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Angry yet determined…

Welcome back to Unusually Uninteresting Sight, the Anime! The Saucer gets talked about a great deal this week, and little of it is positive.



Sora no Method 02-01

…drinks like a sailor?

I have to admire Yuzuki Mizusaka’s drive and determination. No amount of embarrassment is going to hold her back. But I do wonder what no lack of support will bring her. At the outset, her ambition, to rid the town of the saucer seems so completely air-headed, you don’t even wonder why Aki Toyosaki voices her. In other shows, she would be more forthcoming about why she is so driven. But let’s dial that back, a bit. Rid the town of the saucer. I know we have taken to calling it by the Trope name, and for most it’s an additional touristy bit for an area that seems to have plenty to offer anyway. If I’m correct that the town is modeled after Touya, Hokkaido. Nice place to hold a G8 conference! But for the residents, I’m assuming that it’s just part of the fixtures.

Sora no Method 02-02

This reminds me of a bit from Father Ted…but just a bit…

And what did I say about embarrassment? Oh, Nonoka, what have you gotten into, lass? From picketing, to doing a alien “Take me to your leader” reversal, Yuzuki is no stranger to taking things the hard way. At some point, you have to wonder what all the effort is for. Soon, after being chased from the scene…always have a Plan B. We get to see a tiny side of what some of this is all about. It’s brief, it’s quiet, and you see nothing of the character’s face as she say’s it, but “I know how she feels” spoke a great deal in terms of emotion. So whatever it was about this town that Yuzuki has such feeling for, moments in the past, it’s shared on some level with Koharu.

Sora no Method 02-03

She has a soft spot for fireworks, I see…

At this point, can I be forgiven for seeing something of a youthful love triangle? It is proably something else, as not all shows have to have an incest theme, and I hope that it is something else. But, Yuzuki does dwell on her past memories she shares with her brother, Souta. Some of them sweet, and some very bitter as she cannot even seem to share the same room with him for long. Are there, or were there feelings that Souta has for Koharu? That she has for him? Did Yuzuki object? And has the saucer become a scapegoat for all this? They are playing the cards very close to the vest in these characterizations. It’s almost like they want to tell the story in the “rests” and not the “notes”…

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At the outset, Yuzuki is upset about the Saucer and how it’s made the annual fireworks go away. When asked point blank about this, she even says it’s not that important. So we get to scratch the surface, and find it really is about more than that. As I said for the First Impression, with no real explanation about the Saucer, we can find that it inhabits the realm of metaphor, and for this episode, it’s change. A healthy, crazy part of life, and espcially so for an adolescent. We may have questions about Yuzuki’s true agenda, but mine is why Nonoka is willing to buy into them. Does she really want the Saucer to go away? For what reason? Does it have to do with the promise she made to her Mum? The space between her flashback and seeing Noel again was one hell of a pause. Is she keeping this promise? But, even more tantalizing is Noel’s response to the idea…the Saucer will go way sooner rather than later….Or is she refering to something else? Ah, Sound and Thunder!

Sora no Method 02-06

She may not hear much, but I think she see’s quite a bit….Next Week!



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6 Responses to “Sora no Method – 02”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    She likes fireworks eh… then she would like my nuclear fireworks! U-235 or Pu-239 options available. 😀

    • skylion says:

      There is such a thing as acceptable scale.

      Oh, forgot to mention, now that I am here. Noel got picked as a kind Eiro Towa LOLi clone back during the first episode. Interesting that this episode has a hand pumped rocket…

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Nature’s own umbrella

    This scene made me remember Morita messing with Hagu in Honey and Clover…

    I’m not really fond of Yuzuki. Everything starts to change and she can’t stand it so she blames the saucer. And even if the saucer comes to have any blame at all, change is not a bad thing, at least from my point of view. If she can’t anything but bad things in changes than she is the kind of character I don’t like.

    Glad the animation is still pretty good. Can’t wait for the next.

    • skylion says:

      I think they’ve set her up rather well. She is on full court press for being pushy, but I don’t think she crosses the line into unpleasant. She has that much self-awareness. And she’s 13-14. This is prime territory for acting out against the world.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Yuzuki is an interesting girl and outside of Noel I guess she is Nonoka’s first friend? I mean I know she was friends with all of the main kids at one time, but now she has to rebuild those friendships again.

    TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER that line was so good and it fits! So I guess we can assume that Noel is an alien and not a ghost? I still have to wonder about those “wishes” she is able to grant and I hope Nonoka does not go the FMA route of wanting to bring her mom back to life…that said I don’t think that will happen…

    Good episode overall <3

    • skylion says:

      This is early days for the show, so I’m looking at the Saucer and the Wishes to be plot movers more than anything else; not something to strive towards, rather the place they stride on. Plot points like that need to be treated like characters, revealing bits and pieces along the way.

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