Amagi Brilliant Park – 06

Amagi Brilliant Park-She can smile

Isuzu *can* have a nice smile

spring14-highwAlmost caught up now! Too bad the WoW Expansion comes out today…

A Rough Day for Isuzu

Amagi Brilliant Park-Can't even bring herself to say it to a classmate

This is what I looked like last week… well, no. I wish.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this episode, which was mostly just doing stuff, without real lasting impact (and unlike Sumairii, when I say there’s not a lot to say, I don’t go on and say a lot). So on top of her doubts about her performance that she always has, and her wistful thoughts of Seiya, this time Macaron slips one of those things we saw at the end of the last episode into her food, which turns out to be a “heartsleeve fruit”, something that compels you to speak your mind much more freely. Their motives for them turn out to be less nefarious than it seemed, as Macaron wanted to use them to find out what his daughter thinks for real, to use in a custody case. That doesn’t stop those two from wanting to take advantage of Isuzu being under the influence, tho.

Amagi Brilliant Park-Don't pawn it off on me

Having a little argument

At least that thought is quickly squashed, or maybe more accurate to say “blowed up”. Isuzu’s still got problems tho, since she has to be with Seiya for the interviews, and the people that she saw in her dream (stealing Seiya from her) even show up. Unfortunately, they’re some of the best of the lot, even stabbed. Isuzu even manages to not spill her feelings for Seiya, although it’s a close run thing. One thing I notice about this show, again in this episode, is that KyoAni is putting in what feels like a lot more casual fanservicey things, at least for them. Things like watching Isuzu in the bath and puting on her clothes in this episode (and I don’t really know if any women put on their stockings before their panties. That seems a bit backwards). It really feels different from most of their overly moe shows that they’ve been doing recently (there definitely weren’t any scenes of Rikka putting on stockings).

Amagi Brilliant Park-Bathtime

KyoAni-style fanservice

Amagi Brilliant Park-Sylphy not a total airhead

Bonus Pic: I liked that Sylphy was given some competence here, not just the total space cadet


While not a lot happened this episode, it was pretty funny, if mostly for everyone’s reaction to Eiko-san’s application. I wonder if she was misleading about “AV” (adult video) on purpose, and it really did throw Tiramie and Tricen off, not that Tiramie minded the results. I’m starting to wonder about Seiya’s personality, tho. It’s so uneven, that I really think he’s using the ‘air of superiority’ to throw off any questions or doubts when he doesn’t have anything else to say. Plus he’s so haphazard with hearing things and not hearing things, it feels like his ears either only work when the plot says they do, which is pretty poor storytelling, or he’s actually hearing things and not acknowledging the things he doesn’t want to hear. That might work itself out later, but for now, the character seems too plot-convenient for me to really buy in to.


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7 Responses to “Amagi Brilliant Park – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    Given what you know of the Japanese language, is “heartsleeve” a literal translation or is it something that Vivid created? I find it to be a great term regardless….

    • HannoX says:

      I wonder if it’s more the English phrase of “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” Which is a phrase the Japanese might be familiar with from their school English language lessons. So it could be from English to Japanese back to English. Or there could be a Japanese term that got translated to heartsleeve by someone familiar with the English phrase who thought that the closest equivalent.

      • Highway says:

        There is a *lot* of Japanese idiom that is very similar to a direct translation of English at this point. They use terms like “fall in love” and “slam the door”, and other generalized terms that aren’t necessarily obvious. It’s almost impossible to know the sourcing, but languages share all the time.

        • HannoX says:

          I know languages borrow all the time. There are Japanese words that are used and understood by English speakers, kamikaze for one, although it’s not used in the original Japanese sense of ‘Divine Wind.’ It’s that fact of borrowing and because heartsleeve is so close to ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ that I think that phrase is where heartsleeve was derived from. The question remains is that term in the original Japanese or was that a translator’s choice of an idiom that would be close to the actual Japanese idiom?

    • Highway says:

      I honestly have no idea. They only mentioned the term once, and I have trouble understanding Macaron and Tiramie to begin with.

  2. HannoX says:

    When I heard AV I thought audio-visual and thought she made training videos for companies. It actually took me several seconds and their reactions to realize they thought it meant adult videos. I guess my mind’s not in the gutter all the time.

    Regarding KyoAni’s foray into fan service, let’s not forget that shot of Isuzu’s ass at the end of Episode 1. And while the naughty bits are covered, the four fairies are nude during the ED.

    I know Amagi Brilliant Park is desperate for new employees, but you’d think they might be a little bit more discriminating in who they hire.

    • Highway says:

      That was who they had to choose from. You need people, you take what you can get. In general, it’s not like they got people who are completely unreliable, just weirdos. And weirdos would fit right in with the crew they have.

      Overall, I just find this show to be a little bit more sensual than the other offerings we’ve had from KyoAni. Well, what am I saying: Most of their other stuff is so chaste that you think everyone’s a eunuch.

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