Captain Earth – 25 [END]


Captain Earth needed more beach episodes.

 Welp congratulations on surviving Captain Earth! I am really happy that I got to lead my first Mini-talk series on Metanorn! Now what about this series? I guess I will simply say it as a decent Bones mecha series in my eyes, but I will refrain from recommending it to anyone that wants to start watching this as their first mecha…anyway I hope you have fun listening to me and Skylion talk about the finale episode and our thoughts on the entire series.


Fk ya extra mecha


Now those are some flight suits.

Manatsu.Daichi.full.1720479 (1)

Epic Daichi artwork yo!


Moco for the win <3 


Akari will be missed by all of her fans.


Thanks for listening!


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5 Responses to “Captain Earth – 25 [END]”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    It’s over…it’s finally over. This finale, I thought I had left my “villain gets stopped by the power of love” daysb behind, but I guess not.

    And why make such a big deal out of the killtgang being destroyed if they are perfectly okay at the end? I know they lost their ego blocks but did it really matter at the end? And really Puck, that was your plan, and you didn’t have a backup? What sort of evil computer entity are you? Have Ultron or Skynet or VIKI or ARIA taught you nothing?

    Anyway, at least it’s over. I will never trust another BONES mecha series again. This series had a lot of potential but it squandered most of it with so much cliche, characters that were hardly developed, and horrible pacing. At least the animation was nice and the soundtrack was decent.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah finally Captain Earth is over and yeah of course another BONES rushed ending that nobody really likes, but at least they gave it a shot again! Then again they have a horrible track record with mecha…

      Puck needed to do his homework huh? Yeah he needed a backup plan >.< I don't blame you for not giving them a shot ever again, but I guess it would come down to writing staff and production crew even though I will watch another BONES mecha if they brought in some new talent and keep the need for 10+ mini villains.

  2. Highway says:

    Heh, opposites time!

    I enjoyed CE. This is the kind of mecha show I like to see. People do stuff, robots fight, people fall in love, people redeem themselves. I like to see more epilogue than that, but you knew that there wouldn’t be anything but the symbolic sacrifice of one person.

    The show did hit a lull in the middle with the Planetary Gear of the Week part in the middle. There was a little too much of Putting the Band Back Together there, and it didn’t really make any of those characters important anyway. And the repetitive fights didn’t help. But I liked the characters the show had, especially the main good guys.

    • Foshizzel says:


      BONES tried to copy the success they had with the original Eureka Seven again which in my opinion is the best “romantic” mecha series till this day! Because they balanced that whole romantic vibe with two main characters that fall in love without focusing on epic mecha battles of the week, but of course that was 50 episodes; however still enjoyed sitting down to watch Captain Earth weekly even though I wish the main focus was spent on Akari/Teppei instead of Hana/Daichi.

      Yeah the middle was quite boring and as me and Skylion said it would have been so much better with less planetary gears and more time building the other factions like Salty Dog and more Macbeth involvement! As for the good guys yeah they were alright.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I’d make a trophy wall and hang that medal because it was hard work getting it! And high five to the skylion!

    All things must come to an end and we finally arrived. A self-titled episode for the final… well that’s original (note the sarcasm). Contrary the two above, I’m the middle territory because Captain Earth was so all over the place it mixed a lot of stuff in to render a conclusive verdict. Neither great nor atrocious if it’s to be said in a nutshell. The conclusion, as expected, was cheesy and cliché. That’s not saying much thinking back on everything that’s been seen. So it fits.

    The plot had enough holes to pass for swiss cheese along with the Planetary Gear of the week bit. However, it was the character personalities that kept it all from sinking. Daichi was a standard protagonist destined to save the world. Blah, blah, blah. Teppei was the wingman and Hana got away by the skin of teeth escaping mediocrity and elevating herself from being a wallflower and translator for a colorful squirrel. How irritating it would’ve been if her only significance was eye candy. Easy favorites were:
    The Magical girl Akari. She held her own like a pro against her kidnappers and returned them a practical “screw you”.
    The sexy Moco. Flirtatious, carefree and has the body of a goddess.
    And the sweet idol Ai. Improved greatly after her awakening as Aiatar. Unthinkable such a cute thing can be that mischievous. Oh, how I’ll miss her memorable catchphrase “genki itadaki kyuuketsuki!”.

    What didn’t get an explanation is the status of Salty Dog after their last attempt to disrupt the Midsummer Knights failed. Maybe something did happen and it didn’t make enough of an impact for me to remember.

    I went into this series without any expectations. To its defense, Captain Earth as a mecha series was better than BONES’ previous production Eureka Seven AO. CE’s story was more straightforward and easier to get a grasp on whereas with AO, though I don’t hate the series, it caused a migraine trying to make heads or tails of anything going on right in front of you. More so when time traveling later became involved, making it all an even more jumbled mess complete with a confusing finale.

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