Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 10-11

Bahamut 11-008

Let’s see what we have a brewin’!

…and we are back with Bahamut. It seemed like a natural to make this one a two-parter, as both were so fast and loose and perfectly tied in with each other. It looks like by the time we get to the end, everyone, and I mean everyone, is getting screwed. Darn demons….stupid duck….

Helheim, Land of Lies

Bahamut 10-005

…and someones history just has to repeat itself….

Putting aside the idiocy of demon-manipulated kings for a moment. We start of the adventure with Fava, Amira, and Kaiser on the path to Prudisia. But even with the idea that they can somehow change Amira’s fate, the special visit with Puff the Green Dragon has left Favaro quite uneasy. The dude is a con-man and a liar, he knows when something smells. But before he can put his nose on it, Helheim literally breaks loose, and they are well on their way to meeting the Big Bad.

But back in the Kingdom, things have looked better for Jeanne. Heck, who are we kidding, nothing ever looks right for her. She is fully betrayed, and sentenced to death by burning. That is one thing, but to add insult, the people themselves are in revolt against her execution, and the King has gone off the rocker and ordered their deaths as well. It’s too much for the Saint to manage….so…..

Bahamut 10-004

…if you can’t beat ’em…..join ’em….

That Martinet is a slippery one, as we will soon discuss in more detail. Playing on Jeanne’s final moments, he tricks her into accepting the one last out she can get. Join the Dark Side. Killing everyone you love is the benefits package, there are no cookies. But what was that slippery “demon” up to with a spot of magic juice? That seems to be a rather compelling mystery for now.

World Class Betrayal

Bahamut 10-001

This moment made me feel very very badly…..

But Beelzebub’s tricks aren’t quite done yet, as we’ve are seeing another one of Martinet’s plans come to fruition. The revelations in episode eight turn out to be the mechanization of the Lord of Lies. Nicole was never Amira’s mother in the strictest of senses, and in fact, Nicole is quite disgusted with her “daughter” on first glance. Which is a natural given that Beelzebub pretty much ripped Amira out of her in the most torturous of fashions.

Bahamut 10-007

….not that he was even thinking of a Father of the Year award…

…and all for the sake of the Transcendent Key. Well, if you’re a demon, world destruction is never far from your mind. And in the absence of Satan, it seems that the Big B is as far ahead on those thoughts as you can get. But the real player here, is Martinet. All of it comes from his evil brews. And all of it according to plan, even the odd thought that Favaro had for Amira to hug her mother, her mother would know. That scene was quite the shocker, and was made more painful by how relieved Nicole looked at the end. She had no clue what was to come next.

Bahamut 10-006

…surely this duck won’t cause her any more problems, right?

All Roads Lead to Abos

Bahamut 11-001

…oh yeah, Favaro got the demon treatment as well…

I said everyone got screwed. Well this is where it all happens. With Amira transforming in the Get the World Destroying Dragon out of Jail Card, it was all a matter of end game, wasn’t it? With Jeanne flying off for parts unknown last episode, we were left wondering what she would be getting up too. Well, Angel Slaying. Which is a shame, since they were doing level best to keep Bahamut himself from waking. Jeanne is able to make short work of her new foes, causing damage to both angel barrier and morale.

Bahamut 11-002

Jeanne: I invited you to a barbecue, and you didn’t come. Raphael: Uh, we had our hands full!

But the actions of our heroes turned demons makes me thing what is in the vile vial. It looks like it cooks up the drinker’s resentment and puts it on full boil. Jeanne surely felt some sense of being left out, as Micheal would apologize later on for not working directly with humanity. With Fava, I’m not quite so sure, but he probably resents being lead on, and as with Jeanne’s case…can’t beat ’em….

Phillips or Flathead

Bahamut 11-006

You had one job Kaiser, and it was neither falling nor killing Fava

Well, he’s been the kicking boy for the entire show, so it stands that he should continue to take the fall. Literally. Like four times this whole episode. But you have to give the lug credit, he always leads with his best and noble guess. Yeah, credit for screwing it up even more. I think Amira would have had a chance to change it all, but for Fava’s death, she looks as if she is officially resigned from all this. Poor girl has been through quite enough.

Duck’s ass….

But all it would take is a hero to pull it all under control. And bless her, our little daughter of a doctor, necromancing, alchemical genius LOLi pulls out all the stops and starts to play the Scrappy Underdog Symphony. But for a duck’s ass. A duck’s ass, folks. Holy crap. Micheal’s death is on you, poultry puss. But without derriere intervention, we wouldn’t have had the divine…

Bahamut 11-004


I guess a last ditch effort is better than none, and in the last Micheal is able to save his saint. His earthly vessel may be gone, but his spirit will live on. I hope it can do Jeanne and the world some good. Cause like I’ve been saying…

Bahamut 11-007

…everyone is screwed…

Well, next time we have the ultimate episode! We’ve seen a great deal of righty tighty, and are in some bad need of lefty loosy. Does Jeanne still have it in her to take a stand vs. all odds? Is Fava dead, and if not how does he fit in with Jeanne’s vision of being called on when needed? Why are the Descending Gods just floating around doing jack? And what was Lavelley’s deal? Finally, will Rita get her roast duck……Join us here!


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13 Responses to “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 10-11”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    This show became AOTS for me quite a while ago, and it in contention for AOTY. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait until the spectacular conclusion.

