Amagi Brilliant Park 07-08

Amagi Brilliant Park-Pirate Sento

“Saa, Kaizoku no Jikan Da!”

spring14-highwGetting ready for a long weekend and holiday here in the US! Anyone doing anything fun? I am: sitting home and having a nice relaxing weekend – no family or shopping for me. But first let’s catch up to Amagi Brilliant Park.


Amagi Brilliant Park-Tiramie you traitor

Typical of Tiramie

I didn’t have a post last week because pirates stole it. Honest. Ok, not really. Instead, it was a one-off story about pirates, coinciding with the opening of the Splash Ocean water park portion of Amagi Brilliant Park. It looked like people were having enough fun, but to be honest it looked like a pretty boring water park. That is, until the unwanted invaders from Maple Land show up: The pirate Ironbeard and his gang. They steal the show from the play pirates of Izusu and the four Elementarios, who were about the world’s stiffest pirates (but Isuzu’s pirate outfit wasn’t displeasing, that’s for sure).

Amagi Brilliant Park-Jaws and Shiina

Jaws and Shiina, best pair

I liked how they wove in all the new girls from Isuzu’s dream, with Biino as the ice cream vendor and Shiina as the girl assigned to stick with Jaws and not let him near the guests. And of course, Eiko as the translator for all the non-speaking characters. Was she just making things up? Or can she really understand everyone? Either way is funny. Jaws was a pretty good one-off character as well, with his changing appearance when he gets wet from a cute shark to.. well… Jaws. But other than a fun time, there really wasn’t much in the way of story advancement in this episode. Pretty much wacky hijinks and a lucky win on the part of the park characters, given the weakness of Ironbeard and his crew of seals.

Filling In on a Sick Day

Amagi Brilliant Park-goofballs

These two have all the maturity of a toddler

Episode 8 was another one-off story for the most part, with Seiya getting a Standard Anime Cold From Overwork, and of course an eye-rolly way to prevent him from getting anymore absences: Meat Suits like the Diggery were wearing a few episodes ago. They can make anyone look like anyone else…with a giant zipper pull sticking out of their head. So we get the usual characters rotating through a few days in Seiya’s life, all the while wreaking havoc in poor Kanae Tsuchida’s love life.

Amagi Brilliant Park-kinishinaide

Once again, Shiina is more than just a passing character

At least Isuzu tried to impersonate Seiya in her turn, although it turned out being only the best parts of him, which I found insightful into the way that Isuzu sees Seiya. As for the three stooges, Macaron uses it to try to relive the glory of his long lost school tough days, Tiramie tries to snuggle up to some high school girls, and Moffle just wants to get out of there. Moffle does let a little bit slip about his relationship to Latifa, tho, telling the “hypothetical” story of the girl you love marrying the man you’ve hated, and then having to care for their daughter. And it also brings Isuzu’s inability to come to grips with her feelings for Seiya, as she clouds up again seeing him interact so naturally with Latifa. Maybe she’ll someday be able to tell him how she feels?


This show is following that somewhat annoying pattern of KyoAni shows that just don’t really have enough plot to last a whole cour, so they fill in 1/3 of the season with one-off and filler shows. And unfortunately, they don’t seem to be very good at mixing in the filler with overall plot advancement, it’s either one or the other. In addition, with 8 episodes down and 5 to go, they’ve barely made any progress toward the overall goal of getting the attendance up. Now they’re in early July and need 152k people, and the groundwork that the show was laying earlier for a steady ramp up has now fizzled with hardly any improvement, and stalling in the plot. At this point, the show’s going to have to pull out something that will be fairly unbelievable, rather than something just improbable, to pull off the ‘win’.


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15 Responses to “Amagi Brilliant Park 07-08”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    They are trying to be Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag!

    Or at least Pirates of the Carribean…

    Honestly, if you don’t have material for a full season, do what Priya and Mondaiji did: stop at 10.

  2. bobob101 says:

    The ability to pull something out of their ass is the whole thing this show is based on. I’d almost be disappointed if they did something else.

    • Highway says:

      While so far the show has been about Seiya making passable lemonade from all the lemons thrown at them, I would have hoped they would make a little more progress towards their goal. I mean, they’ve been such little progress, and the time keeps dropping: If they instantly transformed starting from this day in episode 8, they would need to go from 500-600 guests per day to over 5000. If the show delays it another 10 days, that jumps to 10,000 per day. And every day after that, the average for the remaining days increases by 50-100%.

      We’ll see how it ends up, but my speculation is that it would be more believable if they needed to get 25,000 on the last day after averaging 5000 for a month, rather than having to get 130,000 on the last day after averaging 500 per day for 2 months.

      • skylion says:

        So…ask. Is the stated goal actually the goal?

        • Highway says:

          That’s certainly a question, but I think I’d also be a little dissatisfied if the show turns into a political gotcha. Like, say, the existence of a permanent deed that supersedes the agreement with the city so that they can’t shut it down. Or the revelation of dirty pool and shenanigans on the part of that city development dude we’ve seen a couple times that gets them out of having to actually succeed.

          I do think that a lot of it will hinge on the stadium, since that is a large number of people (let’s estimate 50,000) that would be counted at once.

          • skylion says:

            Given the value of said lemonade making, I was gonna go with all the shenanigans you mentioned above. But I actually did forget about that stadium. I wonder if the team can play ball? Mapleball?

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        I try not to even understand anime maths logic.

  3. JPNIgor says:

    Wait, what? I didn’t understand, was that Seiya using a disguise of himself there? For what purpose again?

    • Highway says:

      Seiya used a disguise of Kamina, to bail out Moffle who was in a Seiya disguise. This was after Macaron and Tiramie had already damaged Seiya’s reputation (and didn’t report it out of embarrassment or other reasons).

      I do think it’s amusing how Shiina, who would seem to be the last person you’d think could handle it, is able to adjust to all the weirdness of Amagi Brilliant Park. Hanging out with Jaws, magical gates to a magical land, meat suits that make a person be another person, she just takes it all seemingly in stride after some initial shock. I really like what they’ve done with her character.

  4. HannoX says:

    Bodacious Park Pirates–I mean Amagi #7–Given that the pirate crew were fur seals, I’m surprised someone wasn’t clubbing them over the head. Sick humor, I know, but it would have been “I can’t believe they did that!” funny.

    Last night I started watching Full Metal Panic again. Kana has a stuffed animal that I’ll swear is an almost exact double for Moffle. The resemblance is too close to be a coincidence.

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