Sora no Method – 03

Sora no Method 03- friends

Simpler times?

So selective memory, amnesia, or just growing up. Sorameso looks like they want to suggest all the possibilities before moving on.


Where Memories Live

Sora no Method 03-abstract 02

This town, loves abstract art

I think there is something very frank and telling about opening the show with Shione, living alone, in another city, in a very plain room. It’s not afraid to handle some hard to like characters, and this girl is living up to that. Beside her obvious hate issues with our main character, she displays frankness in her own right, probably dislikes complications, and has no problem being alone, wrapping herself up in her own world. We are invited front and center to dislike her from the start, or at least have a hard time appreciating what her character brings to the story. I’m having a hard time justifying the character, and characterization, as it seems way to harsh in the setting. Yuzuki reveals that there is enough lingering anger to go around, and though she refuses to believe this Nonoka is the Nonoka from the past; one that has supposedly caused much hurt. So she should be enough to operate this particular angle.

Sora no Method 03- Shione v Nonoka


But as the story starts to reveal a bit more of itself, Shione does appear to be needed. Where both Souta and Kohuna appear neutral to the issue with the Saucer and with Nonoka, Yuzuki can shift on a dime. So whatever the past holds, we can be sure there will be one person that is unforgiving to the greatest degree. Why this is necessary is another matter, and one only explored this episode in the most fleeting of moments, hard, abrupt, moments to be sure, but their brevity hit the right notes. I cannot believe that they would bear a fellow child a grudge for moving away, they had to acknowledge that it was beyond her control at some point in the past seven years. So, the big why is hanging there. both as metaphor and as literal devices.

Sora no Method - 03- noel twirl

The Saucer Book

Sora no Method 03- Saucer, teacup

Klattu, Barada, LOLi

They dropped that in didn’t they. “Just like it said in the saucer book”. Oh, is this some forbidden tome? Is Lake Kiriya part of Lovecraft country? Does the wishing process require the tears and forlorn hopes of children as fuel? Is Noel here to destroy the world and dance on it’s ashes? Maybe. No. Maybe? Probably not…But I do wonder how long the other’s can remain mad at the Saucer now? Again the show is dealing with “rests” rather than “notes” to a greater degree. Or is this some sort of trade in memories; which is an odd duck. We build a great deal of our personalities on how and why we remember certain events. Heck, look at some legal proceedings, where “as I recall” carries a great deal of weight. We convict criminals on testimony given out of memories. We assume the process is automatic, but the recall reveals a fragile, sometimes biased, and to a person, oddly sorted process.

Sora no Method 03- render fail

So where is the fault? CR…my computer?

Let’s not forget we are dealing with children. In the face of answering some of the questions the show develops, we have to keep that in mind. At age seven your brain is still growing and sorting things out. Heck, major parts of the brain are still making you an emphatic, sympathetic person at that point. At thirteen, hormones kick in and can make you edgy, mean, and irritable. So, in short, I don’t think we are really dealing with stolen memories on Nonoka’s part. Nothing so esoteric. She’s just going into that fragile sorting process we all go through.

In many ways, I’m probably going out on a limb about memory. But that’s the way I explore the tree. I like shows that make me think about how and why they tell the story they tell. I could even be dead wrong. I don’t mind that so much either, as that could potentially keep me guessing. Regardless of limbs and wrongs, I enjoy how the show has been engaging me to this point, and am eager to discover much more about the setting and the characters. So, what limb are you going out on?

Sora no Method 03-Shione

So, you reveal yourself at long last Saucer LOLi…your power shall me MINE!


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    *whispers* Celestial Method….

  2. Overcooled says:

    I’m having a hard time liking Shione as well, but agree she’s definitely an important girl to get the ball rolling. How else will everyone move forward if no one ever reminds them? Sometimes you need a girl who isn’t afraid to slap someone.

    Memories are so so fragile…It’s no wonder Nonoka doesn’t remember much about what happened. But soon it’ll all come back to her and I’m excited to see what happens as it slowly comes back to her. Oh, and that reveal that Noel is the saucer. That’s a pretty steep cliffhanger right there!

  3. PrimeHector says:

    Best loli saucer ever.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I just noticed on the banner: skylion is secretly a LOLi!

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