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Sometimes all you need is hope.

spring14-kyo It’s another’s season end and yet another finish line for a series. This was closest to my heart from Summer as there are not enough Psychological Thrillers out there to this caliber. I highly enjoyed my run through this anime, even with its faults and execution chinks. Nothing is perfect in this world and everyone has some flaw or the other, same went for our young terrorists Nine and Twelve. I guess that is what made them more appealing to me. Spoiler alert for people who still haven’t watched the finale as I’ll be talking about all important events.

Athena Plan

Zankyou no Terror 11-00014Zankyou no Terror 11-00114

As previously highlighted, the addition of Five basically made the story move faster towards its respective resolution. Of course, this is more than a few teenagers playing chess rather a complex game of hide and seek revolving around an issue that few governmental officials thought was long buried. Props to Shibazaki and his curious streak that revealed the actual hints provided by Sphinx about their pasts. What he found was not pretty and this particular plot point would make Orson Scott Card pretty happy. You’d know what I’m talking about if you have read/watched Ender’s Game. I hope you are the former category because the movie didn’t do justice to the Ender-verse at all. But that is a discussion for later.

The ugly truth was that the masterminds behind Rising Peace Academy approved to test twenty-six children below age-five with an experimental drug to heighten their intellect. They dubbed the project Athena Plan, another Greek reference but you knew this was going to persist from Sphinx riddles and the nonstop Oedipus referencing, right? The old codgers thought exploiting genius children for their own good but ended up damaging them beyond repair. Imagine, their treatment in a place called Settlement? It was basically a jail and the children were innocent inmates. Their waking hours were spent on one intelligent game to another assignment or test. They never felt a parent’s love or care by anyone rather were treated as lab rats. How can they be normal in any sense? Athena Plan ruined them forever, making them damaged goods. It was inhumane whatever was done to them and good riddance that the plan was shelved but twenty-six children had to pay with their lives for it sooner or later. No wonder Nine and Twelve gave their everything, their lifeblood even, to reveal the skeletons that the responsible tried to hide. Their ruse was brilliant till the end and carried out with perfection, even with some ad-libbing. They went to such lengths for revealing the stark truth to the public so that such a tragedy would not be repeated again.

Imperfectly Perfect

Zankyou no Terror 11-00053Zankyou no Terror 11-00038

Look at Twelve, Nine and Five on how they turned up? They are definitely geniuses but lack normal human behaviour like personal attachment and emotions. Twelve does a good job in breaking these barriers with Lisa but sadly, it makes him human-weak, almost to the point in foiling their long thought-out plan. However, you can’t really blame him because of Five’s involvement and governmental clout. Nine was always a loner and his only association was with Twelve due to camaraderie. Anyone, who wanted to get into his inner-circle was shut-out like Lisa. In contrast, I can’t include Five in the ones who tried because she has her own problems of showing love via pain. I have a feeling she always wanted to feel superior to Nine but could never reach her goal. All these sad children never grew out of the treatment they received in Settlement and were broken from inside, either physiologically or psychologically. In then end when all was said and done, my heart went out to them for so many unfulfilled wishes just because they were too different from the rest of humanity. Even with their imperfections, they come out as the most beautiful of all in this series.

On the other hand, I’m so glad that Shibazaki didn’t have any connections with Lisa because I always thought even after his detachment from society due to the publicly humiliating accusations for his investigation, he remained in contact with his family (daughter and wife). He fulfilled his role of Oedipus perfectly as dubbed by Sphinx in finding the truth, by visiting different politicians behind the gruesome Athena Plan. Till the end, he never lost faith in the young terrorists, whose goal was never to harm the public. This was the thing that really made him become part of their plan because he knew he was onto something. I also loved that Miyama issue was tied in with Athena as well. This sheds a new light to the suicide case Shibazaki investigated and he was right even then on a cover up. In the end, he was the trooper who survived to tell Sphinx’s sad tale.

