Kantai Collection: KanColle 05-08

Kantai Coll (6)

Nagato vs Yamato? Who wore it better?

Yay it is time for one of my favorite series of the season! Kantai Collection! I am sorry that I haven’t been doing these weekly, but I will do my best to keep up with them.


Leadership is hard work


I think these two need some alone time…

With the torpedo squad disbanded poor old Fubuki and her friends are forced to separate and join other teams because the admiral thought it was a great idea and to his credit it actually worked, but of course it took a while. So what do you think of her new team aka mobile unit number five? Do you like the mixture of various ships together? At first I was really happy that Kongou was apart of the team because she is always a ton of fun to watch lately; however I did not really care all that much for the other girls! Especially Zuikaku and Ooi who always seemed to want to argue instead of getting along with the team members which to be honest got a tad bit annoying. Thankfully they all came around and started acting like a proper team after they picked Fubuki as the flagship? I guess that is technically like a leader role? With Fubuki as the leader we saw her lead her team to victory in episode seven! I was happy that she finally did something but I know most of us find her to be quite boring; however with these episodes I think she has finally found her place or do you think she still has room to grow? I know she certainly isn’t kicking ass weekly because she still seems to rely heavily on her team to back her up so I suppose she still has a lot to learn! I just hope she continues to impress us.

Curry Contest?

Kantai Coll (3)

Hibiki approved!

Episode five did something quite different from normal Kantai Collection episodes by focusing on a totally different team instead of following the weekly adventures of Fubuki! So what team stole the spotlight? None other than Sixth Destroyer Group which we can simply call team LOLi because that team is filled with little kids or are they? I know Akatsuki tries her best to be mature, but something always makes her fail! So which girl do you like on that team? Personally I am a bit torn between HibikiIkazuchi and Inazuma because all of them were quite fun especially Hibiki with her random Russian quotes and she sort of acted like Renge from Non Non Biyori. So what did these four girls do for the whole episode? Enter a curry cooking contest! Cause why not? That said none of them had any idea how to make curry! Which pushed them to experiment on their own until they actually took some time to read about cooking. As for the contest itself some of the girls that entered failed the contest because they messed up or you had stuff like *cough* Shimakaze *cough* who cheated by using instant curry, but the overall theme of the episode was comical so even having that fit the episode like when the girls decided to use a flame-thrower to cook their first batch of curry? Wow that bit had me laughing my ass off or did you not find this episode all that funny? I think the anime only fan base of Kantai Collection is a tough crowd to please because I know some of us would rather see more battles instead of the silly slice of life moments, but I feel that the team behind the series is doing a great job balancing things to keep it lighthearted and fun.

Hotel Yamato

Kantai Coll (4)

The final girl appears!

Most people who know some Japanese history know about the famous battleship the Yamato! Even if you don’t know it has appeared in several anime series from Space battleship Yamato and I remembered that it also popped up in season two of Strike Witches. So who is this final character Yamato? For starters she has been living on an island alone and she has absoultely no combat experience, but why? The simple answer is she requires way too many resources like food and ammo and not to mention repairs. I think in terms of power she is the top tier fleet girl thanks to her powerful cannons; however once Fubuki meets her for the first time and hearing her story of how she has been lonely and wants to go into battle she feels a connection and this pushes her into FRIENDSHIP mode! Now this is where things might be d’awwww or ehhhhhh for most of us because Fubuki was told several times to stop messing around with Yamato, but refused to listen to those orders. I was more on the other side of things because it was kind of cute watching Fubuki who I would guess is younger than Yamato treat her like she was a little sister and throw in the obvious height difference was also funny or did you see it more like a friend trying to help another friend? Either way you can’t deny that it was adorable! Also the other girls bonding with Yamato after she showed off her firepower was also great.

Extra Moe Battleships

Kantai Coll (1)


Kantai Coll (5)

Eye candy for everyone

Kantai Coll (7)

That is a lot of firepower.

