Yoru no Yatterman – 07

Yoru no Yatterman 7-lead

Once more, Leopard is ready to change in!

Wow, Yatterman sure knows how to introduce some of the oddest guest starts, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure folks found Ryu just a bit more tolerable than Takeshi from a few episodes ago. But only just….So, let’s see what the Doronbo gang is up to this week.

I’d like to be/Under the Sea

Yoru no Yatterman 7-01

I think the gang might like Fosh better, he does bring cookies and chips….

The outlaw life is a tough one. Always trying to stay a step ahead of the Man, and keep at least something in that grumbling collection of bellies have to be the priorities, just ahead of heroics and spontaneous mech creation. But, in this case it’s a perfect way for the story to catch Leopard and company off guard. Starvation has sapped them of common sense and the will to power. No other explanation why they would fall for such an obvious trap.

Yoru no Yatterman 7-02

Obvious trap is obvious

You know, you can’t blame Leopard for trying, can you? If I was that hungry, I would leap at any chance, no matter if it’s all just a folk tale. Funny thing, they thought Ryu was a turtle, and tried to save him, and just like the story, by saving him, he was able to pay them back. Well, in a way, he helped them out of their own delirium and capture, so that actually counts for a lot. But, more or less, this episode served to keep Galina in the spotlight, and give us the indication that his story is still building. If he keeps on wrestling Tonzra and learning from Boyaky he could save the day all on his own. All he needs is hope. And for Doronbo to carry out his plans. Hmmm. I wonder if he could eventually replace the Yatter Kingdom?

Yoru no Yatterman 7-03

Hmmm. I wonder what that “M” stands for?

But it’s interesting that the gang keeps saving the day for their allies. The Yatter are not going to go down easy, and they need all the help they can get. So, this feels like companion gathering when the time comes for Doronbo to make it’s final stand. It would be interesting to see all the people they’ve helped and inspired come in and lend a hand.

But we have a few more additions to talk about as far as the whole of the series is playing out. General Goro and his hound are definitely paying attention to Ally at this point. So, if he is her father, he now has a personal reason to capture the gang; how that works out may be a bit upsetting….And did anyone notice the couple of times Leopard blushed at Galina’s ingenuity. Sure, it was a bit short lived, as Leopard demands back-up plans, but she is crushing on him, if only just a little bit, for now.

Extra Bits

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So that brings us to a close of another cool Yatterman episode. I feel the series is going quite well so far with a good balance of character development, and a nice, if not unhinged at times, overall plot. The fun in this show is just having fun with it, and it’s one of those great kind of series that the less you take it seriously, the more fun you end up having with it. So, the show is heading into it’s final third, and it’s probably time to be thinking about how everything is going to play out for a series closer. For me, I’m thinking Goro and Hound may just end up playing a Heel Face turn and come in just in time for the gang to see the action through. But I could be wrong….let me know what you think?


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24 Responses to “Yoru no Yatterman – 07”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    A good episode that wasn’t as silly as it could have been. Ryu was a little over weird with his masochistic fish fetish? O_o

    Anyway, yeah, it still had some weirdness, but it had a bit of heart too. Leopard is becoming a stronger leader, and Galina is coming into his own, to become future Yatterman 1, especially since he seems to be creating the beginnings of the new version of Omotchama from that die.

    It’s also pretty obvious at this point that Goro is Alouette’s father, he just can’t seem to remember her yet, though seeing her picture is triggering something. He will no doubt regain his memories eventually, which will be a very bittersweet awakening considering what he’s become. The Yatter Lords should pay, whoever they are.

    I want to see Goro and Alouette meet face to face. She’ll probably recognize her father’s voice somehow. I really would like Alouette to be more promenent and active. Despite supposedly becoming the new Yatterman 2, she’s basically been in the background, being your stereotypical fragile-as-glass but sweet and demure girl that everyone shelters. Galina got his push this episode, and I want Alouette to have hers as well.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Ryu was a little over weird with his masochistic fish fetish?

      At least he’s better than the last guy from the previous episode, wouldn’t you say?

      Side note: A little to say this but congrats on reaching another rank in the Top 20. Another 11 comments and you’ll have another rank. Keep going!!!