Lost Love

 Zankyou no Terror 11-00033Zankyou no Terror 11-00073

I hate sad love stories because they pack more of a punch than the happy endings. That’s how it is really. However much I would love Nodame Cantabile, I’d always end up crying while watching Honey & Clover because not everyone’s love is realized. So, here, I did the same for our young adults, whose life was shortened by the adult burdens they took on themselves voluntarily after living a hard life. There were such promising possibilities but it came to naught because, well, reasons. Five definitely started all wrong but she was trained to do so; thus, you can’t really label her as a cold-hearted bitch. She flew across our screens in style and went away in the same fashion. Was that car chase just to catch Nine or save him? Yes, she was obsessed with him but not all her decisions were rational to the least. You can chalk her death up as one of the dramatic scenes of the series but oh damn, that affectionate peck and her last smile after bidding farewell… On the receiving end, I don’t think Nine ever had any romantic connection with anyone. He was so glued to the PURPOSE that it became his reason for living. His brain processed relevant events only and over Five, he felt guilty by not saving her; though, I hope he felt a twinge when she went on ahead.

Lisa and Twelve were your perfect kids-on-the-block couple. Both had cute streaks that came and went without any warning and they somehow complemented each other well, even when they were on opposite sides of being introvert and extrovert. We actually saw proper relationship growth here, from the first glance of attention to the building of bonds by sharing their fears and wishes. Twelve wore the visage of a notorious killer in the beginning but what about that sunshine smile of his? His feelings for Lisa didn’t stop and like any other romance story, he sacrificed his purpose for saving her life. He basically made it clear that with her was the first time in life he felt needed. It’s not like Nine didn’t need him but that was more of on the intricacy of their ruse rather than emotionally being there. Lisa on the other hand, seemed like a dead fish in the beginning but flowered to a lovely maiden, providing much needed but small dosed moe. Really, you can’t hate her because she accepted the fact that she was way out of her depth with the guys but stayed for Twelve. I loved how she became a good coper in the end, remembering the two youths that changed her life.


Zankyou no Terror 11-00059Zankyou no Terror 11-00118

Sphinx’s last heist was successful as well and the biggest message they could send across to the authorities. Again, no deaths but a huge financial loss, enough to route any governmental body in investigating them to deaths. Sadly that is what exactly happened but with the meddling of the US. This seemed like a cheap joke, similar to how I felt when Five was first introduced into the mellow and a very well thought-out story with a life of its own. However, it’s not far from truth because we all know how much involved this specific country is in many other countries’ socio-economic fibre. It was also not a surprise that even after the mass electrical failure, it was Shibazaki, who discovered them in the end. His only folly was trusting authorities to play nice with Sphinx but at least he remained along with Lisa, the true witnesses to Sphinx’s courage and intricate plan.

I’m sure when Nine and Twelve weaved their Sphinx plan, death was one of the consequence of their plan but at least they had some time off. A small collection of happy moments, when Nine, Twelve and Lisa were reunited in the vicinity of Settlement. It was melancholic, filled with death flags but I still enjoyed every second of it. They were just kids playing around with water and listening to music like any normal teenagers. They were full of life and so much energy that anyone’s heart would break seeing their ends. But that is how it happened, we like it or not. They left hope however in Shibazaki and at least enough epilogue for the audience to rest easy with the outcome of final reveal. The Icelandic VON translating to hope was a nice touch to tie up some loose ends. In the end it turned out to be a beautiful tale about imperfect individuals, who even at most dire circumstances had hope.

Zankyou no Terror 11-00116

And sometime hope is all that matters.

I became quite attached to the characters during my coverage of this series so whenever they faced threats–and there were plenty of moments!–I felt like protecting them but to no avail. This was a beautiful story about growing up, realizing own purpose and dealing with life problems as they come by. No one is programmed to be normal or perfect from the first day, rather our existence is influenced by our surroundings. It is always our choice to interpret it positively or negatively in the end. My interpretation for Zankyou no Terror is brilliant. Not perfectly executed but the flaws could be overlooked just due to the sheer subject matter and real characters.

Every seiyuu did a wonderful job in donning their characters’ skins. Kaito Ishikawa’s foreboding Nine was really good and even Souma Saito, who is junior to him in manner of experience, voiced Twelve marvellously. Besides the grating Engrish of Megumi Han, she did a wonderful job as Five, while Shibazaki by Shunsuke Sakyua was simple perfection. Atsumi Tanezaki as Lisa was pretty moe and the entire MPD supporting cast had the right official feel to them. The imagery and animation was beautiful, almost amazingly similar to a movie production so kudos to MAPPA on it. This is not Watanabe’s best critically acclaimed work but it was nice seeing a serious piece from him because Space Dandy is just FUN. Yoko Kanno, however takes the cake for one of the best thematically suitable OST of the year. I love Iwasaki Taku, Hiroyuki Sawano and Yuki Kajiura’s work and they have been busy this year but Zankyou no Terror OST just outshines in the compilation and being true to the story. I’ve been listening to the tracks while writing this post and let me tell you, I still get goosebumps whenever I listen to ili lolol.

