Space☆Dandy S2 – 12

Space Dandy 1201

“I would like to call the woman with the bedazzled boobs up for questioning”

I was actually hoping to do something a little special for the penultimate episode of Space Dandy. It just so happened that I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I thought it would be hilarrrrrrioooous if I blogged such a trippy show while hopped up on pain meds. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for me), I was perfectly fine by the time I got home from the surgery so I don’t have any weird, drunk-like experiences of Space Dandy. Darn. You’ll simply have to deal with me writing while completely lucid. It’s difficult, I know…

Goodness, Dandy. You just had to be asleep for an entire episode, didn’t you? In fact, not even Meow and QT get big roles this week. The murder trial focuses on completely new aliens we’ll almost certainly never see again. I’m not sure if that’s why I didn’t quite dig this week’s episode, but I think it was a contributing factor. No Dandy and no action made this a rather weak showing for what’s supposed to be the big warm-up before the finale. If the murder mystery was a little more interesting, I might have eaten it up more. But when you solve the crime with logic such as “oh, well this ball traveled through time due to magical particles, of course!” then it’s hard to follow along. Part of what makes courtroom dramas interesting is trying to figure out who the culprit is yourself. That’s a little difficult when you throw in balls jumping through pseudo-wormholes – a conclusion I wouldn’t normally come to as the cause of murder.

Space Dandy 1202Space Dandy 1203

kids are just getting more and more intense these days

But although it wasn’t the best episode, I can step back and appreciate what it was trying to do. It doesn’t make those 2o or so odd minutes I spent watching the show any less boring, but at least we have more substance to add to our “facts we know about the Dandy universe” list. Most notably, we’re learning more and more about Dandy’s ability to jump from one dimension to another. Although it seems dimension jumping happens whenever anyone warps, Dandy seems to be special. In fact, he might not even be human or an alien. The fact that he has no DNA comes as a big surprise. Furthermore,t he high level of Pyonium particles that stubbornly cling to him suggest that he’s especially prone to dimension-hopping. In other words, he does it a lot and might not even realize it. If he can be a conduit to transport a ball over because it was filled with intense emotion, then what else can he do? Dimension-jumping doesn’t seem to be exclusively possible through warping. Now we’ve seen strong emotions and levels of Pyonium as other important causes. And special entities like that Limbo chick seem to be able to do it to others at will.

There’s clearly a lot of thought being put into this whole dimension-hopping, alternate universe thing here. We’re being drip-fed all the facts in random episodes. The second season has been heavily pushing the concept, however. It seems like they really want to give us a good idea of what the Space Dandy universe is like before the show ends. I’m sure the finale will be a fun and wild ride as per usual, but I also think we’ll get some more secrets revealed. Not everything, of course, but a few more pieces that allow us to see a bigger picture. After all, it’s kind of fun to try and think of your own theories for how things work.

Space Dandy 1200

So now we’re set up for Dandy facing the Gogol Empire face-to-face in the finale. He’s just been running this entire time (both consciously or completely unconsciously) and now he has to actually face his enemy. It’s a fitting end…but I don’t want this show to end! With a soft reset at the start of every new episode, the possibilities are boundless. This show could go on forever! But alas, all good things must end. Like, for example, this blog post 😀


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2 Responses to “Space☆Dandy S2 – 12”

  1. Kyokai says:

    This was the weakest episode of this season, even with Sayaka Ohara doing a cameo of Boobies waitress. Though, I appreciate the whole twitter war, which does happen these days. Same thing like FB and what not.

    I expected better from the penultimate episode but oh well, I’m sure they’ll make it up to us for the finale.

    Btw, are you okay now?! What was the reason behind taking out your wisdom teeth? It’s been paining me for a while so I’m curious to know.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeahhhh it wasn’t very exciting. I like when anime add in current technology and trends like Twitter, but it wasn’t used enough to turn this episode around. Thankfully, the finale makes up for it 😀 Onto blogging that one!

      Ah, I’m mostly fine now, thanks! I had to take them out because they were hurting me for a while and they would only just be a risk for infection in the future. So here I am now…with all 4 teeth removed…

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