Love Stage!! 09-10 [END]


Changing lifestyle from an otaku into a full-pledged homo is not an easy task for Izumi

Hello guys, it’s been forever since I appeared. However, in days, this is the first time when I could actually open my laptop and take my time in writing since last week. It’s been hectic in RL, and it’s starting to make my brain rot. Thankfully, Love Stage this week was so damn awesome that I managed to revive my spirit again. Too bad this is the last episode. Sob.

The climax starts at episode 9, where Ryouma starts to get worried about Izumi’s exposure. I can understand why he’s that worried because 10 years of unrequited love and all that. Seriously, this guy is so sweet I almost feel bad for him until I remember his stalking tendencies. Anyway, Ryouma becomes so worried about Izumi that it somehow contributes to his fever. He sure is obsessed with him. Though, I understand his dedication, it is also somehow disturbing. No wonder Izumi was ticked at first.

Love Stage - 10_00029Love Stage - 10_00036

Ryouma: “Onegai! This is so that I can get laid!”

Despite of his stalking tendencies, Ryouma proved his sweetness in episode 10. He did a ninety-degree bow, which is considered as one of the humblest bows in Asia. He even went to his knees and bowed until his head touched the floor. I’m not so sure how the Westerners sees this kind of bow, but for us Asians, this is a very important matter. Bowing means showing respect, and the lower the person bows, the lower “self-esteem” he has. Bowing like that is something that people full of pride find themselves hard to do, and Ryouma is one of them. But his head touched the floor too, so yeah, of course Izumi has to be touched by Ryouma’s action. Thanks to this, Izumi finally confesses his feelings, and the two have steamy hot sex that is censored by showing pictures of furniture and clothes. Time to buy the Blu-Ray version.

Love Stage - 10_00070

Fuck yeah

Izumi hooking up with Ryouma might not seem like a big deal for us, but it is for Izumi. Confessing to Ryouma means that he is going to spend more time with Ryouma, a real person. He will have to spend less time fantasizing about Lala-Lulu and his otaku world since he has to focus on his job and Ryouma. As a shut-in and a NEET, this is a big step for Izumi. It doesn’t even have to be a NEET/shut-in, those who are experiencing something they haven’t experienced before will think of that experience as a big step for them. And that is what happened to Izumi. But he’s prepared for it, and that’s why he said goodbye to Lala-Lulu before arriving at Ryouma’s house. He’s ready to face the world, no matter how harsh it is. He won’t be alone, after all. There are others such as his parents, Shougo, and Rei who will be by his side. And of course, Ryouma too.


Show ▼

I was expecting some silliness to end the series since episode 9 was pretty silly and focused more on the comedy aspect of the series. But episode 10 was beyond my expectation. It was amazing. Like seriously, amazing. It’s not different from the manga, but it’s still different. Somehow the director managed to change the scene that was supposed to be dramatic-but-funny into dramatic-and-even-more-dramatic. The director added little things here and there that changed the mood of the episode, making an episode that was able to close the series perfectly. It’s probably due to the music that changed the mood in a snap and the Ryouma flashbacks. Who won’t get nostalgic with such amount of flashback? It was pretty nice of the director to show more of Izumi’s otaku friends and parents too. It’s obvious that they’re added just to prolong the time, but it was still great. Overall, episode 10 was good. The only downside is flashback that dominates the episode. Flashbacks are good, but the less the better.

Overall, I think this series is a great one. NOT because it’s yaoi, no. I think it’s great because the result given by J.C. Staff is satisfying. The animation was great from the beginning until the end. The colors too, especially Izumi’s eyes. The songs are full of energy, making the audience feeling excited when they watch it, even the BGMs were good too. Long story short, the whole thing was great. Though there will be more yaoi manga animated, I’ll remember Love Stage!! as the first high-quality yaoi anime that is worth it in every aspect.

Love Stage - 10_00095

See you in season 2 (hopefully)!


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6 Responses to “Love Stage!! 09-10 [END]”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Dammit…. This series was enjoyable. Damn enjoyable. Iri is happy her son has got a lover. We now want more of the other offical couple. Mama Rei x Papa Shugo.

    • Kyokai says:

      I’d be on for Rei x Shougo for sure. They are very adorable and it sucks that they didn’t get much screen time.

    • anaaga says:

      Mama Rei x Papa Shougo has their own story in Backstage. I REALLY want Saotome-sensei’s with Kuroi

  2. Kyokai says:

    This was very enjoyable indeed. Now off to catching up with manga.

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