It’s quite hard to let go when you feel invested on characters and they end up dying. Though, this is something I had originally expected due to the theme and antics of our young heroes. The realization never made the actual event easy. There was beauty in it, however imperfect and that’s what really got to me and the reason for me liking it. This is definitely not the first time that the protagonists have died but when their loss touches your heart, the job of a production committee is well done. Overall, this was a thoughtful journey for me. How was it for you?

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23 Responses to “Zankyou no Terror 08-11 [END]”

  1. bobob101 says:

    When you mention Soctt Card, are you talking about how Bean was genetically modified? And how he wasn’t supposed to live past 20? That is an apt comparison.

    One fact about this series that always interested me was how the writer wrote this story under a pseudonym. With a total of about 5 deaths after countless terror acts, and the nuclear bomb essentially causing a massive blackout, I don’t really get it. Maybe it has to do with the portrayal of America as messing around with Japan, or how all the people sore about WWII were sneaking around trying to bring back imperial Japan. Either way, the definitely brought up controversial topics, but I don’t think that the actual events were that outlandish.

    • Kyokai says:

      Yep, I was comparing it on two terms: the pre-testing for getting in battle school and of course genetic engineering as well.

      In terms of the actual subject matter of ZnT, I have a feeling the story derailed a bit when they added Five and the whole FBI guns. I liked it more when it was Sphinx against MPD alone. But I guess, it being anime, some sensational elements needed to be added and only ripoff of ground-zero or fooling authority was not enough. They still really did stray a lot into controversial areas, like a lot was actually expecting that big gas leak being incorporating into it.

      Anyways, I guess, if you are looking for a specific message besides the emotional value that the characters brought, it’s a mild way of saying how US should keep their noses where they belong. Not to mention homage to the adverse effect of any kind of war and dangerous chemical weapons.

  2. Irenesharda says:

    “A tragedy need not have blood and death; it’s enough that it all be filled with that majestic sadness that is the pleasure of tragedy.”
    -Jean Racine

    “Now as we keep our watch and wait the final day,
    count no man happy till he dies, free of pain at last.”
    -Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

    “There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were.”
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”
    -Dalai Lama

    This series struck so many cords with me. It has it’s high points, and its low points, however in the end, there is this powerful feeling of tragedy that hangs over it all. Everything that happened to these children and thus lead to the events as we see them now. How the want for power and pride brought Japan to it’s knees the first time, and how that same selfish desire is what will bring about it’s fall a second time in this last episode.

    When you get behind everything and find out what happened to these children and how their childhood, how their lives, were sacrificed for the sake of Japan’s attempt at recapturing its so-called pride, you realize that the cost far outweighed whatever gain they were trying to achieve, and it cost the nation dearly. It is Proverbs 16:18 from where the famous quote “Pride goes before destruction…” and that certainly applies here.

    5,9, and 12 were all tragic victims in all this. All of them only children who no longer were given the chance to live normal lives, in fact not even given the chance to think normally. 5’s mind splintered while 9 and 12 tried to cope as best they could. Their plan was actually pretty brilliant, simple but very effective. If they had simply blow up the bomb on the ground and destroyed Tokyo, they would have been demonized and nothing by the tragedy would have seen the light. The reasons “why” would never have been asked. However, by doing what they did, they not only revealed Japan’s nuclear weapon to the world, but at the same time open doors for the “why” and “how” questions to be asked, not just the “what”.

    I like the fact that they stuck to their namesake and that they were the “Sphinx” to the very end, while Shibazaki was their Oedipus. He answered their riddles and was able to see the full picture. Unfortunately, in Sophocles tale, the Sphinx dies once all of her riddles have been answered, and so, 9 and 12 too die, even though it wasn’t unexpected.

