for the first time ever on a friends recommendation. That was an AMAZING movie! It lived up to the hype, and depending on how much anime I start watching this season I may just go back and start watching more of Macross.

          • Di Gi Kazune says:

            I actually liked the prequel Macross Zero. Especially since it, SDF and Frontier are sorta continuity sequels.

            Remember, never eat the pineapple salad!

        • Di Gi Kazune says:


          *Runs fast*

          • skylion says:

            I grew up on that in the early 80’s. I have fond memories for the times.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              And for all the hate Harmony Gold gets, they did a reasonable job stitching 3 unrelated series into one. Now I know why some things didn’t make sense.

            • skylion says:

              It makes sense in that was the only way to sell anything to the syndicators of they day. They needed to fill five days a week for a period of several months. But no, even as a kid I was like “Whatcuhalkin bout” Robotech?

  2. MR.KLAC says:

    well give how it all ended at least overall series was quite hidden sleeper series to watch.

    at least series did earn in happy ending of sorts.

    with gail & ally as new heroes yatterman & leopard can nap happily on it.

    • skylion says:

      …sleeper series are always of interest…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Since Funimation is the company simulcasting the show, you can expect an English dub from them in the future.

  3. Irenesharda says:

    Despite the lack of budget and the tons of used and repeated footage, this was a really great finale. Galina and Allouette became the Yatterman, who are now more symbol than anything, and were able to convince the people of the truth. Though I did think it was pretty out there that they woud be able to convince the people who have been lorded over for generations by the “Yatterman” that the ones who have been making them suffer weren’t the “real” Yatterman. But whatever, Galina and Allouette looked really good as Yatterman 1 and 2. There is a lot that has to be made right in this world and it will be a process, but they are on the right track.

    I hope that Dokurobe was killed in that fight because he sure deserves to die. I also don’t see why Leopard and her friends couldn’t just go back to their original identities? Just because your ancestors were enemies of Yatterman doesn’t mean you have to be, especially in this new world. Your alter-egos can stay the villain for the fight against Dokurobe, but after that, they should just give it up and live normal lives, which I’m hoping is what the ending signifies.

    It’s a new dawn for the Yatterman, and hopefully with time, everything can become better.

    Also, I liked that they played the classic theme song, as well as the opening theme of this show as well. And that the show ended where it began, with Leopard happy to grow up back at her old family home.

    A pretty good series that had a lot of mood and tone whiplash, but it began and finished strong, and that’s what’s important.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Whoo! Just got back from watching “Furious 7” which was awesome so now I have some time to write out my thoughts.

    Overall, Yatterman was an alright series. Not bad or great but hits down the middle as an acceptable outlet of burning some time. No idea if it’ll get another season like Gatchaman Crowds will for Summer 2015. However, if it all does end here, a high enough note was reached.

    That fight against Dokurobee, I was indeed thinking similarities to Attack on Titan. Only he’s slightly uglier. Oh, how unkind the years have been for him. With his end, Alouette avenged her father so she probably has found some sort of peace.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed Furious 7, not my type of movie, but I’ve heard from those who like the franchise that it was pretty good.

      Honestly, I would actually rather have a sequel to Gatchaman Crowds than Yatterman. I just feel that Yatterman kind of tied up all loose ties and it was a proper ending to the series. It really doesn’t have anywhere to really go, other than the new adventures of the new Yatterman, and I’m not sure I really want that.

      Gatchaman had so really interesting elements that I thought they could expand upon, especially since they kind of wasted a bit of their potential in the last 3rd act. So, we’ll see how the sequel does, though I hope there is less of that overly positive girl this time around.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’m glad you enjoyed Furious 7, not my type of movie, but I’ve heard from those who like the franchise that it was pretty good.

        Yeah, it was really good with a lot of action. As it heads to the end, you can generally feel that it was a tribute to the late Paul Walker. Before the credits, there was a montage of him in the previous installments in the form of memories then the screen faded to white with the words “For Paul”.

        Agreed on tying up loose ends. If it had to continue, the only way of seeing that in my opinion is a new enemy surfacing with Yatterman and Doronbow working together.

        So, we’ll see how the sequel does, though I hope there is less of that overly positive girl this time around.

        Like it or not, we all well know that’s not going to happen in the slightest. Hajime Ichinose is Gatchaman Crowds’ main girl so the odds of her getting less screen time is slim to none. Personally, my days of being annoyed by her were short. She gradually grew on me.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Watch the HISHE version of F&F6 😛

        Somehow much more sensible in a lot of ways…

        • Irenesharda says:

          Just saw it, hilarious. 😛
          I usually watch most of their stuff, but I hold off on some movies that I haven’t seen in case I want to see them one day.However, I decided to watch the Cinema Sins of 4, 5, and 6 the last few days and I quickly realized that the series was too ridiculous for me, though I can see how it can be fun.

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