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Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

spring14-kyoHello folks. I’ve been gone for a while. First it was a bad case of flu and fever. Later, it was a lot of work, translating to 12+ hours every day. I haven’t even solved any recent puzzles yet so my chances of winning a singed ZnT OST album is gone as well. Oh well, let’s get back to our young terrorists and their current shenanigans.

Hide & Seek

Zankyou No Terror 6-00048Zankyou No Terror 6-00046

Same haircut forever ww

We have a nemesis after all, arriving exactly in the middle of the run of the show. Not a surprise to us, who have been trawling the web for clues, official sites and even character profiles. However, the entry was too much Hollywood and less sense. Yes, I understand FBI still holds a lot of metal, even with the rampant terrorism around the world. But, turning off all operators of a country having 141 million mobile subscribers base sounds way out of the left field. I know it’s an anime but from the moment Five entered into the storyline, things started looking weak in terms of possibility of execution. Something that I was not expecting at all so from an excellent execution and right amount of thrill, this was a disappointment. However, nothing is perfect and this was not a big flaw. Of course, audience needs to be on the edge of their seats to enjoy this terror-centric story. I mean, adding some over-the-top element of bombing common folks can awake anyone from slumber. Right?!

Five had the same intentions of doing this without feeling anything and of course to get back at the duo who left her behind in the mysterious institute they belonged to. Though, I have doubts on the fact that she had any intentions of leaving but that is still to be seen because we don’t know what happened except for a big fire and Nine and Twelve escaping. She does have a big beef against Nine and it’s clear from her every reaction. Yes, she has the staple bad-girl attached to her forehead. Is it only me or all her eye-twisting and gesturing is fabulous? She has not one likeable trait in her body but just because she’s completely crazy with Rook-like electric hair, I LIKE HER. She has full potential of becoming a top-class bitchy queen and definitely someone flashy enough to get the Sphinx geeks out of their hiding. A full on battle between them is very much welcome.

Ready or Not

Zankyou No Terror 6-00032Zankyou No Terror 6-00045

Candy Crush? Chess is all the rage for these dudes

Though, it was sad seeing the guys we have watched since first episode, First Division, reduced to nothing but mush in front of the FBI special unit led by Clarence and Five. From solving Sphinx’s riddles, they were left completely in the dark about the operation-bomb-civilians. At least Shibazaki did his homework about the lower house members, who were part of the ‘Rising Peace Academy’ conference. I’m always dubious about politicians and their so-called peace reforms so are these oyajis masterminds behind VON? Do they have enough clout to call in FBI and supposedly their brilliant in-house prize-money, Five, to solve their errant terrorists problem? I have a feeling the institute had international alliance and the prized kids were even sold/contracted off to other countries due to their contribution to funding. Though, it can even be something of a completely secret organization operating under the noses of government without their knowledge by a foreign conglomerate and selected local association. I can’t get enough of crazy theories but we’ll see.

We have to remember that however sensational that first bombing was, Sphinx is turning out to be the good guys saving people besides MPD. While, FiveBI screams, DOWN WITH THEM. Don’t even get me started on all that Engrish. With Five’s arrival and injury of a LOT of people, fake Sphinx was born. I thought Five’s plans as extreme measures by threatening people in general to needle Sphinx out of their cloaked approach towards operations. Clever trick but highly sadistic. I shudder to think about her background and completed cases but I guess, we’ll see some glimpses soon. From whatever we know, she hates the boys for some reason (misplaced emotion, I can bet), and going to enjoy striking them down. Her hook or by crook approach was clear from the airport heist and her orders are definitely on the fast-mode. The questions around VON and politicians are still at large but we are inching towards the answers.


Zankyou No Terror 7-00029Zankyou No Terror 7-00041

Trying to catch me ridin’ dirty

The chess game played out in full view of the international airport was as expected from both parties but the surprise addition was Lisa’s involvement as a distraction. Yes, I’m not going to waste my time on the unreality of it all and the clearance required to achieve last minute addition of graphically nice chess moves to airport broadcast. I am so over that so let’s wonder about how Five had to notice Lisa out of the melee of crowd. I call it her bitch instinct rather than super intellect. She definitely played well against Sphinx but from sheer luck and over-thinking by both Nine and Twelve, they somehow ran rampant in one of the most high-security areas of the city and came out saving the damsel in distress. Shibazaki taking Sphinx’s side definitely will earn him a suspension but I hope he stays strong on the mysterious trail of VON.

