Dog Days ” 02-03

DogDays'' 2-3-lead

Oh, you know you want to click the image…..(NSFW)

Welcome back to the Double Dash as I bring you double the episodes. I was a bit feint of heart the past week or so. I thought this show would let me down. But, me of little faith, of course Dog Days would return to form…

The Dragon Priestess

DogDays'' 2-3-03

Charl sure can dash

Well as we left off with the series opener, we got the cutest park ranger in charge of what she is making out to by Floynard’s most important park. The demon infestation problems that have been a sub-plot for past series is about to come to a head here and now. If this isn’t stopped…no more happy picnic friends forever! Yeah, I know that sounds like I’m knocking the show, but really I’m not. If anything Dog Days has a formula, and they intend to stick with it no matter what. It’s a pure fun fantasy adventure, and who really wants it any other way.

DogDays'' 2-3-02

I mean, honestly, how does this guy even not get clobbered?

But in addition to being the latest captured by Cinque’s innocent gaze, Charl is our route to expostion. She’s been doing level best to keep the demons at bay, freeing what forest creatures she can from dark clutches, but she’s one person against a legion, and one that can respawn faster than she can put down. She is reluctant to get the Heroes involved, seeing the Dragons care as her exclusive domain. But practicality wins the day. Soon to join Cinque, and Nanami are their respective countries along with Becky and Pastilliage.

DogDays'' 2-3-04

              No matter how demonic, there’s time for a picnic!

Decisive Battle!


 So, does everyone know where to be once the clothing damage starts happening?

So now we convene the First Tri-Country Demon Battle. It’s not for glory! It’s not for gold! It’s not for competition! It for the happy picnic at the end! But mostly it’s for tentacles, beam spam, the Heroes being the Heroes and lots and lots of clothing damage. So, same show, mildly different formula. Hey, it ain’t broke! No need to fix right? What really got to me was how they just plain escalated everything.

DogDays'' 2-3-001

Sure it’s one thing to have each team take on the demons and protect one specific dragon, but did the Hero Crystals really need to come out this early. I mean the grown up versions of Cinque, Nanami, and Becky do have their fans, but those are the big aces. Why play them this early on?

DogDays'' 2-3-002

               I mean, it’s just one monster…

But all is fair in love, war, demons and Hero’s, so there is no kill quite like over-kill. Thou it took some sacrifices to get there. All the dudes go puff-ball and all the ladies get tentacled. Jeez Dog Days, never change, huh?

DogDays'' 2-3-003

It’s all about making Charl look good. Not that that is a problem…

And so with the defeat of the Dragon Forest Demon, our heroes can all celebrate a well earned victory. Which in Floynard means a great big old cuddly pile of Hero’s petting and grooming the royal populace and all retainers that manage to get an early number. And of course some ecchi hijinks. All in a Days Work for Dog Days, right?

S’Now You Don’t

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Final Thoughts

Well, Dog Days is just one of those perfect weekend shows. With just the right balance of innocent romance, slightly less innocent fanservice, fantasy, battles, and comfy moments, it just continues to perfect and already well established formula. I quite love the show, and am happy that it can stide out there boldly never pretending to be anything other than what it is. I’ve yet to see a QUALITY episode in the franchise in terms of animation, and the characters are well written in the kaleidoscope of genres. Hope you had fun….see you soon.


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13 Responses to “Dog Days ” 02-03”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:


    It’s magic snow! We can only sadly wish it happens in reality…

    Also, there is what appears to be a pigcock. (Try to get your minds out of the gutter for just a brief moment). I bet it tastes like chicken, not bacon. 😛

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    And spammy decides to hog all the chicken-pig to himself. T_T

  3. akagami says:

    I tried hard not to click, but I succumb to challenges too easily.. orz

    It’s like that “Bet you just can’t eat one” Lays motto. I’m like, who in their damn mind only eats one chip?!? I always try, and then I’m like “wtf, I want some more.”

  4. Wanderer says:

    I hadn’t realized it had grabbed her tail like that…

    Sure, the tentacles gave us ecchi scenes, but things felt less than fanservicey to me, because I couldn’t forget that the thing was trying to eat them, and that if they weren’t saved within seconds of being grabbed they’d be absorbed and turned into demons.

  5. Wanderer says:

    DogDays” 2-3-001

    Sure it’s one thing to have each team take on the demons and protect one specific dragon, but did the Hero Crystals really need to come out this early. I mean the grown up versions of Cinque, Nanami, and Becky do have their fans, but those are the big aces. Why play them this early on?

    Early from a viewer’s perspective, certainly. On the other hand, within the story it would have been stupid not to use them. The dragons are the physical avatars of nature. If they were corrupted then the entire world would be corrupted. This wasn’t time to be playing around if the heroes could bring more power to bear: this was literally a world-ending crisis.

    • skylion says:

      I would give the friendly argument that from story perspective this was a one and done deal as far as this demon was concerned. It feels, more or less, like they were trying to pack in reminders of previous material.

  6. belatkuro says:

    Episode 2 had a lot of QUALITY though if you looked at it. Though with the way episode 3 went, seems all their effort went there, especially with the transformation sequences. Cinque and Gaul already had their transformation sequence last season so they already transformed quickly.

    And I’m surprised that was it for the demon plot. Thought it would last longer given that it started the season with that. Guess it’ll be back to more fluffy episodes with a side of fanservice. Sounds good to me.

    • skylion says:

      To be honest, I hardly payed much attention to the second episode, other than I see a plot, one they will repeat next episode, save the post for later. So QUALITY went by me…Yeah, I felt they should have given at least Gaul a bigger moment…

      I was both surprised and not by the demon plot. On one hand, it shouldn’t wrap up that easy, on the other…it’s Dog Days…it’s what they do.

      Yeah, I sense the return of sports-battle, more fanservice and the trademarked cuddle-puddles…

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