Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 05

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This scene totally reminds me of Gunbuster!

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Yuuki Yuuna! I saw thrilling because the girls are back in magical ass kicking mode thanks to that cliffhanger we got last week, but I get the feeling people are only keeping an eye on this series so they can have the last laugh and prove that it was another “Madoka” anime all along.


 Well folks, this almost feels like a series ender doesn’t it? But there are some things that point to this not being all that we are lead to believe….



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Tougou the resident badass!

Gaining a new power up mid battle is nothing new in the world of anime especially when you are dealing with fighting monsters or trying to save the universe and I remember my first experience with that theme all the way back in the day on Toonami thanks to the Freeza saga from DBZ. I can still recall that whole scene where Krillen gets blown up which triggered Goku’s anger followed by one of the coolest transformations and shortly after everything settled down we had to wait for several months to see that saga end! Damn Toonami and their repeats! Anyway that is just an example. So why bring that up? I guess we have seen these scenes play out before and the formula is quite simple, just have a main character witness a family member or best friend get killed by the main villain followed by some screaming which pushes him to unlock a new power because he or she is fueled by rage. I always call it the desperation trigger, but as far as magical girls are concerned typically death is not that triggers them to unlock a new power up, most of the time they have to meet a certain goal like I think Sakura in CCS didn’t get one till she found like ten or twenty something cards? Besides example that I know the Precure universe uses themes like courage, love, strength, kindness, hope and so on, so what is Yuuki Yunna using? It looked like they used the desperation trigger and strength to continue fighting? Either way after the demons fused we could see it written all over their faces because they probably thought that this last battle might result in the earth being blown up if they don’t do something drastic and thus they all managed to summon that higher power to win! Yeah that was epic and AMAZNG, but I get the feeling most fans will complain about it being pulled out of nowhere because they never mentioned that the girls could so something like that before and I guess it is nothing new to me since I have seen countless magical girl themed anime; however watching that whole scene unfold part of me did assume the girls were sacrificing themselves to tap into that hidden power because we all know by now that this series has made several jokes about the possibility of deaths happening every other week.


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Teamwork yo!!

That was one tremendous battle. The remaining seven Vertexes went all Zerg Rush in what might have been a desperate plan on their part. Or a blitzkrieg, with confidence in numbers. Either way, though the going was quite tough, the Hero Club managed to clean house in short order. I very much loved how Itsuki tipped the scales during the battle, zeroing in on the evil bell and shutting it down with some true grit. I’ve been wanting to see her shine in battle since all of those darn death cards she turned over last episode. But the true turning point in the battle was what Fuu called a trump card, or as Karin put it, the Mankai (Full Bloom). Yes, Magical Girl power up! Everyone got in on the act, and that was quite fun to see the show play around with a pretty standard actioner trope. But then, an enemy that can combine is quite standard in tropes as well. Domination from space is something new to me though! Wow. That was an intense scene! As it came half way into the show, I thought it’s attack would be a serious act break that would see both Yuki and Mimori beat down hard. But Yuki’s two fisted Mankai transformation punch some serious ass.  “You’re likely to succeed if you try!”


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Do it girl~

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End thoughts

That was a great nonstop ride of OMG POWER UP and KICKING MONSTER ASS which I absolutely loved because if there is anything to take from the magical girl genre the battles are usually AMAZING! While the battle in the episode was great I will still say Precure battles are far more enjoyable for me on a personal level; however it was kind of interesting to see the weapons the girls used go from normal size to OH MY GOD in matter of moments like Yuuna’s giant fists, Tougou’s magical flying tank and Fuu’s massive sword! So who had the best power up for you? Well, it looks like the Hero Club just killed the Final Boss. So, what will happen the rest of the series. Well, my imagination runs a bit wild. Something tells me that this final wave was just a set up for bigger things to come. Maybe the Vertex are collecting data on the Hero club and will use this defeat to stage a larger, stranger assault. Or what if there are really more than twelve? The world of Shinju-sama has a ton of unrevealed information. Oh, my imagination can run quite dark with these things in mind….


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13 Responses to “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 05”

  1. Wanderer says:

    but I get the feeling most fans will complain about it being pulled out of nowhere because they never mentioned that the girls could so something like that before

    …Yes they did. Karin mentioned it specifically in her intro-episode. It’s also in the instructions for their Hero app… which Yuuna apparently never read.

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    Well, They may celebrate for that after they achieve for beating all the 12 of it…still the real challenge is about to begin real soon, I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!

    Now for another Joke Stuff here, I was thinking of something like uh…

    A DragonHybrid Thing coming out of nowhere and well you know…devours anyone!

    • skylion says:

      Remember…Dragon is actually DRAGON…an acronym!

      • Namaewoinai says:

        Oh yes…actually i mean…

        DRAGON-Vertex Hybrid!

        and Forgive me for give you a bad links anyways!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh for sure! I think the real threat will come next because for all twelve to be defeated seems a bit crazy when we are only halfway through the series.


  3. belatkuro says:

    Wait, so they were okay when going outside the atmosphere and fighting in space for periods of time but they were worried about atmospheric reentry? Does not compute. Or should I just chalk it up to magic.

    • skylion says:

      Chalk it up to drama…

    • Highway says:

      Actually, I thought it was an OK distinction. Reentry requires giving up a LOT of energy. And they didn’t have a known mechanism for doing that. And even after they survived the heating, they still had way too much energy, which took Itsuki pretty much everything she had left to dissipate.

      That’s a much different thing from being in space, magically. 🙂

      • HannoX says:

        Yes. While a spacesuit will protect you from space, it won’t protect you if that’s all you have during re-entry. By the same token magic that protects you from space won’t protect you during re-entry. That requires a whole other level of higher magic, including the Magic of Friendship (trademarked all magical girl animes).

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    Tougou Mankai…her power is over 9000

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