    I think it would actually have been more poignant to really just get rid of the America card altogether along with 5,(Those two elements are what brought the weakest parts of this series.) and have had it simply that the two boys die of the effects of the experiments. They stated throughout that time was running out for them, and this one mission seemed to be what kept them going, just as 5’s “game” with 9 kept her going.

    I thought Lisa’s presence was rather useless and she didn’t really contribute much. I wish if they had brought in a female character that she wasn’t such a klutzy stereotype, however there were a couple of moments in the last couple of episodes, that I didn’t really mind her that much.

    However, the message of VON at the end, that really doesn’t get answered until a year after the events, is really what the boys had and it’s what kept them going despite the tragedy that was their lives. “Von” means “hope”. This hope drove 9 and 12, and they placed those hopes in Shibazaki, asking him in a very powerful scene to remember them and to remember that they lived. Two boys who shouldn’t exist, 20+ children who are not but ghosts now because of the desires of foolish men, to at least remember them, to make sure the world knows that they existed, to open Pandora’s box and to never let it close.

    In the end, this series had its ups and downs but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and while it’s not one I would really watch again, as I’m not to prone to tragic endings, I would still recommend this series. I give it a 8/10.

    • Kyokai says:

      Very eloquently put. Overall, this was a very good watch and I agreed with you on the addition of Five. It would have been ideal if it was Sphinx and MPD only. Things went downhill when they added the American clout to an Asian problem.

      I loved Nine and Twelve and really felt their loss. I warmed up to Lisa because she shared some good moments with Twelve, even when she made him weak in many ways. I guess, she’s the only true witness to them so I feel her presence was required for others to know how they were.

  3. Overcooled says:

    I’m reading Ender’s Game right now, actually! I’m only about 1/3 in though…

    Ahhhh I loved this show!! It was my absolute favourite of the season! The cat and mouse chess game between Five and the boys were so brilliant. I guess I’m just a sucker for riddles and real life “games” where the consequences of losing are extremely severe. Games of intelligence can be so much more satisfying than dudes just punching other dudes in the face. From start to finish, I was hooked~

    On a side note, I found the engrish to be grating as well. =_= My only complaint about the series, really.

    • Kyokai says:

      Have fun with the series because it’s one of my favourites in sci-fi genre. And if you like Ender’s tale (there are few books), touch upon the Ender’s Shadow saga as well because it centers around Bean and he’s a character alright.

      My favourite as well! :3 Mind games are so much better than two mechas shooting lasers at each other. Fosh will kill me but it’s a fact. 😀

  4. lionking says:

    I literally cried for the ending because it was just so beautiful and sad. And overall it can be said one of my favorite anime on this summer season! It’s like you combine the political issues, terrorism, youthful, or any elements become one if we explored clearly and then also now I get nine/twelve purpose to named themselves as sphinx >> THEY HAVE BEEN SEARCHING OEDIPUS / PEOPLE WHO NOTICED THEM ALL ALONG AND IT WAS SUCH A MINDBLOWING.

    I don’t know but I remained speechless because I do feel you that I’m so attached with the characters and it just made me sad the fact that they would not have a happy ending because of the consequence what they have done. I just feel like they can be called as terrorist but at the same time, the hero for the “hope”/future as well, the way how they revealed behind rising peace academy it just too… amazing and I don’t know what to say because the final just wrapped up everything perfectly and gave the final conclusion of this series. And it’s safe to say because the ending is great, it make this anime will not be forgotten and become such a masterpiece to me.

    Even I know this series have a flaws (especially the way five character development a bit rushed to me) I overall have enjoyment for this series. Thank you Watanabe for did everything ;__; (and yoko kanno omg your music just A++++)

    • Kyokai says:

      First off, welcome to Metanorn, lionking! I love it whenever we get a new commenter here. 🙂

      Join the club because ZnT was definitely heart-warmingly touching. I felt it more because of the attachment to characters. There was definitely a lot of symbolism and pop-culture topics that you rarely see in an anime.

      I think the tragic end has made us warm up to the characters more. Till the end, I was pretty dubious about Five but then she goes and does what she did. I just couldn’t hate her because like Twelve and Nine, she was pretty much broken too.

      One of the promising anime of the year, that at least tried a different path.

      • akagami says:

        I was so confused when I read your second sentence. I thought, “are we both thinking of the same anime?”.

