Hanayamata – 06

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 Well, there ain’t no mountain high enough…but there is an exam score low enough. Poor Hana, I don’t quite get kanji myself most times. Luckily this is that episode when the reluctant advisor sheds her trepidations…



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..so what are you waiting for, give it a shot…

It’s a great truth about life, that when you enjoy doing what you do it shows, not just in the work, but in other facets of your life. It’s just too bad Haru’s Naru’s dad hasn’t been brought up to speed about what his daughter’s after school activity is all about. And that can create some tense fatherly moments.  Been there, and went through those moments, man. They pass…it feels like glaciation, but they do pass. But while an old man’s worries boil, youth does move on, and the cherry blossom get’s it’s color. Nice phrasing Naru.

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It’s also a great truth in life that hard work does pay off; even it the profit is not large enough to readily see or apparent enough to show the fruition you wanted. Sometimes it just get’s you to the next level of work. But when you get to show a little of that work set to Tami’s piano arrangement (of the OP no less!) it shines very brightly. It was rather obvious from the beginning that Hana would be the least of those able to pull of the study sessions. But I like that that doesn’t hold her back, and she redoubles her efforts. It’s a good thing that Sally-chan-sensei has found a way to channel that hyperactive nature that Hana exudes to practical work.

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I would say we have another truth, but I don’t want to repeat myself, and I don’t want to be lecturey.  I really feel for Yaya.  This is one of those cases where you work hard to reach a level you recognize as great. But that level is below what other’s can see with a critical eye. Creative work can get like that, and it can get you down and down hard. Now, Yaya has come out as one of my favorite characters in this program. She has some of the best dynamic of the main cast, and I enjoy the fact that she can at least attempt to keep the rest of the crew in check. But, I feel the show kinda dropped the ball with her band. Put short: not enough scenes with them. So as a result, their failure felt flat. They did good at the close, but a bit to little.


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So, which is the most obvious?

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Someone alert Fosh to steer clear. Natto sighting…

Even thou I feel they left Yaya’s band out of play in previous episodes, I have to say that this has been the best so far. And it really does show the hard work they’ve established in building up these characterizations. I’ve heard the odd complaint that the show should be called Not Yosakoi, and that it is “typical school club drama stuff”. That is a level complaint, but I feel the build in the drama has been very much justified. None of the characters are exactly like any other character from a “typical” club drama. They’ve done their work. What do you folks think?

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Next Week: Strike Witches


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16 Responses to “Hanayamata – 06”

  1. Sumairii says:

    I nominate Naru’s dad for best anime dad of the season. It’s not really fair because I don’t think any other current shows have such a role, but no matter.

    • Highway says:

      That really was a good depiction of dad. Concerned about her, missing his little girl, but also a bit proud and happy.

      The show didn’t do so bad with Tami’s father either. He’s just a different sort of person.

  2. Highway says:

    I really liked this episode, and really like how Tami has almost become the driving force behind the group. Especially with Hana sidelined a bit, Tami has become the one who supports Naru, the one who cajoles Yaya, and the one who moderates Hana. I’ve gone from initially worried about how she’d fit in the group to really liking the way she does (at first I thought she’d be very Naru-like, another person that Hana would drag around to do stuff).

    Also, I noticed that CR is now subbing the OP song for this show. I wonder if this is a new thing for them to try to do.

  3. JPNIgor says:

    Someone alert Fosh to steer clear. Natto sighting…

    Someone alert Maya from Sabagebu to steer clear. Poor girl.

    I laughed so much with Naru’s father’s over reaction and when he thought about illicit sexual relations, I just couldn’t hold anymore. WTF man, how could you reach to this conclusion by seeing your daughter happy?

    • skylion says:

      How? Get old…

      • JPNIgor says:

        Can’t she be just happy? I could get just like her by eating a chocolate bar.

        • thorgriim says:

          Papa-san is lonely! Naru isn’t THAT kinda of girl clearly, don’t go off the deep end just yet papa-san! Though I know where he’s coming from.

          Yes can’t she be happy over something little.. she seems like a sweet girl so anything would make her happy, a head pat, or getting candy, or i dunno..school lol

  4. Sumairii says:

    I just want to mention that the Hanayamata OP is still my favorite OP of the season. Never skipped it once. I’ll be back to say this again every now and then.

  5. Di Gi Kazune says:

    !!!! Kemonomimi…. weakness exposed… x_x

    • thorgriim says:

      I know RIGHT! it is a weakness! and also I think a new picture might be in the works… Now which one is the tough question… can only fit one..in the frame… Maybe test all of them!

  6. jimbobi says:

    Naru’s dad’s concerns and Sally-chan sensei’s worries about being a model teacher were some of the classic moments from this episode. Yaya and Naru’s artistic efforts as well as Hana’s choreography added more charm to this chapter’s feel of ‘hard work and loving what you do pay off’. Agreed that the band’s failure to qualify didn’t have much impact, it’s true that it came late in the game for the audience to care much. Still, the important thing I guess is the effect it’ll have on Yaya and her participation in the Yosakoi club.

    Yeah, it’s become a joke mentioned quite a bit, the lack of actual Yosakoi in the series. I also understand the gripes, but my focus now has shifted mainly to the characters, their interactions and growth – which are among the most pleasant of the season. Yosakoi or not will just be a bonus in the end. Great post once again!

    • Highway says:

      I think that’s the right attitude to have. I’ve been saying all season, whether it’s Glasslip or Hanayamata, that the charm point of the series is never something they do a lot of. I figured there would be 1, maybe 2 dances throughout the series. It’s not an idol show where doing more inserts gives a chance to sell more merchandise. So they don’t want to give away the big finish, which will be the success of their dance.

  7. thorgriim says:

    Yay more hyperness! this time it wasn’t as high as the last episode. As expected.. an american can’t keep up, tisk.. Way to fail Hana! but you tired that’s what counts. she totally felt she left the whole group down, but she’s bounces back quickly.

    As for Yaya, im pretty sure everyone feels about the same, If we where given more time to follow them and get attached we might feel more sorry for Yaya, But it having less screen time made it missable really, or almost predictive. Will we get drama with the band thinging they failed because yay wasn’t focued on the band 100%? I doubt they go that fair, because.. this is about Yasakoi!

    Lack of acutal Yosakoi… Damn you K-on influence! Though I sorta said that day one with this series, It felt like a page right out of k-on, but I think Skylion said that “typical school club drama stuff” and thats pretty much it hehe. Yaya = Azusa, Hana = yui, Tami = mugi, Naru = ui? and glasses = Mio, thats how I picture it. I mean wait.. k-on what are you doing in this! go away!

    ignore that.. yeah that would be…great…yeah…thanks

    • Highway says:

      Hmm, I think I had a different feeling from the band. They didn’t really show a lot of it, but the impression wasn’t that Yaya wasn’t focused on the band. She was the driving force behind it, and my impression was that the other members got nervous and probably messed it up. Yaya was the one who was trying to pick them up, get them pumped for the performance, and the others were just too nervous. The other members might end up trying to blame Yaya because of her splitting her attention, but I think the show went to some effort to cut that argument off at the knees. That might be the kind of thing that breaks up a band, tho.

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