Another fact I adored about the recent development is the involvement of Lisa. We all thought her as useless and pondered about her existence. Surprisingly, I could never pin her as the adorable klutz but really, her chemistry with the boys is just too good. She adds the much needed light moments with her moe reaction and even when she is scared half her mind, she has the courage to offer help to the boys, who have provided a roof over her head. You can say her placement of endearment is misplaced with her tough past but do you really think Sphinx’s origin is mindless killing? Nope. Twelve was the first to notice her but she became attracted to him due to his empathy as if he knew where she was coming from. All those threats of killing her and what not now seems to be just diversion tactics. Their chemistry is quite adorable and I look forward to their exchanges. Rather than the action, what interested me more was the growing developments between them. Twelve looking out for Lisa and even having an actual quarrel with Nine proves that he deeply cares about her. I’m pretty sure the shippers are rejoicing in their corner and though I want Nine to be not NOT so lonely, Twelve deserves some lovin’ after pulling that I-will-save-you stunt yet again. However, she will be their weakness now that Five knows about her. From whatever preview I could muster from the official site, some dangerous baggage will arrive for Lisa so I suggest our motley trio to evacuate and find a new place soon!

Bonus Reactions

Zankyou No Terror 5-1


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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Watching the last three episodes, I had to remind myself that this is anime after all. We are over the half mark for the series and of course, it couldn’t stay true to reality through its complete run. There had to be some super action and/or nemesis to twist things up and we just got that. Sure, the PWNING is becoming a bit over-dramatic but you are tuned for some thrill-kicks aren’t you? This being an original anime, the writing can’t remain consistently solid but it still remains quite entertaining. Five definitely makes it so with her overly sadistic tendencies. I’m sure I’m not the only one taking pleasure in seeing our anti-heroes squirm in their shoes and quicker use of their high intellect. They will have to keep up with Five throwing all kinds of things at them. The score stands at 4-1-1 between Sphinx, First Division and FiveBI. Who are you betting on?


Zankyou No Terror 7-00048

Next up is “My Fair Lady”. Get ready to train your glare and wear sado T-shirt. 


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16 Responses to “Zankyou no Terror 05-07”

  1. sonicsenryaku says:

    Ive noticed in some discussions people referring to Five as an ineffective villain, and i kind of want to touch on that subject real quick. To understand that claim, one has to take into considerations the semantics regarding the word “effective” and the context its being used, in this case, a character within the story playing a role. My take on five is that its not that she’s an ineffective villain, but rather what she brings to the table juxtaposes what the first four eps of Zankyou no terror delivered. Not to mention that she doesnt pop onscreen as an intriguing villain. She is however effective enough in that she drives the narrative and forces the protagonists to be proactive…so in that sense…she “affects” a great deal of the story. I dont have too much of a problemw ith five because the thrills did amp up with her arrival. My only issue is that i wish that if they did introduce a villain, introduce one that was more in line with the more nuanced tone of the first 4 eps, and one that capitalized on the psychological element that is supposed to be Zankyou no Terror. Still a great show in my opinion (barring the writing hiccups) as the direction carries it beyond its faults, which really dont bother me because it hasnt gotten into the realm of impossible. I can still plausibly provide explanations for events.

    Oh and about twelve and Lisa, taking shipping completely out of the can see how his attachment to her has grown. The real hitter for me was the way he spoke to her on the phone as he gave he instructed her on her escape from the plain. The concern in his voice for Lisa is palpable in that subtle type of way that just made me realize how much he actually cares about her.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      *as he instructed her*…sigh must proof-read

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree with your observation on Five. Honestly, my first impression of her was simple annoyance. Why such a flamboyant character has to be introduced into such a real setting? Things were slow but quite interesting. However, on my second run-through of episodes, I came to like her because she is pretty crazy. Not the intelligent crazy but sadistic crazy. She holds the potential of being the catalyst to get Nine and Twelve on move. That is enough for me to be interested in her and she sure makes very interesting faces.

