Yoru no Yatterman – 05

Yoru no Yatterman 501

Donboro taking the Yatterbull by the horns….

Well, just like Fosh said the last time, this show is the one that really needs more love. So this week, let’s see how the show is trying to earn that love.

The Hurricane Dedicated to His Mother

Yoru no Yatterman 503

A chance meeting

I love this show for forging it’s own ground. While it is formally based on a show with a mega-long history, it hasn’t forgotten to both update, and tell it’s own story. But, for this episode they clearly, and without shame took many pages from it’s past. If some of the despair, outright poverty of wealth and spirit in previous episodes got you down. Then this is the one that you should watch, as it pretty much jettisions that and tells a big whopping, goofy battler of a show.

Which is not to say that they completely abandon some of the storylines they’ve been working on since the show started. This part of the Yatter Kingdom is still pretty darn depressed. The Festival is just what the people needed, but as revealed by General Goro, it’s all bread and circuses to keep them distracted from the raw deal the Yatters are giving them. Both Leopard and Ally are getting to be a touch closer to both each other and the Angel that may be guiding them. Galina is still somewhat a hapless rube, and both Boyaky and Tonzra are, well, Boyaky and Tonzra. Oda still rules.

The First Wacky Martial Arts Tournament

Yoru no Yatterman 504

Beating on LOLis is the best way to get into fighting shape

So we have to have a new character in the mix, and the callow youth appeal of Takeshi is just what was needed. Well, that one part of him is arguable…really, he can’t hold it? Am I missing a cultural reference? Do I want to know? But, anyway, this kid is more than meets they eye. In addition to being boisterous, hopeful, and cheerful, he’s a bit dim. But for the purposes of a wacky martial arts contest (is wrestling, boxing, and sumo wacky? Or were the Yatter trying to telegraph the episode?), the kids is built like a damn steamship, easily able to press Leopard’s boys with one arm.

Yoru no Yatterman 5061

Not quite a Yokozuna…

So before you can say plot point, Tonzra, the natural for this style of fighting is right out, as it is for minors only. Which is fine for 15 year old Takeshi, and for Galina. But that guy in the mustache that fought one of the Yattermechs? Anyway, Takeshi happily drafts Galina in without a second thought. So on to the embarrassing fighting montage! In addition to being creamed by both Boyaky and Tonzra, he gets to pick on Leopard, which isn’t at all cool. But Galina soon learns that determination is all he needs…

Yoru no Yatterman 5062

…and a head made of  steel, i guess…

But no sooner than you can say Yatta! The Evil Empire just starts to cheat and floods the entire competition with mechs the locals just cannot even conceive, much less fight.

Yoru no Yatterman 5071 Yoru no Yatterman 5072 Yoru no Yatterman 5073 Yoru no Yatterman 5074

Yoru no Yatterman 502

Leopard loves all the fighting!

Yoru no Yatterman 5063

But she hates being sidelined

It’s a trick they’ve pulled off before, that Donboro. But just one instant mech (based on the musing of Ally about barbeque mutton earlier in the episode) brings out the Dangerous GenghisKhan. It’s the sure fire way to beat a bunch of cheating cheaters that cheat. So with all the wacky hijinks, the “heroes” win the day and the final matches and earn some sheep and some pocket money. Awfully nice of them to donate that to Takeshi, he of the sick mother and all.

Yoru no Yatterman 505

Their bike of shame is become less and less shameful.

Yes! This is just what the series needed, wasn’t it. It flew high and it flew well and gave us a great dose of the craziness the original series is based on. Now, for the future, I don’t think they will abandon the world-building they’ve established thus far. The Yatter has soured there is not doubt, and that still calls for the Big Damn Bad Guys of yesteryear to answer the Call to being Big Damn Heroes…and ain’t they just…

Yatter 05-leopard

LOLis are all about the style…


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10 Responses to “Yoru no Yatterman – 05”

  1. Bobob101 says:

    Common sky, are you really gonna make this mistake?!?
    They are called DORONBO as in Doronja!

    • skylion says:

      LOL. It’s my Hanayamata Naru/Haru curse all over again! Donboro does roll of the tongue a bit easier….

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Whoa, there are just no levels these Yatterman cronies aren’t hesitant to sink to. Come on, bringing a mech to a tournament for humans is already out of bounds but three of them is unbelievable. If they had no intention of giving anything, just say it from the get-go. The sadistic bastards…

    Um, I probably would have liked this as I have with the previous entries if not for presenting that kid onscreen every time he’s answering nature’s call. That really put me off and was found utterly unnecessary. Surely the creator of the show can come up with a better gimmick than this.

  3. Irenesharda says:

    This was an okay episode, not as good as the last one, but okay. It was a little too heavy on the comedy bits and the guy peeing everywhere was a little annoying, However, I do love seeing General Goro now, so that was cool.

    • BlackBriar says:

      the guy peeing everywhere was a little annoying,

      I share this sentiment. The first time was a bit of a means of raising eyebrows so it passed but after a while, I just stopped and asked “Where the hell are they going with this?” They were more disgusting than annoying.

      • skylion says:

        I cannot suss out the need or meaning either, other than they wanted to show he had a tiny bladder? I guess super-sumo dudes need a weakness to balance them out? Or…they thought it was funny to have him do that…which means the writer needs to get out more…

        • BlackBriar says:

          If the bladder is indeed the problem then they needen’t put us in full view of the guy taking care of his business. He could’ve gone to a restroom or behind a tree so as to spare us from such an obscene sight. I take it the writer finds these things amusing and if he does, he’s soft in the head.

  4. MR.KLAC says:

    yea these yatter-HYDRA really quite “LIARS” make tournament to give prize yet using mecha in final round that just OVERKILL.

    yet character of ep give being “wet” anything but super strong & at least get happy end get prize for his mom.

    overall leopard & pals really need to rally the people to rebel against yatter-HYDRA nation.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, it seems like some of the down and outs in the Yatterland ain’t really slouches…

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