Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 11

Yuuki Yuuna (5)

Marshmallows with teeth are creepy!!

Woooooooooo! Time for more sadness and magical girl fighting this week, but how will Tougou explain her actions from last time? I guess we will find out today!


 We are at the penultimate episode, and it is getting harder and harder to not sound like a broken record week after week. But this show continues to blow me away episode after episode.


Friend vs friend


Yuuna-“Grit those teeth Tougou-san!!”

Fosh// So everyone finally saw the truth that the world is completely wrecked with their own eyes even though they did not have the same reaction as Tougou, but I think some of us would say that maybe the shock has not hit them yet? That I can believe and of course Tougou has different reasons to fight back against Shinju-sama because she has seen the terrible side of going through the hero system. Going into things this week I fully expected Yuuna to stick to her guns and do her best to play the friendship card in order to convince her friend to calm down. I mean sure I gotta give her points for trying; however I think we all know that it will become super hard for Yunna or anyone to talk things out with her especially when that somebody is motivated by revenge or is she doing them a favor by exposing the truth? I know some people see it as a dumb plan with her assuming the other girls don’t want to salvage the world and continue living! Yeah that DOES sound terrible now that I think about it. So what are the other girls going to do to stop her? The only see the solution I can see is obviously Yuuna and Tougou fighting it out which is really the only way I can see it going down next time and wow it really breaks my heart to see the two of them fighting each other because we saw how close the two of them became thanks to the flashbacks in the previous episode.

Yuuki Yuuna (7)

Karin was such a badass

 While all of that was going on Karin did something CRAZY! She used her Mankai form at least five or six different times to take out all the remaining Taisha. Now I won’t lie and say I was cheering her own to kick ass because her Mankai form looked really bad-ass especially with all those swords, but afterwards I was like OH MY GOD wait NOOOOOOOOOO!! What is she going to lose in all of this? I guess the answer is everything?! Then again we don’t really know the full extent of what she gave up to save the day, but we do know that she lost her hearing, sight and I assume part of her arm and leg? Because if you noticed they got wrapped up with some strange armor after the first and second Mankai transformation. Damn that is really depressing to think about! Now I just want to know how the hell the girls can fix this problem? Maybe they really should take out Shinju-sama who I will bet money is probably sitting on some giant reset button to restore the earth or reverse time! For some reason my mind thinks of things like that while watching Yuuki Yuuna.

Fight on!

Yuuki Yuuna (4)

The best siblings ever <3

Skylion// Baring a flashback, this episode took place completely in the Forest, which is very telling to me on a thematic level. Some of the things the series has yet to explore, a beat they established back in earlier episodes, is that the damage done in the Forest has some effect in their World; time has stopped for it, like it’s holding it’s breath, just as much as we are. So with our three major characters essentially trying to shake off whatever is afflicting them at the moment, we see the other two rise to the occasion. In Itsuki’s case, it’s as simple as fulfilling the wish she has had for some time. To step up and be the one that stands in front of her sister, Fuu; who is having some difficulty getting out of the depression she found herself in at the end of episode nine.  Itsuki’s charge gets Fuu back on her feet and in fighting spirit. But our true big players this episode were Tougo, Yuuki, and Karin.

Yuuki Yuuna (9)


We can make the debate here of whether or not Tougo is in the right. For me, I think she is operating the best most logical way she can, and true to her character. Such a system, that cannot protect her friends, has no value. But this leads us to Karin, who was inspiring in her stand against the advancing Vertex. She wasn’t fighting as a Hero of the Taisha, but as a defender of her friends. If she was gonna be a tool, she would use that power with her own merits. I found it quite fitting that the one who lead the charge of getting Karin into the ways of the Club was the one she had the most immediate need to protect. Karin charged in, four Mankai, and did not hesitate once to make those sacrifices. Much like Itsuki wanted to stand up for Fuu, Karin wanted to prove she belonged, not as a fighting tool, but as a stalwart friend. And much like Itusuki bought time for Fuu, Karin did the same for the crestfallen Yuuki.


Yuuki Yuuna (1)

Punch her into another universe!

Yuuki Yuuna (2)

Tougou ain’t got time for no pancakes.

Yuuki Yuuna (3)


Yuuki Yuuna (8)

I couldn’t resist~

End thoughts

This episode can be summed up in three words! Karin is AWESOME! I mean some could argue that she probably shouldn’t have gone overboard with multiple Mankai transformations back to back, but Karin has discovered the magical power of friendship and she doesn’t want that to go away anytime soon which is fine; however the price she payed might be the biggest of the series even though personally I feel more towards characters like Itsuki and Tougou. So what do you think is going to happen with the girls next time?! Are they going to find a real solution to the problem or is everything pointing towards a battle between best friends?!

Whew, this show just doesn’t give up does it? Yuuki comes back to the fore with a vengeance, taking down Tougo’s shot at the World Tree. But for me, is Yuuki’s desire to protect Tougo from herself and different that Tougo’s desire to save them all by ending it all? That’s the most compelling question so far. So what will happen in the last episode, when time in the World starts back up again? The one thing I keep in mind is that the Heroes are much stronger as a team, and whatever solution they come up with will be one they can all agree on. See you next time!


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17 Responses to “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 11”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    It now begins to look like something out of Madoka. From the teethy mashimaro to the characters. Did I see Madoka x Homura there….

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    and so…The fate of Crimson lotus (Karin Miyoshi) is at hand, after her awesome battle performance (thanks to the Mankai), she has fallen on the sange side effect, that loses her left arm, left leg and both vision and both hearing and now she is DOWN! Really Down!

    …OK I Aggress, I kinda feel a bit pity to her, really!

    Show ▼

    • HannoX says:

      Considering how bad things are for the girls who are fighting in that show, I don’t think you want to bring that guy in.

      • Namaewoinai says:

        Yeah I Know…i’am just having a wishful thinking!

        Let’s just say it’s incompatible, and it will never happened no matter what we are begging!…i’m just saying!

    • Highway says:

      Who knows, maybe “that guy” is the reason that the world is being destroyed in the first place…

  3. JPNIgor says:

    Hmm… The question about Karin would be what does the “armor” around her head means. Because the moment she really fell was when it appeared. That could mean she lost consciousness, or mental capabilities, or memories, though any of that was shown when she was talking to Yuuna. She’s probably going to end up bedridden, but in state worse than Nogi.

    It was an awesome episode. And stuff getting darker makes me anxious and excited.

    And I remember on the seasonal catalogue, when I told something along the lines of “oh, cute girls doing cute things while fighting monsters, let’s ride this train”. I was sooo wrong hahaha.

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