Hanayamata – 09

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“You are the weakest link….goodbye”

 Well, this episode was, in a word, quick. This is something I am quite thankful for, as the most dramatic moment centered around miscommunication…and who wants that to go for episode after episode after episode.


A wish on Tanabata

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must not post yaoi joke must not post yaoi joke must not post yaoi joke

Yep, PDQ is the name of the game, at least for the episodes first part. Yes, dearest Naru, we’ve always known you’ve had stage fright so let’s get up, brush off the dust, and keep on trying. Heck, even Hana’s sudden and dramatic collapse was taken care of in the narrative in short order. Which brings us to the meat of the show, and the resolution of last weeks drama. I’ll make it no secret that I’ve been burning to see Machi step into the spot-light, it has rather been too long in the waiting, so I was chuffed with this outing. She got played with in a stereotypical manner in all the proceeding episodes, and still has a bit of that hanging on to her now, but that has been smoothed out with some much better characterizations.

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Still waters run…..deeeeeeep

But, for the life of me, I cannot understand why character’s can speak up more often in these situations. Sure it would have killed the drama, but if that drama hinges on us scratching our collective head’s going, “You know, you could have told her she was your inspiration all along, Sally-chan. But no, choose the melodramatic departure route” that hinge is not going to hang the door. Sure, they could have gotten into one of many sisterly tiffs, and have it all hinge on why Sally choose to be a sub, and kept the reveal very much intact. But why the melodrama? Is it an easy way out? Do you also think that Machi drummed the “my sister is a big old jerkface that only cares about herself” drum a bit much. They did it on at least three beats, and they were darn heavy and it didn’t exactly broadcast into the misunderstanding she has had about Sally all along…

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I really love how this shot was framed, right down to the peeling paint

If anything, I think that Machi is running towards and away from something. She very much hangs on to the fact that the family responsibility shifted to her shoulders, and she carries that weight with duty, but only that. I don’t think it is a part of her. She has other dreams, other goals in mind. I know they don’t outright show that. But I know she does…cause she’s 14. And like all her peers, she is eager to find herself. In all the time since Sally left home, Machi, it could be argued, has been stuck between those two places. Her duty as a diligent daughter and a young woman that wants to do more.

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Things that make Tami pout….

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Well, this was a nice break from the whole yosako scene, such as it is. But then, the entire series has been that, and who can complain anymore, really? This show has always been about the building of dreams and friendship, and I very much on the page with that. It’s stumbled a few times here and there, but not nearly as much as Naru has…Much of the characterization should be a bit more floaty instead of thumpy. Next week, we have an onsen training episode. Should be fun, unless Shadow-kun, Sunbeam-chan and thier friends show up. We don’t like them at all, do we?

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