      In terms of possibility, I don’t think two culprits that have been clearly recognized via cctv cameras in an airport can just enter, roam around or even exit so easily. There are so many security clearances involved but then again, we can’t judge anime on RL perspective so I’m fine on how things are going.

      Lisa and Twelve chemistry is brilliant to watch. Just the way Twelve glared at Nine when he suggested they leave her in the plane was priceless. I really hope she doesn’t die but for now, all of their death flags are quite prominent. Nine’s more so because he doesn’t have a hug bunny yet. ><

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        Oh that can be easily explained; nine and twelve had planned to attack that airport next so they already knew about the structure of the airport, hence why twelve wss able to easily evade the cameras

        • Kyokai says:

          I have no problems on the boys being aware of the surrounding. My problem is the security. Every corner of any international Airport is heavily guarded so ideally, once they were pegged by the CCTV cameras, their movements should have been stopped by security. But nada. Even when they were racing towards the plane and had the whole gateway scene, security cars should be tailing them to catch them. No sign. So yeah. xD

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            When nine and twelve first arrived on camera, the only ones who knew who they where were five and her FBI team so they didnt stick out as needing to be stopped by security, they looked like regular civilians; No one knows who Sphinx is so ideally, they wouldnt be considered suspicious characters, especially since they were avoiding sticking out. Nine stayed on camera and just went to the locations he needed to in a response to five’s game, but twelve was the one evaded the cameras and stayed out of sight; their goal to not bring suspicion to themselves by security. It wasnt until five alerted the airport police to twelve’s identity (and it’s only twelve she throws under the bus so that she can continue to play with nine) that they start looking out for him, but by then he is already disguised.

            Now, where the lack of security truly rears its ugly head is when twelve reaches the control room for the cameras; that place is completely unguarded. I know airport security is abundant and pretty tight. I dont know how much security is placed at the wire room, so i cant say for sure if i can completely call bull, but twelve reaching there with no security was odd, but then there’s sort of an explanation to that too. It seemed that there was security towards that area, but because twelve was disguised as an officer, he managed to bypass them without too much trouble like he did the airport police and reach the room. As for the airplane chase and getaway scene, again chock that up to security not catching wind of the situation; as far as anyone might be considered, it was just a simple pushback tractor driving next to a plane; security doesnt know who is driving it. And as for the getaway, by the time the plane blew up, Sphinx had all the commotion they needed to disappear while security focused on the explosion, hence no security following them.

            Hey, im right with ya on your whole security observation tho, but with some plausible answers being available to explain those events and some suspension of disbelief, you can get sort of logically around it with having to rely on “hey it’s anime” 🙂

            • Kyokai says:

              Good effort! xD

              I was sticking my guns because I do know how strict airport security is and every vehicle entrance is checked tightly. The chase and excitement however worked for the progress of plot because hey, it’s like a national crisis when a plane just bursts into flames.

              I’d like to see how MPD explains that away to news. But oh never mind, this can always be covered up by FBI. ><

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I guess you’re right that we were bound to end up with a super-villain, instead of a very realistic police procedural. They are still doing a good job of keeping the action entertaining.

    So if Nine is Spike, and Five is Vicious, what does that make Twelve and Lisa? I’m thinking Edward and Ein.

    • Kyokai says:

      I would have preferred a realistic nemesis. Something similar to their caliber of genius, who is either a tool of another organization or even government. What I didn’t expect is a frilly, over-dramatic sadist, who will have an FBI blondie in tow like a lapdog. From her background, how has she been just let reign over the situation? Is there no hierarchy over her?

