Absolute Duo – 10

AbsoDuo 10-lead

 She’s up to something….that’s for sure…


Reign Conference

AbsoDuo 10-01

Well, at least my favorite thing about the show is still intact…

Ah, the inevitable decline. I’ll be short, sweet and to the point. This was a 22 minute long luke-warm mess of exposition-less exposition drop, retread characterizations, and pointless plotting. If you happened to miss this episode you wouldn’t have missed much, as all of it was predictable. I’ll go with a few positive points at the end, cause it feels better to leave on that note.

So, there’s this thing called a Reign Conference which apparently wants something called Absolute Duo. Or do they? Is it just Sakuya and Equipment Rip-Off-Long-Hair-Colonel-Sanders Smith that want it? I really can’t tell, and nothing in the show has given me one reason to give a flying horse’s behind. People want to be strong, because it’s a cruel world. You sold that to me, and I bought it half a season ago, no need to bring it up again.

AbsoDuo 10-star

This is the Chuunibyou Star Chamber…I’m sure these people are important somehow…

Seriously, who are these people? I realize they are probably part of the system of Lukifers and Blaze, and Soul-Power and that whole affair, but why are they important right now? We could have had something to escalate the conditions on how involved the Academy system is and given something of a mental road map, but we get a bunch of folks who might or might not be allies facing for for….reasons. But that’s OK. Cause it’s gonna get settled next episode. Mr Smith’s Weak Tea Master Chief Army vs. The Exceeds. It’s was so exciting the first two times, I’m sure the third time is the charmer.

AbsoDuo 10-03

And what’s worse, they took what could have been a great character arc with Miyabi and shoe-horned her into some half-arsed Face-Heel turn for the express purpose of well maybe screwing with Tooru, and by proxy everyone else. This would be fine, if the forces she joined did anything that made one lick of sense the other two times they’ve come to action. I get they are opposed, but not one reason why or how.

Ah well, I’ve been here before. I’m used to seeing a favorite show with some potential squander it and face-dive itself right into the tarmac. Well, that’s a bit undeserved. The show was flying at one point. But now it’s headed down, and it has just enough fuel in the tank to make it to the crash site. Unless the pilot learns to glide, we are in for a big Kaboom. But as promised a few good points. One, Tooru is not exactly gung-ho about accepting a Level-Up at face value. I think part of him knows he might be part of a play, and the other part of him is aware that the power comes at a price, one which other’s may have to pay for him. Two, that Julie just doesn’t give up in the face of Lilth. Hey, I’m a long time Julie booster….

…and I’ll leave with a touch more fanservice….


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44 Responses to “Absolute Duo – 10”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Ah… Nothing like the smell of seirei tsukai absolute pr0n in the morning. Seriously, it’s making all the same mistakes as seirei tsukai… 🙁 I take it that the LN will be more interesting if seirei tsukai is anything to go by.

    Because the first couple of LNs are just buildup fluff and it doesn’t help that the anime started off with the uninteresting bits. No particularly a good way to keep attention.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    She’s up to something….that’s for sure…

    When is she not up to something? That’s the shadiest headmistress I’ve seen for some time.

    The episode was more or less going around in circles with recycled facts making pretty much nothing conclusive in the end. What I can fathom out of this sudden abundance of new characters is that they’re trying to say we may be looking at another season to fill the gaps but if the story continues its descent, there’ll be little reason to be interested at all. My theory is Equipment Smith wants the same thing as Sakuya but wants to prove his methods are superior. Had the same views when he challenged her grandfather and lost.

    Aside from what’s mentioned, the conference exhibits well how morally twisted these higher-ups are when they converse between themselves. Declaring an impromptu killing game on a whim. These people essentially delight in playing dangerous games at the expense of the lives of others.

    Miyabi’s turning was painfully predictable and it’s a given she’s under a trance. Well, at least she looks good in her suit.

    • skylion says:

      When is she not up to something?

      That’s the problem. They’ve forshortened any sense of foreshadowing. It’s been all bank draughts, no capital to back ’em up.

      Smith may or may not have had methods similar to or not. Given that his organization is a collection of do-nothings in the show makes me care little for his motivations.

      No, Miyabi is not in a trance. That I can forgive. She’s shoe horned into a bad trope, no more no less.

      • Highway says:

        I’ll say that I’ve heard enough of “Ekoipomento Sumisu” from this show.

        Smith’s minions are basically cannon fodder, seemingly mass produced robots whose whole job is to be mooks in a fight.

        • skylion says:

          I have no idea what that even means….

          Mooks have better track records in other stories. These minions are sock puppet theater…

          • BlackBriar says:

            I guess since there are Blacksmiths and gunsmiths, there are Equipment Smiths as well.

          • Highway says:

            It’s the same poor choice that a lot of shows make with names from loan words that just get butchered to hell.

  3. belatkuro says:

    Knew they would change stuff with what happened in the last episode. First off, yes Miyabi is suppose to be sort of brainwashed like that. But like I said last time, things played off differently with how she originally met the old guy. That armor was suppose to activate without her consent from the accessory she received from Equipment Smith so it’s not like she betrayed everyone like how it looks here.