      • Irenesharda says:

        Yeah, weirdly, he was better than the last guy. I think it was mostly because he’s got a little more character and you could connect a little better because in all essence, all he wants is to be free beyond the Yatter walls. He’s like a very silly version of Eren Jeager. 😛

    • skylion says:

      It feels like Galina and Ally replacing the Yatters is obvious and predictable…but it does meet expectations. I hope they toss in a little twist…

      • Irenesharda says:

        Actually, it was so obvious that it’s in the official summary:

        “New Yatterman series to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Tatsunoko’s Time Bokan series.

        A girl is looking at a remote island on the ocean named The Yatter Kingdom, a country that is said to be ruled by the hero Yatterman. The girl wants to ask the Yattermans for some help to cure her sick mother and decides to venture to the kingdom. She gets kicked out from the kingdom though and her mother dies without receiving any help.

        Under Dokurobei, the boss of the Dorombo thieves that existed, lies a beauty named Doronjo. The two men, Boyacky and Tonzura, worked under Doronjo but got kicked out from the Yatter Kingdom along with the Doronbo thieves as they lost a fight against the Yatterman. This is the new generation of Dorombo—Doronjo, Boyacky, Tonzura, and new Yatterman—a story of the birth of Gan-chan and Ai-chan.

        What’s interesting, is that they’ve yet to actually connect anything back to the scene at the very beginning of the series, when the moon was destroyed and turned into a skull and wiped out people on the planet. I believe that voice we heard at that point, who is the skull-thing, is Dokurobei, a kind of “Dr. Claw”-like character from the original series that was the one that sent the Dorombo gang on their adventures.

        Since that character was seen in the very first episode and then never seen or heard from since, I’m wondering if he’s behind this whole thing? The timing would be right. Hmm…

  2. bobob101 says:

    Watching this episode reminded me of the many times in Pokemon when the plot was “I’m starving over here!” Honestly, I prefer Takeshi to Ryu, because they used his peeing everywhere gag a lot less than being attracted to fish/being a masochist. But seeing the pathetic masks on the Yatterman that somehow emoted really well was a real treat. Stop it kame! That hurts kame!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Honestly, I prefer Takeshi to Ryu, because they used his peeing everywhere gag a lot less than being attracted to fish/being a masochist.

      Hmm… I’m the opposite on that one. Honestly, I could tolerate a fish loving masochist far easier than a guy who’s onscreen every minute answering nature’s call. That’s really disgusting.

    • skylion says:

      I loved those masks…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    The episode was mid-level in my opinion. There was no noticeable improvement over what was already accomplished yet it didn’t sink below it either. An acceptable pass. However, the episode did feel a bit faster in pacing. I was shocked for a while. First time upon seeing the group, I thought I was looking at a small horde of zombies. Hunger can mess you up big time.

    Ryu was something else. Far too broken so I don’t think simply calling him a masochist is sufficient. As for the “M” cut into his hair, that might be the creator’s subtle way of announcing what he is without having someone else actually saying it.

    • skylion says:

      ….but he said it! Sooooooo many times!

      I have a feeling this might be the breather/light-hearted episode/end of the light-hearted arc they’ve had so far. Things might go back to form as they had at the beginning.

  4. BlackBriar says:


    “Pulled from the “Mechanorn – 12” comment regarding Seraph of the End

    Hey, I was trying to remember that manga you recommended a while ago, and completely by chance I came across a series that was coming out next season and was being composed by Sawano. I’ve become a fan of his so I checked out what the show was about and low and behold, the summary sounded awfully familiar and I realized that it was the same series that you had recommended to me, but that they are making an anime adaptation of it! 😛

    So, since my policy is that when at all possible, watch the anime first and then read the manga, you shall be sure the anime will be on my watch list next season! I haven’t seen the PV yet, but the art looks really good.

    Hehehe!! Looks like the cat is out of the bag!! Truth is I’ve known about the adaptation since its first announcement backtracking to the end of Summer 2014 and came across the manga in 2012 when there was only chapter available.

    Since I already knew you were into vampires, I let some time pass by and when it got close enough, deliberately put the manga in your view while holding back the info that it was getting an anime as a surprise. Oh, you weren’t the only one I tried this on. Same process with Karakuri, Kyokai and Overcooled. No word from Kyokai if she even saw the comment I made. Like you, Karakuri is aware but hasn’t touched the manga. Overcooled has already read the first chapter though I’m not sure the anime news has reached her yet.

    Believe me when I say you’ll like the story. The recommendation was done right after going through some of the manga chapters myself. It’s worth the wait though that wait is killing me slowly but surely right now. And if the staff doesn’t get you drooling, the cast will!!


