Happy Halloween!



Hello folks and Happy Halloween! Even if you are not planning to go trick or treating outside, you can always do some guessing, while sitting in the comfort of your abode. On this event, we have a small quiz for all our readers to keep things entertaining. Post your guesses on who’s who in terms of anime characters the Meta team members selected for the above art, drawn by Fosh. You can click the image to see the larger version for details.

And like any other special post, our Team has some special messages ahead!


Happy Halloween! If you don’t celebrate Halloween, then uhh… Happy day! Anyway, I would just like to take this moment to thank all of our readers for your continued patronage. It’s always amazing to think that there are people out there willing to spend their time reading, listening to, and more recently watching our ramblings on anime and manga. Now, I know we don’t do manga posts too regularly (my own attempt to spearhead a movement over Summer fell through once school started), but we might just have a some posts up our sleeves to remedy the situation in the short term. *wink* As for anime though, we’ve got you covered, with perhaps even a few more shows joining our regular coverage once we sort out the logistics. So stay tuned to Metanorn for more thoughts and discussion on the Fall season!
Happy Halloween Metanorn readers! To those that get all dressed up to out to go parting or getting candy with your younger siblings I hope you get a mountain of candy that will last you a few weeks and to those that stay at home and watch spooky scary movies I hope you have a great time! Personally I don’t do horror movies not because I am scared I just find them to be kinda boring, but anyway I wanted to do a special Halloween drawing for the Metanorn team! If you can guess the characters you win a high five <3
Happy Halloween everyone! I really wish I could use this holiday to cosplay, but then no one would know what the hell I am. Ah well, there’s candy and some sort of costume involved, so not all is lost. I don’t know about you, but I love using this as an opportunity to buy spooky-themed EVERYTHING and just have a good time. I hope you do too, readers. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit us here at Metanorn all year ’round whether even though you’re probably busy with school, work, and whatever else life throws at you. I love chatting with you guys. You’re wonderful! So we’ll give you all the candy you want~
Happy Halloween! I hope you’re enjoying all the Christmas decorations at your local Target or whatever arts & crafts store that knows Christmas is where the money’s at. Holidays… more like commercials, amirite? All that nonsense aside, I remember dressing up as Link and a Ninja Turtle many years ago, those were my most favorite costumes. Enjoy some treats and drinks and have a better than fun-sized halloween!
Dear Ernest Readers: Wishing you a safe and happy All Hallow’s Eve. I hope your witches are cute, and your goblins as well. Your ghosts may have feet, or may not. But that creepy thing that lives under your stairs has to go. You didn’t know about the creepy thing? Oh, Well. I still wish you the best….
It’s finally that time of year again~. Happy Halloween to all of you readers out there! I don’t know about you guys, but since I’m not really doing anything costume-wise, I’m just going to use the holiday as an excuse to buy large amounts of candy without fear of judgemental stares. As per every year. Though, uh, hopefully everyone remembers to brush their teeth afterwards. Root canals are terrible, terrible things. OTL For the moment though, I hope everyone enjoys Metanorn’s Halloween posts, and thanks as always for reading~!
I was surprised when Suma told me that Halloween is at the end of October. I always thought that it’s in October 11, teheh. Yeah, very few people (excluding me) celebrate this occasion in my place, so I didn’t expect such grandiose celebration everywhere including Meta. That’s why I’ll never remember the date for Halloween. I guess this is a first memorable Halloween celebration, for me? And since this here in Metanorn is probably the only time where I can celebrate it, I’m going to say Happy Halloween and dress up as crazy as possible because that’s the only time where people won’t complain about you cosplaying in a non-con occasion!
Happy Halloween everyone! While it’s not my favorite holiday (actually, it’s probably my least favorite, you guys know how much I dislike scary stuff), I hope everyone has fun and stays out of trouble. Enjoy the day, and if you MUST summon demons from other dimensions, make sure you know how to keep them under control!
Happy Halloween everyone! Hopefully you’re all gearing up for some serious Halloween fun with awesome costumes and parties and the like, or planning for a simple scary movie marathon (with a ton of candy of course) like I am. And if you don’t celebrate Halloween, hopefully you have a fun, stress-free night in general! It’s Friday; we all gotta celebrate the end of the week somehow, holiday or not. Anyway, aside from the hopeful Halloween fun wishes, thanks you as always dear readers for joining us here at Metanorn, commenting and checking out our always awesome posts and podcasts~ It’s truly amazing how we can all come together like this in our strange love for anime and manga and rave, criticize, rant about our favorite, and non-favorite, shows. Hopefully we can continue on with this fun for as long as we can~!
Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m about half my life removed from trick or treating age, but I wonder if any of our readers are young enough to still go trick or treating. If you are, have fun out there! And remember, all those urban myths about Halloween really are myths; stay safe, but rest easy knowing that tonight is about as safe for you as any other night of the year. Maybe that’s counterproductive to getting into the horror mood, but hey, them’s the breaks.
Happy Halloween readers! Id’ like to first thank Fosh, who painstakingly drew the whole team. It’s not easy to do so but his work paid off and we virtually cosplayed some very interesting costumes. Mine comes from Haruhi of course and and do notice that knife and such… Teehee! I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Metanorn Team, who are awesome and same to our regulars, who make aniblogging worthwhile! We wouldn’t be inching towards 7th year if it wasn’t for the community of our regulars and lurkers. S0, thank you for sticking around and keep having fun with us as there are some scary posts coming through!