        Then I realized ZnT was Zankyou no Terror, and not Zero no Tsukaima. Fail Me. orz

        • BlackBriar says:

          It gets more confusing the more series use the same initials. Not only can ZnT mean Zankyou no Terror and Zero no Tsukaima but can also used for Zetsuen no Tempest.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    The high hopes that this anime would deliver have been satisfied, and then some. I’m in awe. Zankyou no Terror was undoubtably one of the best animes of the Summer and easily one of my favorites. Brilliant from start to finished and closed off with an ending I didn’t see coming. I like action as much as the next person but anything that skillfully uses intelligence is a rare gem.

    The series’ greatest benefit is that it was completely original, negating spoilers and leaving the audience utterly in the dark for greater impact of the twists and turns implemented in the storyline. At the beginning, everything was planned and calculated for our leads Nine and Twelve, showing how sharp they are despite being so young. Though Five’s intervention accelerated events a bit, it challenged the boys’ abilities to improvise.

    As for the ending, like I said, it was unexpected. I’m so used to seeing protagonists, even rogues, making it out alive at the end of their journey that it came as shock when Nine and Twelve actually died. At least they accomplished their goal to raise awareness, even by the use of um… excessive means. It all gave a tame V for Vendetta vibe. From another point of view, a quick death like that may in fact have merciful knowing they were living on borrowed time and would’ve died slowly and painfully. Overall, I loved every bit of this series and am glad I stuck with it.

    • Kyokai says:

      It has been a great journey indeed.

      The original route was a fine one and that was the only thing that had prepared me to the worst scenario at the end. In a way, ZnT reminded me of old times when we used to get original stories from studios, which could go anywhere. Even adaptations were played around in terms of storyline and arcs. There needs to be more original work really and from talent folks like Watanabe, Yuuasa and Omori.

      Five really did pace up things but I’ll always feel bad on how things ended up. I wanted Twelve to be happy with Lisa but oh well, we knew something would go horribly wrong even if they survived. Imagine, US would intervene somehow or the other to silence them. Overall though, one of the best of Summer.

  6. JPNIgor says:

    Kyokai keeps making me remember Honey & Clover. The frustration that welled up I noticed that the main girl wouldn’t ever choose the main boy is kind of what I feel seeing this ending.

    Nine crying over Twelve was waaaay too touching.

    I just wonder how Lisa’s day to day life came back. Did she simply make peace with her mother as if nothing had happened? Because want it or not, Nine and Twelve became her life at some point and she lost both of them at once, that surely must have been a shock.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I just wonder how Lisa’s day to day life came back. Did she simply make peace with her mother as if nothing had happened?

      Maybe losing Lisa over the past couple of days made the mother re-evaluate herself and in state, upon meeting her again, Lisa finally got some words through to her and they worked out a compromise.

    • Kyokai says:

      I can’t help it really. H&C is very close to my heart as well. Such lovable characters and I did warm up to our trio of ZnT.

      I think that was the first time Nine cried in his adult life voluntarily. Kaito Ishikawa nailed that scene.

      About Lisa, I presume something similar to what BB said. I’m pretty sure she would never be normal neither she would go back to her silent self. I think she really worked things out with her mother because all they needed was talk to each other. Whatever little we saw of her after one year, she seemed to be coping and you can bet that strength she got after spending time with our boys.

  7. JapanInspired says:

    I loved it.
    Even though some things keep bothering me. But it’s nice to see your point of view, Kyoukai. As It did clear some things that I didn’t see and onderstand before reading your post.
    Lisa was bothering me quite a lot in the series. It’s not that I didn’t like her. I just didn’t undertand her purpose in the show. Though it was nice to see that she tried to be of some help. She just at times seemed very stupid to me. But I need to say that I did warm up to her toward the end.

    Also 9 and 12. They had such poor characters. But I keep telling myself that it must be because they, as kids, didn’t have the oportunity to feel or express feelings. Still I really liked them, and I did care about them. I cryied so much at the end

    And boy, how I LOVE the 1st episode. It’s so great to see how the first minutes show us EVERYTHING we need to know about the main characters without telling anything, well, and everything that is happening.
    I can talk about this for quite a while, about every scene and how well it was directed.
    Unfortunately after a few episodes, especially when 5 came. I felt the show was too rushed.

