Dog Days ” – 11


Remember kids! Demons are your friends and helpers…

Welcome back to Flonyard! Today we end our two-part Star Whale-Demons in the Sky storyline, and boy did we ever learn some valuable lessons. Actually, I don’t think we learned anything….

Song of the Stars


Remember kids! The best way to free your love is to keep her imprisoned, without voice or memory!

So, I can’t really decided if Verde was supposed to be the bad guy or not. He didn’t a fairly good imitation of Villain Ball carrying, but a few things just didn’t add up, or they didn’t add up in ways that felt complete. As the Three Kemonomimiteers declared, there can be humanoid or human-like demons; but did this little squib really fit the bill? He’s not exactly human, or even -oid….Sure, he’s as even more hard hitting than any of the demonic forces they’ve encountered so far, but with just a minimal of effort they seemed to have taken him out just as easy as any others….

Remember kids! Become a demon and make other’s wishes come true. 

But leave it to a demon to want to honor the letter, not the spirit, of the wish. I kinda feel for Aria, taking on the responsibility as she has, yet still yearning for something else. I rather liked the set up, as it had an interesting character narrative going for it, but the rest of the execution felt clumsy. They’ve never really had to go for backstory to show any other demon possession, and this time, it still feels like the didn’t. We got shades of The Little Mermaid going on, with Verde playing shouta Ursula quite well; take Aria’s voice, and her memories, and you’ve go the perfect homage brewing. But it didn’t go further than that, just the Dog Day’s bits to fill in the gaps.

This was probably one of the weakest stories they show has done, and considering the light and fluffy nature of the show, that’s saying quite a bit towards the negative. As the franchise has grown, and the cast of character’s numbers have ballooned. It must be getting harder and harder to focus on a tale that’s going to include everyone and keep things entertaining. For merchandising, more is better, that much is certain, but for storytelling purposes, less is so much more.


Remember kids! What was once popular…

Remember kids! A good defensive posture is critical. Also face away from all explosions

The Song of What Now?


Remember kids! Royalty means you don’t have to fool with lyrics….

::facepalm:: Well this was just terrible. Build it up, and then knock it right on down. Spend all this time getting Millie involved in the action, cheerlead us to anticipation for a nice Yui Horie insert song, and do something nice for the fans; something you’ve done a few times before in previous series. Then you give us a warm up session’s worth of La La Da Da. I guess the Sky People can just deal with it, huh?  Everyone else on the surface gets a nice song…you guys can settle for less, she’s healing you after all.


Remember kids! This isn’t Heaven’s Feel….

Well, this wasn’t the best way to end a two-parter, but them’s the breaks, right? It had it’s ups and downs, and what looked to be a neat little story-line going for it, possibly a multi-parter. But with some filler-like episodes toward the beginning of the run, there was no room left. Sometimes Dog Day’s episodes feel a bit like ghosts of themselves. You get the form, but little substance. Heck, there wasn’t a lick of fanservice this storyline. Add to that brief appearances by major and minor characters alike that felt tacked on, and the sudden, but went nowhere Pega True Form, and you’ve got flatness all around…


Well, unlike the past two seasons, Double Dash doesn’t get 13 episodes. Just the 12. So, I’ll see you next time for the finale.


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11 Responses to “Dog Days ” – 11”

  1. MR.KLAC says:

    so give next week is finale ep indeed well i guess sorta mix-bag of s3 to watch.

    sure more new characters yet some got demoted/living prop extra (sorry eclare we had focus on other characters).

    yet in s3 we sharu, more demon fights, adel & vale’s past, leo vs many bachelors, mermaids, etc.

    call me when s4 if coming?

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Space whales!

    Also the lack of torn/melting clothes is disappointing. 🙁

    Somehow the initial half of the season was more amusing…

    • skylion says:

      They have gone very light on the clothing damage…it’s like they forgot what worked for them…

  3. Apathy says:

    Mm, I guess the cast was expanding & spread out too much.

    Also this season was full of actual “serious” plotlines compared to the usual fun/plot hybrid from the past & I think that was one of the aspects a lot of fans adored.

    Well, we’ll see just how it ends next week.

  4. belatkuro says:

    Hocchan at least sang properly in the latest episode of Cross Ange. Here, we didn’t even get lyrics and just got LaLaLas. Terrible.

    Afro kid’s reasoning is weak, and he was defeated just as fast. Also, what the hell are you doing, Gaul and Shinku? Cool guys don’t look at explosions. The fight scenes were decently animated at least.

    I blame the shota bunny for ruining the season.

    • skylion says:

      OMG I was so pissed I tweeted when I saw her sing in Cross Ange just a day later!

      Yeah, I think Leaf will go down as the “ruined everything” character…

  5. Verde is a victim of a cursed sword. It’ll be taken from him next episode and he’ll revert to his original 3-inch-tall form and once again become a friend.

    There are no real villains in this series. I think at this point it’s axiomatic.

    • skylion says:

      It can be seen as such, but painting the scene with those broad brush stokes….he made a choice, and a poor one. Villain….

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