    Episode 10:

    Oh man…

    Everything’s fallen apart! Amira’s mother wasn’t technically her mother. Her memories were all fake. She was reunited with her, just for her to die. Martinet is one evil son of a gun. He’s been fooling them the whole time with the amulets. And the fact that he knows all about Favaro’s methods was extremely intelligent of him, even if he likes to chew up a ton of scenery.

    The key has finally been completed, but both Favaro and Jeanne have been turned evil thanks to Martinet’s machinations. What will happen to Kaiser? And Azazel is alive and runs into Baccus and Rita, who is trying to make a deal with with him. And now, everybody is heading to the holy land of Abos.

    Two more episodes, how are we going to fix all this?!

    Episode 11:

    Another great episode, incredible tense and I didn’t want it to be over….

    So, Lavalley was evil? Well wasn’t expecting that. Though I do have to question: Is Lavalley, Martinet? And if he is Martinet, was he Martinet that whole time? Or was there ever a knight formally known as Lavalley?And if Lavalley always was Martinet, why did he as Martinet keep going after Amira to stop her from her course? He could have easily led the knights astray, and yet, it still makes sense for him being Martinet the whole time considering the inside detail he would often get in regards to the demons movements earlier in the series. Also it would make complete sense for Martinet to be able to stay hidden among the knights as he’s human and not demon, even though he works for the demons. He’s a master of manipulation and deception, I can see him keeping the ruse up for awhile.

    As for Jeanne, I’m surprised at how powerful she was, but again, most of the angels she killed were all distracted by keeping Bahamut contained and therefore never using their full strength, or were even taken out by surprise like Raphael. Though I’m glad that Michael was able to turn her back to normal using Rita’s antidote.

    However, we are left with the ultimate ending as Amira is merged with the dragon and Bahamut is awakened. How they will end this in one episode, I have no idea, but I will be excited to see.

    Kaisar got pushed off so many cliffs and precipices that it wasn’t even funny…(yes, it was 😛 )
    Favaro looks pretty menacing when his face is entirely evil and serious. Though, his little hair “horns” were kinda cute.

    So all the gods and demons have gathered, the dragon has awakened. Our heroes are all down but not out, so next week shall be our thrilling conclusion!

    And who wants to bet that it will actually be Lucifer who takes out Beelzebub. I mean, I’m thinking the guy will show up some time.

    • skylion says:

      You know, I hadn’t ever thought of the Lavalley/Martinet connection. A martinet is a whip, a scourge, and a strict disciplinarian….., so some clues might have been there.

      Oh, goodness, I wanted, so wanted to make a Kaiser Falls section, but found it worked for me in a caption.

      Well, they got rid of Bahamut in one prologue during the premiere….Yeah, I know, it will take a good lead.

      Lucifer has been dead weight….let’s see what he does…

  2. skylion says:

    You know, I hadn’t ever thought of the Lavalley/Martinet connection. A martinet is a whip, a scourge, and a strict disciplinarian….., so some clues might have been there.

    Oh, goodness, I wanted, so wanted to make a Kaiser Falls section, but found it worked for me in a caption.

    Well, they got rid of Bahamut in one prologue during the premiere….Yeah, I know, it will take a good lead.

    Lucifer has been dead weight….let’s see what he does…

  3. belatkuro says:

    Come to think of it, have we seen Martinet and Lavalley separately? After Bacchus fought him here, he seemingly disappeared and then Lavalley appeared before Kaisar. Maybe that’s what Rita meant when she said there was no guarantee Martinet was a demon. Though what does that make him or both of them if so?

    Where have the other gods been? It was only the 4 archangels keeping Bahamut in check. They were a tad too late in preventing his revival.

    It was obvious Favaro would use the barb as a weapon but I didn’t think he would just tape it to a hilt. I thought they would have it done offscreen from a blacksmith in a town they would pass as they travel or something. That’s one tough tape to hold that in place. Would be funny if it breaks at a critical moment. The world got destroyed because of some flimsy tape holding the barb.

    And it’s only here where you’ll see the god of wine ride an inflated duck and fight a corrupted saint atop a gargoyle.
    Great stuff and I’m ready for the final episode.

    Still waiting for the full OP.

    • skylion says:

      It is a Superman/Clark Kent moment for Martinet/Lavelley. But just a moment for now (ah, I kidding around).

      IKR. Get off your duffs and fight. Unless they want to abandon the humans…

      He did it with awesome former bounty hunter knowledge…


  4. HannoX says:

    Duck roasted in olive oil sounds pretty good to me! And I’m sure Bacchus could supply an appropriate wine to accompany it.

  5. HannoX says:

    So whose potions would you rather drink, Rita’s or Sucy’s?

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Amazing how this one series always manages to be awesome. These last two episodes were epic. Now we’re at the apex of destruction. I wonder if Beelzebub is arrogant enough to believe he can control Bahamut once fully revived. That’s the biggest possibility for motive in my mind.

    Tsk, I knew it would lead to the gallows for Jeanne. Poor girl. At least Michael was able to save at last moment because I was in no mood for unpleasant historical accuracy. Though temporarily evil, she was hot in that armor. Another unlucky soul is Kaisar. Four falls total. After this, he’ll want to stay on the ground forever.

    Damn that duck for almost flushing Rita last shot in the toilet. I’d deep fry him for that as punishment but her choice of food isn’t bad either.

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