    Studio: WIT Studio (Attack on Titan, The Rolling Girls)
    Music: Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Aldnoah.Zero)
    OP & ED: Hiroyuki Sawano


    Saori Hayami (Buddy Complex’s Hina Yumihara, Nagi no Asukara’s Ojoshi-sama)
    Miyu Irino (Captain Earth’s Daichi Manatsu)
    Kensho Ono (Aldnoah.Zero’s Slaine Troyard)
    Yuuichi Nakamura (Valvrave’s Raizou “Thunder” Yamada)
    Takahiro Sakurai (Psycho-Pass’ Shougo Makishima)
    Kenichi Suzumura (Trinity Blood’s Dietrich von Lohengrin)
    Tomoaki Maeno (Akatsuki no Yona’s Hak, Death Parade’s Decim)
    Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Free’s Makoto Tachibana, Nanatsu no Taizai’s Ban)
    Kaito Ishikawa (Nagi no Asukara’s Tsumugu, Suisei no Gargantia’s Ledo, Zankyou no Terror’s Nine)
    Yuka Iguchi (Index)
    Nobuhiko Okamoto (Akatsuki no Yona’s Sinha, Shiki’s Tohru Mutou)
    Aoi Yuuki (Dance in the Vampire Bund’s Mina Tepes, Shiki’s Sunako Kirishiki, Nanatsu no Taizai’s Diane)

    Seraph of the End is one of many animes I’m highly anticipating next season! Spring 2015 just can’t come fast enough!

    • Irenesharda says:

      -_- Really? You couldn’t have just told me….? 😛

      Well, it looks really good, I can already tell who will be my favorite character already, just from looks (Hint: I have a thing for male characters with silver/blond/white hair) And it’s kind of funny that Kensho Ono plays two characters in a row with fluffy whitish hair, blue/green eyes, are or used to be slaves, and are the deuteragonist for their particular series. But hey, more for me! 😀

      So, next season supposedly has 3 vampire series, and 2 of them look really good. ( I haven’t seen much on Vampire Holmes) It’s going to be good. 😉

      • BlackBriar says:

        Nah, I couldn’t see the fun in just telling the news. I forgot to mention that Serah of the End is a split cour so we’ll be getting half the fun next season. You noticed two out of three roles I mentioned for Aoi Yuuki are vampire roles, right? She also played the hacker-turned Magius Akira Renboukouji from Valvrave. The purple Valvrave pilot.

      • BlackBriar says:

        ( I haven’t seen much on Vampire Holmes)

        Neither have I so I went looking around. Apparently, like Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis, it’s the anime adaptation of a smart phone game.

        • Irenesharda says:

          Speak and it shall appear!

          Vampire Holmes will start in the beginning in April.

          Cast so far:
          Yoshinobu Sena (first time VA, but he IS the director, producer, singer-songwriter, and original creator of the game): Holmes

          Nobunaga Shimazaki(Haruka in Free!): Hudson
          Ayahi Takagaki(Manny in Gundam G-Reco, Lisbeth in SAO): Kira

          Reminds me of one of my favorite old vampire series, Nightwalker. I know this one is supposed to have an OP by Nami Tamaki, but you know they should have just gone for Buck-Tick. They’ve done practically every single OP of every single vampire anime I’ve seen. 😛

          • BlackBriar says:

            I know this one is supposed to have an OP by Nami Tamaki, but you know they should have just gone for Buck-Tick. They’ve done practically every single OP of every single vampire anime I’ve seen. 😛

            Trinity Blood and Shiki for instance? 😉

            • Irenesharda says:

              Nightwalker’s theme was by them too! I’m wondering if those guys just have a like for vampire series?

              I associate them with vampires, like I do T.M. Revolution with mecha. 😛

            • BlackBriar says:

              I guess so.

    • BlackBriar says:


      So, since my policy is that when at all possible, watch the anime first and then read the manga, you shall be sure the anime will be on my watch list next season! I haven’t seen the PV yet, but the art looks really good.

      Here you go:

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Now that I think about it, that underwater factory was huge. I wonder how long it took them to build that.

  6. MR.KLAC says:

    well yea if learn one thing on it having no food make leopard & crew look like “the walking dead”.

    & fish-guy at least swim to freedom with his turtles get his sea harem.

    yet goro & his dog looking at alou wonder if something “twist” will reveal?

    overall what enxt?

    • BlackBriar says:

      well yea if learn one thing on it having no food make leopard & crew look like “the walking dead”.

      So I wasn’t the only one who thought they looked like zombies.

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