Kantai Coll (8)


End thoughts

There you have it more fun stuff with Kantai Collection! So which episode was your favorite this week? If I had to pick a favorite I would probably go with the LOLi curry cooking because it gave us a refreshing break from Fubuki or was it the Yamato themed one? That one stood out a bit more because it was great to watch Fubuki gain a new friend and that bit with Nagato in the bath talking all cute to the squirrel? Wow who knew she had that kind of side to her character?


Kantai Coll (9)

Dat blush


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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20 Responses to “Kantai Collection: KanColle 05-08”

  1. Highway says:

    It won’t be much of a revelation to anyone to hear that the curry cooking episode was not my cup of tea. I don’t care for those characters at all, it was like watching a bunch of kids play house (and that’s almost literally what it was, with Akatsuki always talking about being ladylike).

    I liked the group reshuffling, as it took care of one of my problems with the strategic aspects of the show. Now you have something more like an actual carrier group, with Carriers, Cruisers, and a Destroyer. It’s a little odd to put a Battleship in there, but it works well enough for the show.

    The other thing that worked better was the battle they had in episode 7. Giving the battle action just a little more time, 5 more minutes, allowed for a much more interesting battle situation, with Fubuki having to make a correction to her previous thinking, just all around better. Much better than the rest of the series, where they’d been doing those perfunctory “Let’s get the ships out in a ‘battle’ because that’s what they do” kind of episodes earlier.

    If you go by the way the ships appeared, Yamato is younger than Fubuki, and I think they indicated that more as ‘less experienced’. I think they’re also playing on the cultural significance of Yamato in the show, as the real ship really was kind of a protected flower in the fleet, and never really figured in battle, just in the national consciousness (a big, strong symbol of Japan’s power). Hopefully they won’t treat her the same way in this show, because I like the character.

    • HannoX says:

      If it’s a fast battleship that can keep up with the carriers, it makes sense to include a battleship in a carrier group because of all the anti-aircraft guns it can carry. That’s how the U.S. used its fast battleships in WWII while the older, slower battleships formed the core of the shore bombardment groups during invasions.

      They actually need more Destroyers in the carrier group to defend against submarines and form the outer picket line to find the enemy first. But since the Abyssals don’t attack from underwater even though they surface from it, I guess anti-submarine defenses aren’t really needed.

    • skylion says:

      Well, I think I enjoyed the Akatsuki Class enough for both of us; and will take second helpings, and will ask for the R0-500 sub class to make an appearance for desert!

      And for the historically minded. All the ships participating in a Curry Cook-off has an actual precedent. One that the Naval branch of JSDF still does today. Each ship has it’s own curry recipe, and has done since around like circa 1910.

      And am I the only one wanting a Kancolle x Space Battleship Yamato crossover now? I would cast Deslar as a cute LOLi….

  2. BlackBriar says:

    So far, I find myself entertained with this series. Average but fun. The team reshuffling did well in squashing possible animosity among the girls. The curry battle was alright but preference goes to the beach episode. I enjoyed Fubuki’s frequent attempts in cheering Yamato up and an unexpected side in Nagato was revealed. That was a surprise.

  3. skylion says:

    I think the anime only fan base of Kantai Collection is a tough crowd to please…

    Well for the first six or so episodes, the balance was a bit off. But I think they’ve managed to get on top of that and make the balance count…Fubuki is coming into her own, especially as an audience surrogate.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well I meant that in terms of episode types I like the non Fubuki focused episodes, but we only got one of those and sometimes she can be a boring character when you have so many outstanding personalities for the other fleet girls.

      • skylion says:

        There were a few eps, a the beginning, when Fubuki was “getting her feet wet” that were pretty good in therms of her characterization….but I see what you mean, like say around four or five….

  4. Namaewoinai says:

    Sorry i’am kinda late here…Let’s see…

    I think for me the Russian Girls (led by Hibiki) are more better than the British girls (led by Kongou), and hmmm…Ah The Yamato…Her Presence is kinda bit forbidden, and yet so dangerous…her firepower alone is awesome i wonder why the officials (The Admiral ?) are trying to staying away with it…

    and…uh…hey, Ms Nagato is she going to be like this one…you know like this girl! kinda freaky ya know

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