    And still, I dont really understand what was the deal with 5? we didn’t see why the hell she was so obsessed with 9. well, atleast, I didn’t get it. I can try to guess, like all of us, but it isn’t clearly shown. She just wanted to play with 9? remembering how fun it was to play with him when they were little? and why did she kiss him?
    I’m sorry, I just think that 5 was unnessesary. I may be wrong though.
    The whole story felt so rushed. I still enjoyed it none the less.

    I can’t understand how is it possible for people to use little kids as basically weapon divelopments. I mean, using children? Giving them numbers instead of names, and blantly saying that “you dont have names, because you are not loved”. what kind of unhuman monster must you be? It just scares me that this is something that can be true. Treating human-beings as just tools. And using them for war and world domination…

    Also wondering if 9s and 5s headaches were because of the medicine that killed all of the kids. I mean, was it a side effect? I first thought that 9s headaches were because of his past. But then…
    They did mention that the medicine for making artificial Savant was killing the body and mind. I’ve been thinking that maybe 12 could have lived on if not the bullet. But I guess as a terrorist, his life wouldn’t be that nice if he was captured.

    Even though ZnT had it’s own problems. And maybe it was partly because it had only 11 episodes. I enjoyed it. Deffinetely one of my favorites this year.

    And the fantastic Soundtrack by the amazing Kanno Yoko. I must say, I love music. But even I dont notice it sometimes in anime, as all my attention goes to the actors. But ZnT’s soundtrack is just mesmerizing. Also listening to it right now while typing.

    Wow, getting long. I guess I’ll stop.

    Oh, and btw, the VON “hope” detail. Iceland was neutral in WW2.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I can’t understand how is it possible for people to use little kids as basically weapon divelopments. I mean, using children? Giving them numbers instead of names, and blantly saying that “you dont have names, because you are not loved”. what kind of unhuman monster must you be?

      Don’t underestimate how cruel humans can be if left unchecked. It’s part of human nature, one I find easy to infect. The children were orphans so basically if they’re off the grid or don’t have parents to watch over them, they don’t exist and are disposable. And the general public won’t bother with what doesn’t exist so that institution felt they’re using what won’t be missed. Those who look around for missing people are always the minority whereas the majority will feel it’s not their problem (until it hits close to home).

      • Kyokai says:

        In the beginning, I had the same thoughts about Lisa not fitting in but now when the series is over, you can see her as the ONLY witness to the truth of Sphinx. They were really not terrorists rather genius kids, who needed to make their existence felt in the universe and stop something similar happen again.

        I agree about Five and sure, she was chic and crazy but her introduction and the whole US involvement definitely threw the storyline off the grid for me as well. I guess, her whole point was showing the adverse effect of the experimentation done in the settlement. I mean, inducing drugs to kids below 5 years definitely will have its repurcussions. They are not only emotionally broken down but their savant nature, which was not natural also takes a toll on them. I think all three showed some symptoms or other like for Five, it was faint-spells or being weak, for Nine it was the crazy noise and for Twelve it was the vibrant colours that he saw sometimes as he told Lisa (something they signified with light feathers going up on two occasions).

        It’s a sad fact that experimentation on children is nothing new. Some meddling agencies that seem legit but actually eat off governmental funding to do some horrible experiments. We have all heard about emotionless soldiers and similar such projects. Heck, child soldiers exist today in Afghan areas with strict training and brain-washing. It’s not pretty but it’s a fact.

        Going back to Five, I think she originally wanted to run away with Nine and Twelve but could never find the courage to. Something that she regretted till the last day. She was definitely obsessed with him on how many games she played but really that’s an awful way to show love but then again, she was broken too.

        Nice fact on VON btw. Overall, even with its flaws, really did love this.

  8. JapanInspired says:

    Guys, I know the whole soundtrack is awesome, but what are your most most most favorite tracks in it?
    I love all of them, but If I had to pick.
    von (feat. Arnor Dan)
    hanna (feat. Hanna Berglind)
    birden (feat. Arnor Dan)
    is (feat. POP ETC)

    • BlackBriar says:

      I can’t remember the soundtrack as I was watching the series but I do like the OP.

      • Kyokai says:

        Get the album, BB! It’s amazing!

        My favourites:

        Both lol/ili lolol

        There goes half of the albums. I like all the tracks while marathoning btw.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Maybe I’ll think about getting the album one of these days.

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