Yoru no Yatterman – 11

Yoru no Yatterman 11-lead

Dokurobey is kind of a big deal….

Things are getting down and dirty in the Yatter Metropolis. So let’s catch up with Leopard and crew this week…

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Yoru no Yatterman 11-1

Alright kids, it’s story time!

Well, as we discussed last time, the identity of…or the man behind the Yatterman was not to terribly hard to figure out, once it was laid out in front of us. So that only leaves the how, the why. The last part is simple. Pure villainous revenge. The how, is a bit more amusing, and perhaps a bit more tragic in some respects. Being an alien life form, he gets a bit of a pass.

Yoru no Yatterman 11-26

You get no pass for handling the LOLi like this though…

Well, at first. Dude’s body was destroyed during the explosion that created the Earth ( I guess this was after the proto-planetary disc started to settle down) But his mind lived on. Luckily for him his body lived on in the form of Dokuro stones. All he needed was hands to collected them. So enter Leopard, Voltkaze, and Elephantus’ descendants…But the Yatterman faced them at every turn….

Well, if at first you don’t succeed. You have to try again. Failure is, after all, not even an option. Not when you have to get pieces of your body back, right? What’s an alien gonna do? He has to work wit what he has. Keep at it Doronjo! crack that whip!

Just keep on keeping on Doronbow! Fight the good fight. You’ll regain that dignity! Your master Dokurobey will reward you! He’s an XYZian (not that you’ll ever know…you’ll just end up in exile, gone and forgotten, just like the truth) after all…

You know, at this point, he might have wanted to pick better henchmen. I don’t think Doronjo, Tonzra and Boyacky are that much to blame. Just outclassed is all. It was a wonder they got anywhere really…

Oh, he succeeded. But came back for revenge? I think I’m beginning to see the Start of the Real Dorkness here. Blame the underlings….You know, in management, your team is only as good as the head. Surely that covers villainous organizations….

OK, now the guy is just a dick…but what do you expect from a bad guy?

So I guess in XYZian culture, turning the other cheek is not an option. But learning for all your aggregate mistakes, especially that many, must be an alien super-power. But that hardly matters, cause he saw not just the Yatterman as his enemies, but also the human civilization that supported them. Oh, his revenge would take regular folk into account. By besmirching his old enemies name, and using it to enslave the people. Then use his old team’s reputation as the fake bogeyman….no wonder they went into exile and weren’t welcome…

Yoru no Yatterman 11-25

I guess he eats them? Is that the Medusa Cascade? Is he Davros? That would explain his robotics genius….

The Big Damn Hero

Yoru no Yatterman 11-27

The said Goro will get out of jail when pigs fly….

But we have to uncover the truth behind Goro. Eventually all his brain-dampening circuits just finally overloaded and he was finally free to remember his life before he became a pawn of Lord Yatterman.

Yoru no Yatterman 11-30

That means all the blinders are off, cause unlike the rest of the Generals, he can see through the illusion that Dokurobey placed over all his minions; see him not as the bad guy, but only as Lord Yatterman. Well, two can play at the revenge game, and once Goro finally sets deed to thought, he rides out on Dog and kicks some Yatterbutt. All in the name of allowing his daughter to escape with her friends.

Yoru no Yatterman 11-29

Aw, they looked pretty happy back then..

Oh, a cliffhanger….

Yoru no Yatterman 11-31

Always a Yatterpelican when you need one

So with the way to escape cleared for them, Leopard and company take to the not so friendly skies. They could have made a beeline out of there, but they had to stick around and think about how to bring down the Yatter Kingdom then and there.

Yoru no Yatterman 11-32

I wonder if Galina can get them out of this?

With an ending like this, I’m beginning to wonder if they are going to riff off of the old defeats of the Doronbow gang. Leopard and crew are just going to have to keep trying and trying. The old series ran quite a few times, so is there another series for Yoru in the making? I don’t know if they can bring it all to a satisfactory conclusion next time, with just one more episode. Well, I guess we shall see…so I hope you’ll join us for it all then.


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14 Responses to “Yoru no Yatterman – 11”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    skylion abducting LOLi… Isn’t the 40 received earlier this week enough? 😛

  2. MR.KLAC says:

    well give we know why Dokurobey did it cause of many losing to yatterman cause screw this meteor drop on everyone.

    also make whole earth his slaves even worse like make some people into cyborg winter solider squad yep he want full HYDRA on everyone.

    at least goro remember his past go blaze of glory on it indeed now wait for finale ep.

    • skylion says:

      Dokurobey’s entire speech felt a bit cynical; maybe underlining how we look back with eyes towards realism on silly weekly cartoon adventures…

    • BlackBriar says:

      also make whole earth his slaves even worse like make some people into cyborg winter solider squad yep he want full HYDRA on everyone.

      Except the Winter Soldier only had a metal arm. Goro and the other generals got a complete cybernetic overhaul on their bodies.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    *facepalm* Okay, these are probably the most childish, laughable reasons I’ve ever heard an antagonist spew out for why he chose to ruin people’s lives. I was expecting something more grand and justified.

    So essentially, Doronbow got screwed over and tossed aside once their usefulness ran its course. I’m sure while they working under Dokurobey, they believed it was for the greater good.

    Goro redeemed himself and went out in style. I would’ve like to see him talk to Alouette at least once with his memory back before expiring.

    • skylion says:

      I would have liked that as well. But Ally is a bit…well, she’s special, so that meeting might have been a bit awkward.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Because she’s special, Alouette might also have a hard time believing Goro is her father. And he’d have a lot to answer for all those capture and execution attempts. Unwilling amnesia or not.

        • Irenesharda says:

          I honestly can’t blame Goro for anything that he’s done while under the control of Dokurobe. I take a person’s will firmly into account. To me, he’s as much a victim as all those that are captured and tortured, in fact, perhaps even more so, because at least they are allowed to be aware of themselves.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    Well, we learn the truth of what happened and that Dokorube was basically the same villain throughout the entire Yatterman saga, he just kept coming back over and over again and getting defeated time and time again by the Yatterman. Finally he gather all his strength and took out the world by destroying the moon. It doing that he was able to defeat the original Yattermen. However, that wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to make humans suffer, so he created Yatter kingdom, enslaved the people, and their work and energy will power him for all eternity until their are no humans left. He exiled the original thief gang because of their incompetence.

    However, despite all those revelations, it was Goro, who finally remembered everything, and we went into his sad past, and how he was turned into what he is. He never reveals his identity to any of the others, least of all his daughter, but Galina does figure it out in the end. Goro sacrifices himself to allow his daughter and the others to escape, his last words a memories of her.

    Leopard and gang escape, but get shot down by Dokurobe’s cannon, and we are left with a small cliffhanger.

    It’s time for our team to stand out for the justice that the original Yatterman stood for and defeat Dokurobe a final time. He’s gone to far, and if they don’t make him pay, he will destroy humanity slowly and tortuously until there is no one left. I hope that Galina and Allouette finally suit up and become the new Yatterman of a new generation.

    • skylion says:

      I forgot to say that Dokurobey specifically said “punish”. He feels he has strong authority and always has felt like that; what with being a “superior” alien. Those types always have a delicate heel….

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