    Also, this ‘killing game’ was suppose to be after Miyabi went crazy here. ‘K’ appeared in the school before the conference to convince the loli one last time. Then he flipped the switch and Miyabi went crazy. It was suppose to be the demonstration when the Rebels and Blaze are combined, which is the main reason for his alliance offer. The attacks are suppose to be demonstrations as well for the power of the Rebels.

    Those people with the chuuni names are suppose to be institute heads that also conduct experimentations like ES and Sakuya are doing. All are aiming for the Absolute Duo, whatever that means as there’s still nothing about what that means. The conference is suppose to be a progress report of sorts IIRC.

    A lot may have happened but it just feels empty this late in the story. The translator who still patiently does the LN says it perfectly that even amongst the LN around, the writing of this series is very amateurish. It’s just lacking in a lot of things.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Does it mean I saved myself a lot of grief by not even picking it up?

      • BlackBriar says:

        That probably can be said for anyone who hasn’t picked it up at all.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I had a feeling Miyabi was supposed to be brainwashed.

      The translator who still patiently does the LN says it perfectly that even amongst the LN around, the writing of this series is very amateurish. It’s just lacking in a lot of things.

      Then the studio made a seemingly fruitless gamble by animating this at all if the story of the source material itself is so shaky. Even worse if the story itself isn’t being properly adapted. Maybe this was a stepping stone for a newbie author.

    • skylion says:

      This feels a great deal like Black Bullet then; a story that had a decent background that could have explained itself well, given the time. But with the perceived lack of time that an animation production brings, they go for shock and awe. With the animation budget sorely lacking in even that….

      It’s sad the show provides few hints to what you express here.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Funny, I felt Black Bullet fared better than how Absolute Duo is progressing. The former seemed to had more structure and was more dramatic. Especially where the sense of urgency is concerned.

        • skylion says:

          I just watched a few episodes of the run, and I’m reminded. Black Bullet is faring rather better.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks that. I mentioned a sense of urgency. For Absolute Duo, these guys for the killing game are supposed to be the antagonists but I’m hard pressed to call them a threat at all.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              From reading all the Black Bullet commentary, it does fare better as it has a clearer theme than this show. Black Briar Bullet actually does make some progress towards this theme. Can say the same for this show.

              To use NGNL as an example: It lays down the central theme/plot device – Challenging Shana Koboshi Louise Tet(o) and the rules. The rest is about the absurdity in reaching the Final Boss. In the process we get the character development and bits about Disboard. The series is structured like a game (how convenient!) in that our central characters beat each level and gain an extra harem member party character with a new skill set that helps them achieve in their ultimate harem goal. I like this pure love show. :3

            • skylion says:

              It can only be overstated, so far the antagonists are laughable…

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              @griffindor – This looks like an anime version of Hunger Games/Maze Runner/crappy teenage related series… only it takes a bad concept and makes it even worse. I did read the social analysis of HG/MR and realised why even though previews look interested, there was no urgency to read/watch…

            • skylion says:

              Yeah, Hunger Games created something of a divide for me in nerdy stuff culture. I browsed the book and put it down, and found the first film…regrettable.

              My family, not nerdy at all, are like, “why aren’t you grooving on this?”

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              The answer to your family is because its wannabe nerdy shit that fails because it is trying to be mainstream. Also, insufficient ero/ecchi.

            • Di Gi Kazune says:

              Forgot to add: the soppy wannabe loveydovey writing is worse than the worst anime loveydovey shit.

            • skylion says:

              Yeah, the romance of the movie felt really forced. Oh, and I’ve always sorted as a Ravenclaw….

          • IanDK says:

            Black Bullet… well, the pacing was messy on that one too, but yeah I would agree it fared better. I do find myself a bit more intrigued about the histories of the characters in Absolute Duo more, but one thing I have to say the Black Bullet adaptation did really well (for myself at least) was the portrayal of the bond between Rentarou and Enju. Despite all the stupid cringeworthy antics, it felt natural that they cared for each other, and it didn’t feel contrived.

            As to this episode, it… moved a few inches, but didn’t go too far. I too liked the conflicted Tooru with the potential level up. Am I being too hopeful that he does not have to end up using it in the upcoming fight?

            • Highway says:

              You can’t load that Chekhov’s Syringe and not use it…

            • skylion says:

              ….does that mean Tooru will use it? I’ll put some even money on Julie…

            • IanDK says:

              Hm. Didn’t consider the idea of Julie using it. That could be interesting…

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    You do know what the role of the Star Chamber is, don’t you?

    (PS: It’s not for Star viewing, nor is it for viewing naked/seminude/etc Starlets)

  5. Highway says:

    There was one thing I did like in this episode: When the former students who had come back to guard the place for the Reign Conference talked to Tomoe and Tooru, I was expecting Tomoe to get all “Don’t be thinking you’re better than us” when they said “If something happens let us handle it.” Thankfully they didn’t.

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