      Lol at Cowboy Bebop reference. Everyone’s fine except for Lisa; would you really peg her as a dog though, even if cute?! D:

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Turnabout is fair/foul play. Whichever one wishes to choose. As I thought, Nine and Twelve’s motivations are beyond scaring the masses and they’re prompting a connection between various people. Though, I must confess, using bombs to gain attention is extreme but hey, it’s working, right? What matters are the results. But it’s kind of a contradiction saying they have no desire to kill people when they’re using such… um… drastic means.

    Five’s introduction was fierce. The way she took her whole episode and easily boxed the boys into a corner with hacking skill, the word “intimidated” is an understatement. The girl is terrifying and the fact she has federal power in the palm of her hand makes her an even bigger threat. Since she and the boys were raised in the same place, I do wonder where that facility is situated for them to have ultimately ended up in Japan whereas she somehow drifted to American territory.

    Is it only me or all her eye-twisting and gesturing is fabulous? She has not one likeable trait in her body but just because she’s completely crazy with Rook-like electric hair, I LIKE HER. She has full potential of becoming a top-class bitchy queen and definitely someone flashy enough to get the Sphinx geeks out of their hiding.

    Five has charisma. The way she moves and talks in sometimes a playful but dangerous manner. They can be the most underhanded, despicable, self-serving, soulless scamps on the planet but if they can sway and captivate people with certain gestures, not being impressed by them becomes difficult.

    • Kyokai says:

      This whole anime is quite drastic so the dudes did what they could in their circumstances. However, there’s definitely reason behind their method. Good thing is that at least Shibazaki is taking their hints seriously rather than MPD in general thinking that these are just some young kids bombing places.

      However, the chemistry of previous episodes is completely destroyed with Five’s arrival. She just doesn’t fit their mould at all. But her connections are quite fishy and even the origin of how she ended up in FBI. We’ll find out after seeing how the story progresses but man, too much drama, wouldn’t you say?

  4. anaaga says:

    I like how Five is actually a smart character who happened to be the only onewho had some progress about the terrorists (she’s like a toned-down Kirito/Mahousa Onii-sama), but I don’t like her obsession on the megane dude. That’s so… cliche.

    But the good thing is, I ship Lisa with the hyper dude more and more

    • BlackBriar says:

      They never finished their game as kids (and she was probably left for dead) so it’s no wonder Five’s fixated on Nine. Only now, she’s raised the stakes and doesn’t care who gets caught in it.

      Without Five closing in to screw them over, I could see Lisa and Twelve getting together. Lisa would have to improve her cooking, though.

      • Kyokai says:

        Five’s definitely on revenge mode but man, isn’t Nine already too tortured to have her behind his back as well? But I guess, the dudes are not getting any break anytime soon with how things are going. Somebody was bound to challenge them. But I sure hope that they show it to Five!

        I totally ship Lisa with Twelve. These two are too adorable together!

        Lisa would have to improve her cooking, though.

        Lol, right. Or it’s burned food forever!

  5. Kyokai says:

    FYR: Episode 8 will be delayed so we have one MORE week to wait for My Fair Lady. 🙁

  6. Irenesharda says:

    Wow, with school starting, I haven’t really been able to comment like I wanted too. 🙂 Because it’s been so long, I will forgo my usual quotes and just say my piece regarding this show.

    Well, despite the comments I’ve been seeing around the net, I’ve been loving this series.
    Interestingly, the addition of the purely evil Five, has pushed our two “terrorists”, from ambiguous villains that we weren’t really sure of, to antiheroes that we can root for.

    I for one don’t think that Five or Clarence or the others work for the FBI, but work for this secret organization that seems to have infiltrated all parts of the government in several parts of the world. Yet, you would think that they would have Five take out the boys as quickly as possible, not play some game with them?

    As for Shibazaki, while I did like his cat and mouse game with the boys, I still like the fact that he’s moving to work with them against a greater evil that has reared it’s ugly head. I’d hate to see what happens to him and the others with their jobs, but I doubt that that’s going to stop them. In fact if they all get fired, the boys will probably reach out to them, as they are all in hot water. It would be better to work with each other, then for them to keep going at it from separate angles.

    I know the new episode has been pushed to next week, but I’m still in anticipation for it! 😀

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