Amagi Brilliant Park – 05

Amagi Brilliant Park-Bobsled


spring14-highwIt’s a treasure hunt! The things you do when you’re broke.


Outta Money

Amagi Brilliant Park-shning

They almost lost their heads…

Well, we knew that was going to happen. Unfortunately, Kanie’s 30 yen promotion just isn’t bringing in the people, and cash flow has dropped to the floor. So now they don’t have any way to pay people, or pay the other bills of the park. We know that the Maple Land Bank has been floating the park for a while, but maybe they just aren’t able to come up with that much cash on short notice. But whatever, the cast members aren’t getting paid. This might not have too much effect on the Maple Landers, with Macaron and Tiramie more worried about being able to gamble and carouse, but there are normal humans who also work for the park, and they wouldn’t be getting paid either. So now they have to come up with new ideas.

Amagi Brilliant Park-Dornell

They actually do find Dornell, who is not an interesting character (at least not yet)

Of course, if you’re Macaron and Tiramie, the answer is gambling and carousing. And who knows what that is that Isuzu’s recommending. But of course they don’t have any ideas. If anyone actually had any ideas they could use, they could have used those before. The best idea they can come up with is Dornell’s Cave: a supposedly treasure-filled cave that a former cast member Dornell was lost in. This is in the other part of the park, the abandoned sports park with the giant stadium. They have all this land and a giant stadium? No wonder they have no cash. If you have a big asset like a stadium, you try to use it, although by letting it sit abandoned they haven’t really had to pay upkeep, and promoting events is a hit or miss proposition. That’s a big venue to try to fill.

Comedy Hour

Amagi Brilliant Park-Sentoooooo!


This episode was more comedy than the previous ones, especially the intrepid group’s descent into the cave. A lot of the gags here worked well, like Isuzu’s texts back and forth with Muse, Tiramie’s desperation to keep going, the Indiana Jones retread traps, the sketchy weapons, and the culminating joke of ignoring Macaron’s loss after Sento falls in the hole. We also had the best series of Sylphy this time, recreating her favorite winter olympic sliding events on rolling desk chairs. All in all a really good sequence in the A segment.

Amagi Brilliant Park-It's murderin' time

Time for a fight

Unfortunately it lost a bit of steam in the B segment, after finding Dornell and his otaku stash. I wonder what the justification was for the park seizing his stuff and selling it off to make payroll? Maybe that he was getting paid for 10 years without working (he did admit that he just didn’t want to let anyone know). The part with the Diggery was better, in that the park did them a good favor by letting them hide out. And I thought Ruby was played very well by Jouji Nakata (I thought the voice matched the character very well here. He really is a great actor, I just think that Kirei Kotomine’s voice doesn’t match the face). And now the park has quite the engineering staff. And a dragon. I don’t know what they’ll do with a dragon.

Amagi Brilliant Park-Angry Dragon Amagi Brilliant Park-Happy Dragon

Which dragon would you prefer?


I thought I got a better handle on some of the secondary characters here, like Macaron and Tiramie. They aren’t the worst guys, although that scene at the end sure doesn’t make them look like good guys. I do think that Macaron’s perma-smile when he’s just walking around makes him look a lot funnier. The park still has the same problems tho: no money, and no guests. And nothing Kanie’s tried so far has gotten him much closer to the needed attendance. He was looking pretty wistfully over at that stadium. I guess if they could get 30,000 people each in for an event or two there, that would really bump up the attendance, but that’s a pretty big ask.


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11 Responses to “Amagi Brilliant Park – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    I prefer the friendly Ruby, but would not mind seeing the Attraction version of him now and again.

    To me, Dornell was an odd insert character. Just didn’t feel like he belonged in there.

    But, all in all, I don’t think this show is going to be about success; at least not the success the characters want or need.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Kotomine says they need to win the Holy Grail to solve the Park’s problems. 😀

    Seriously, this is Theme Park managed horribly wrong. Suggestion: turn it into a Love Park with funky Love Hotels.

  3. bobob101 says:

    Was it just me, or dig those Diggery guys look just like Buta from Gurren Laggan?

  4. zztop says:

    Have some Seiya manservice:

    Isuzu rides the bucking Moffle:

  5. Ansatsushi says:

    I can understand Macaron’s situation,
    but about Tiramie’s ears…
    (Didn’t Sento say that the mascots of the park were not wearing costumes? Unless, their entity is more along the lines of a soul within an artificial body [say like Alphonse’s case from FMA])

    • Highway says:

      No, that’s what they look like. There was a cute throwaway joke in the first episode when Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramie went to the izakaya and took their shoes off… which looked exactly like their feet.

  6. zztop says:

    LN readers say the anime is mostly following the visitor quota plot from vol 1, with elements mixed from other volumes(the 4 fairies were only introduced in a later volume).

    Most of the main LN plot and character revelations has been put aside, since Gatoh Shoji always intended to write a more slice of life story on park management.

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