Ore Monogatari!! – 02


So we gonna do this thing or what?


In the current state of Ore Monogatari!!, there is no “I;” there is no “you.” It has become increasingly apparent that what exists is merely a façade overlaying the relationships that are far greater than the individual characters. The stark dichotomy between Takeo and Suna is only expounded on by the repeated appearance of Yamato, and the decisions derived from this infusion encapsulate the intentions that could solely be formed by an irrevocable bond.

Takeo’s denial of reciprocation has degenerated to such a state that his self-deception has evolved to willed ignorance. It isn’t as though Takeo is completely devoid of any self-awareness; on the contrary, he actually appears to be the most astute, at least superficially, but his tunnel vision certainly isn’t garnering any additional attachment. To be fair, Suna is the lone competitor, and his observations are merely due to the clear visibility of affection Takeo and Yamato consistently display for each other. How can anyone not see it? What, you don’t? Don’t you lie to me. That doesn’t discredit Suna’s advisability, as the nudging comments can be seen as his method to giving a hint, but the end result remains counterproductive.


The apprehension Takeo possesses is primarily caused by two distinct factors: every girl he’s had interest in has fallen instead for Suna, therefore, every girl he will have interest in will fall for Suna, and an animal’s primal drive for survival. The first aspect isn’t absolute, although the exposure Takeo has accumulated provides enough inclination that the ambiguous remarks Suna makes towards Yamato are sufficient to tip the scale in this direction. The second component is based on instinct. An animal adapts to situations that favor continued existence, and an example of which is the avoidance of pain. Takeo doesn’t entirely blame Suna for capturing his interest’s hearts (Suna admits he isn’t doing it intentionally), rather, it’s slyly insinuated that Takeo has a pretty derogatory perspective about his own character. He no longer has the self-esteem, confidence, or even capability to remember his past without casting himself in a negative light and naturally steers from any repeat that has an inkling of a chance from cognition.


The strength of 100 manly men or me on a good day

As the beam was falling, unless you somehow managed to have slipped into a coma, and/or ignored the most minute facets of Takeo’s personality until now, you knew what he was going to run to. Reinforcing the concept of just how conscious Takeo essentially is, he himself even acknowledges in this moment his position as the eternal martyr. Suna, on the other hand, is an icon to Takeo’s iconoclast. As his polar opposite, the two form a two-man tag team embodied by the succinct trust evinced in the action they take. Yamato encourages the dissociation between Takeo and Suna exhibited by the types of girls they like, how they get to know each other, reaction to falling beam, attitude in general, etc., but the persistence of their friendship through brevity showcases just how important the two are to one another. Though they don’t admit it, Takeo and Suna are practically inseparable, and it’ll be enrapturing to see how Yamato forces their complacency.


Takeo: It’s a butt.  Suna: Takeo pls we’re having a moment.


Whatever the catalyst, eventually the status quo will no longer be maintained, and the next episode looks to have the stage set to deliver. It’ll take short of a brick wall to have the scales fall from Takeo’s eyes, although now that I think about it, he already has walked into a pole…maybe it will take a little more “persuasion” for our loveable goon, but hopefully the wool is pulled from our eyes sooner rather than later.

For my first valediction, I’ll leave a few closing remarks about myself. I’ve stalked Metanorn for around two years (I think; don’t quote me on that; maybe it was three?) although I’ve never engaged with anyone, so chances are you have absolutely no clue who I am. That means I’m mysterious, and everyone knows mysterious people are automatically 46% more attractive than your average nobody. Or a spy. I’ve never blogged before, and I’m rather new to writing in general as well, but I’m glad (and terrified excited!) to have this opportunity to contribute and be a part of the Metanorn family. I may be rather brief with my retorts (i-it’s not like I’m shy or anything!), but I look forward to your feedback (and teasing; trust me, you’ll learn how much fun it is soon enough.) Thank you for reading, and hopefully you managed to get this far without bursting into tears; I know I didn’t. Don’t ask.


I am a fear of life, I am afraid of life, and I am a fantasm of life, always a flame, always aflame, and always the same.
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27 Responses to “Ore Monogatari!! – 02”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Aha! So there was another recruit! I had a feeling about that. Though I’m not watching the series this post is covering, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to another addition to the Meta Team. Pleased to meet you, Kyon!

    Two, maybe three years stalking… I’m amazed you’ve maintained your silence for so long. Moreover that you ended it not as a commentator but a writer. I’m sure you wanted to talk about some animes beforehand. Didn’t it bug you wanting to say something but never did?

    • Kyon says:

      Thank you, the pleasure is mine.

      No, it’s never really bothered me at all.
      And Highway usually says what I would’ve anyway.

  2. Samsura says:

    And the legendary Sanin of 2015 have all arrived! Good job!

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    To quote certain flying beasts: Fresh meat has arrived! 😀

  4. skylion says:

    The more they keep the big lug as the biggest teddy bear they can, the better. At last for awhile. With two cour to tell the story, there are going to be ups and downs. But he’s set to out-kawaii the lead girl.

    …and welcome to Metanorn, Kyon! You’ve shed some good thoughts on the series.

  5. IreneSharda says:

    Great job Kyon, we have finally assembled we warriors 3. 😛

    As for the episode, Takeo is such an interesting character. I like how you put it that he’s purposefully unaware, making himself that way in order to avoid disappointment and pain. He holds Suna in high esteem, but that esteem caused him to belittle himself in his own eyes, especially considering the way that others and especially other girls he was interested in, perceived him. And so he took up the martyr role while letting his friend have the esteem, and he’s made himself think that this is the role that he will always have. So, even though Yamato is sending the most blatant signals ever, he just doesn’t see them; he’s trained his mind not to.

    Show ▼

    • Kyon says:

      Thank you Irene.

      I pushed that button and almost read it, but I saved myself.
      Stop making me almost read things I shouldn’t!

  6. Kyokai says:

    It’s finally out! Hahaa, congrats on your first post, Kyon! Keep having fun with the team. 🙂

  7. Foshizzel says:

    Woooooooooooo! Kyon! Nice post buddy!

    I love this series even though I wasn’t a fan at the start of certain design choices, but it has grown on me and I always look forward to seeing the next episode! Now to see what kind of drama they can throw at us…

    • Kyon says:

      Thank you Fosh.

      I knew I’d like it from the start, and it’s only exceeded my expectations, but to be honest I’d be satisfied just seeing Takeo eat cake every episode.

  8. Joojoobees says:

    Welcome and Congratulations, Mysterious Stranger!

  9. Overcooled says:

    Cute name, scary icon. Anyways, congrats on your first post, Kyon!

  10. Kimmehci says:

    I tend to judge what I watch based on how well the anime is drawn. However, your post makes me want to watch this. Good job.

    • Kyon says:

      Maybe if you spent less time commenting and more time carrying me we’d actually win a game.

      • Kimmehci says:

        If you weren’t such a boob then maybe we could win lol.

        • Kyon says:

          “What should I get?”
          “Magic Resist”
          “Magic Resist!”
          “MAGIC RESIST”
          “How do you spell that?”

          • Kimmehci says:

            Well it’s not my fault I kept hearing Gonads Secrets. lol

            • Kyon says:

              That isn’t even close to what I said!

              Go watch this show before I start judging you.

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