Sora no Method – 11

sorameso 11-005

“I will now reveal the identity of the murderer…” <caption contest, finish the line>

Welcome back to Saucer Town everyone. Well, I’m not exactly correct in that welcome any more, am it?


Night of the Meteor Shower

sorameso 11-001

Nonoka tells it like it is….

When we last left our group, things had broken down to non-communication. They all realized the inevitable. If all their wishes come true, then Noel and the saucer will leave. As no one wants that, and instead of one suffering as Shione stubbornly wants to stick to, they all decided to take on the burden. Well, except for Nonoka, and really Noel herself. She does have a say in this matter, the one that has done the heavy lifting.

Sorameso 11-cloud

Noel vs. Bad Weather……Flawless Victory…

Well, that’s a bit of a fib. They’ve all done time in carrying their own burdens, and have been stubborn in sharing the load with others. Noel is basically there to help transfer all the load around, and perhaps even jettison some unneeded weight. Nonoka being her prime mover. I love how she was able to measure each situation. With Shione, you have one that appears to be fine to be alone, but isn’t so much. With the twins, Yuzuki and Souta, both feel they cannot win back the past, dwelling on old arguments and accidents. And Kohuara, bless her, can feel all their pain like it was her own.

But, Nonoka is going futher, and insists that they do this right, for their sake, and for Noel’s as well. And our brave LOLi, has the best ting to say about the entire affair. I’m happiest when you guys are happy. It took some work, but everyone’s wish came true. Essentially to remain friends. I got you guys back on the right page, and my work it done here. So let’s say a proper goodbye. Yes, with tears, but with happiness as well. The wishes worked. Now it’s time to get to work on other things.

Unexpected Tears

sorameso 11-007

Someone was having a Tenth Doctor moment…Noel….

I do have to say, I was surprised. With the gang finally able to watch the meteor shower, the night clearing up as it always does in these sorts of stories, I was expecting them to turn around, and Noel would be gone. Just like that.

sorameso 11-006

I did not expect her to feel the pang, she was the rock in all the stormy tears. But no one can remain a stoic, I guess, and she succumbed to her own tears in the end. Happiness can come with them…

Sorameso 11-byebye

…and then she’s gone…

sorameso 11-008

sorameso 11-009

And just like she said in the first few episodes. One day I’ll be gone. I have to say, there were several great moments in this one. A great deal of the animation felt spot on, with some additional movement added into the budget to give the dialog the weight it needed. Yuzuki and Souta stick out in my mind the most. I loved the alternate take on the ED, and it felt soooo much in place. But here’s were my confusion comes in. We have to more shows left. Normally we would expect one more as denouement. So it leaves me to wonder what else they have to say. In honesty, they’ve taken a lot of steps back episode to episode to take a few forward. The pacing has never felt bogged down, but it has been taking the slow route. That’s been a boon at the beginning, but endings….not so much. So I am looking forward to see where they all go next….they’ve earned that.


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17 Responses to “Sora no Method – 11”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Is that a skyshota on the right? Or is that a trappu? :3

    Speaking of shotas and trappu… shota-Kokkuri…

    • skylion says:

      Ok, I will find some way to do a series review for Kokkuri…Happy Now!?

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        I didn’t say you had to do it, just only pointing out there are cute shotas/traps/genderbenders/kotominekirei in the show. Honestly, kokkuri-san is one of the very under-rated shows this season just because it looks geared towards the fujoshi crowd with 2-1/2 male main characters. Hmm.. Make that 2 (1/2 + 1/2 + 1) 😛

        It has slick humour and nice production values. I would recommend it over raep ange. Speaking of which, apparently the plot has begun to congeal in the show. Which, if I ever recommend it, I would say, skip the first 10 episodes and read the character summaries, start at 11.

        Ayasaki Kokkuri is cute. :3

        • Highway says:

          I watched either 4 or 5 episodes of Kokkuri, and I was thoroughly bored by the repetitive unfunny ‘jokes’ and the lack of any actual plot, or even the whiff of a future plot. Given that they spent all that time just introducing characters and rehashing the same lines and conflicts, I didn’t really have a hope that they’d come up with something interesting after that.

          Cross-Ange, on the other hand, is terrific. This last episode was absolutely thrilling for me. And I’m surprised that you don’t like it, given your stated preference for shows that break down characters.

          • skylion says:

            Kokurri-san has an oddball, yet comfy setting. Having said that, I don’t know if I could recommend it.

            Cross-Ange?…what Highway said…

            • Di Gi Kazune says:


              You mean skylion is not kemo enough? 🙂

              Let’s put it this way: I have already extrapolated the possible outcomes of the show and so far what has been done does not affect any of the possible outcomes in a meaningful way. Right now its a ship just barely out of port when it should be approaching the halfway point of a journey. Then again, I’m not surprise as this is typical Sunrise Gundam-style writing which I have come to expect. The last Sunrise series which I thought was decent was Zegapain. IIRC, at this same juncture in the series, it already revealed the main plot points.

              Mind you, I’m not adverse to the analprobing raep scenes, sexual assault and general brutality, but it looks like they are using it for the *bam* effect rather than advancing the series which is a shame. In fact, I think it needs more brutality. 😀

  2. Highway says:

    I did feel like the show was bogging down, and kinda felt like they thought they have needed to stretch out, say, 2 episodes worth of material into these last 3 (10, 11, and 12). There’s a lot of rewalking the same paths, rehashing the same conflicts, redoing the same goodbyes (in this episode). I found it getting a little tedious.

    • skylion says:

      Bogging down makes me think of stuck in the mud. Like you need a team to pull the horse out. These guys are still trodding the mud. It’s slow, and has become the shows trademark. But instead of the languid well structured pace of, say Glasslip, it’s become itself…

  3. Wanderer says:

    “I will now reveal the identity of the murderer…”

    “…The viewers! Yes, the people watching the series were the ones behind it this whole time!” 😛

  4. HannoX says:

    “I will now reveal the identity of the murderer… Which one of you is the butler?”

    • skylion says:

      …reading the end of the book again, I see?

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        I… am your Father! *runs*

      • HannoX says:

        I was a big fan of Colombo. I liked knowing from the start who the murderer was and loved watching Colombo pick up on one tiny inconsistency in his story, then set about maneuvering him into revealing himself. To get the same effect from a book you have to skip to the end, then go back to the murder and read on.

  5. Namaewoinai says:

    Finally They Get Rid of that Saucer/Disk Thing and…

    Goodbye Space Girl and GOOD RIDDANCE…(lol…It Reminds me of this…girl)…maybe not! >:(

    Now…along with the 5 people who summoned the saucer, What will happened to the city, that now the saucer is gone…

    • skylion says:

      Aww….this is harsh, dude….

    • Namaewoinai says:

      Harsh?…Indeed, But for me…They Deserve it!…

      But I know what you feel about these people! They maybe funny or ridiculous. but at least i feel some sympathy for them!

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