Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – OAD


Yay! Chaika is back for one more performance!

Shocking Truth! Well, it looks like Studio Bones is giving us a parting gift. One last hurrah for the Coffin Princess franchise. The story is part of the original series, but is branded as Avenging Battle. It’s pretty clear once you start watching, as Vivi is in her original form, and Gillette is still leading his team, with his hand intact and all.

The Coffin Hunt


OMG! I miss Fred….

Well, we find both Chaika and Tooru on the run from Team Gillette, and in the need to find a quick hiding place. Naturally they take the first door they can find that isn’t locked. As luck would have it, they find themselves backstage at a local theater that is busy producing a new play for a local lord. I guess every lord wants some part of the Gaz-slaying action as it looks like it’s a big puff piece just to stroke his ego. But even though that attracts Chaika’s interest, Tooru is quick to get her away the limelight and into hiding. What really follows is just the gang being the gang as always. They improvise on the spot, with Tooru discussing himself as a dancer, Akari deliberately misconstruing why, and Fred being the typical bored, yet snaky companion that ends up saving them at the last minute. Chaika also plays a part of getting them out of danger, first playing along with Tooru’s stage improve, and then by blowing a hole in the theater, quite probably burning it down. Oh, and Team Gillette goofed off as well….

Good White Hunting


Fred has a nose for trouble


Vivi is a bunny…..your argument is invalid


Chaika is handy with Ze Burner!

The Ruins Reborn


Fanservice Part One: Mud wrasslin’…

Welcome back to the Relic Hunt. This sees Team White during their usual activities; getting clues and finding Gaz-parts. This time in a temple ruin. But because this is a fan-OAD don’t expect much of a status quo changer. As it turns out it was a wild goose dead cockatrice chase. Again, this part of the story just served to remind us why we liked the original show, and it gives us a chance to see the characters in a less serious light. And much like the last segment ended, Fred shows up to save the day, and Chaika blows things up. Oh, and both Team Read and Team Razor were there goofing off…

Though Chaika is still a klutz

Good Red Hunting

Fanservice Part Two…nothing we’ve not seen before…Click for larger pics



So, White or Red?


Vivi’s wearing a Zita for a hat…your argument…..is probably better…



We all know she gets out of this, but this is the last we see of her…


…and some Akari service….


One more Ze Burner!

Well despite Chaika’s waves of burnination, this OAD didn’t exactly set the world on fire. But given how the general consensus went to Avenging Battle’s finale, this was a welcome sight. As this was a disc tipped in with the final volume of the Light Novel, I don’t expect to see anything else from the franchise, unless of course another OAD or OVA is done, or a series of movies that would actually do the material a solid ::hint hint:: So, this has been skylion with a trip down memory lane and a look back at the Relic Hunt…Kansha!


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14 Responses to “Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – OAD”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The Gang must be desperate for cash to pimp out Chaika&Co… 🙁

  2. zztop says:

    I’ve been told Avenging Battle’s finale diverges heavily from the LN finale in Vol 11.

    Show ▼

    Still unable to find summaries of the final Vol 12, so please be patient!

  3. skylion says:

    Since this is a new article, since I wrote it, and since it’s relevant to my interests. The Okada/Toradora/Anohana team is releasing a film this September. That’s a long time to wait, ain’t it? Let’s hope Aniplex does a wide Theatrical release.

  4. akagami says:

    Hmm, I just saw that this OAD had been subbed two days ago. I finished S1 earlier in the year, and now S2 is waiting in the wings. I’ll probably marathon it soon. ^^

  5. I actually haven’t seen this OAD but I would love to see me some Chaika Trabant in a pretty white bathing suit. She looks so cute in that 🙂

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