Free! Halloween ender



We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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31 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Vampires are #1! 500 year and 495 year old little girls that look underaged are completely legal!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Vampires are #1!

      !!! Words have never been more true! “bro fist!”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Vampires are quite cool but I prefer the Hellsing types <3

      • BlackBriar says:

        Alucard and Seras Victoria for the win!!

      • Kyokai says:


        Hate the Twilight type, with stupid sparkles on their skin under the sun… >>;

        • skylion says:

          My favorite vampire sparkles in a completely different way!

          • HannoX says:

            You should love the vampire from Let the Right One In. Or the one from the Let Me In remake. Now those were real vampires for all their looking like 12 year-old girls.

            • skylion says:

              I read the translation of the book, and it’s far better as they treated the main vampire as androgynous. In both films it was female, but the original kept it a bit more honest. I thought the remake was unnecessary.

            • BlackBriar says:

              I’ve seen both of them because I have them on DVD. They were both great movies showcasing a sweet and endearing human x vampire relationship. Even if the American version Let Me In harbors some differences from the original Let The Right One In, as whole, it was well done.

            • HannoX says:

              I’ve also seen both movies and prefer the original, which I have on DVD, though the remake is good. Never read the book.

        • BlackBriar says:

          The only one I found closest to the real thing in that franchise was Dakota Fanning’s character Jane. She was creepy as hell.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          Anne Rice vampires are angsty yet believable. Sad the loli vampire got sunned. 🙁

    • skylion says:

      My strike zone is between 4 and 5…hundreds, that is. Any more than that, and they’re just old droopy hags.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Happy Halloween to everybody!!! My family and I don’t celebrate Halloween but I personally always get a thrill with the time period that allows the showing of supernatural creatures going about doing their thing. Going bump in the night. I do still buy and watch whatever related shows that pique my interest.

    Now I’m curious. Who likes what monster?

    So I’m to expect a number of Halloween related posts in one day? I say to that: Yes!! Bring it on!!

  3. Kyokai says:

    What about your guesses on which writer is depicted in Fosh’s picture. Me as Shiki is easy, but can our faithful readers/lurkers, guess about others?

    • BlackBriar says:

      Well, you’ve already revealed yourself. skylion is obviously Shinobu dressed as Captain America, Jrow is the pirate, Fosh is Squid Girl in the Iron Man armor. I don’t have a clue about the others yet.

  4. Joojoobees says:

    Happy Halloween, everybody.

    I spent the night out on the front steps passing out candy to the neighborhood hob-goblins. I hope you had fun, too!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Happy Halloween!

      Hob-goblins… Would any one of them happen to be riding a glider and carrying pumpkin bombs? 😀

  5. Namika says:

    I’m late, but Happy Halloween everyone <3

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