DRAMAtical Murder – 06

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This is probably the most badass bird I’ve ever seen in my entire life

Oh god, finally a DMMD episode that is decent.



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Focused medium shot scenes, but also a detailed blurry Mink. About fucking time, NAZ

This episode is basically an info-dump episode, but that is totally fine for me because it’s about time we get some revelations about all the mysteries in here. I played the visual novel, but even I got confused at some parts of this anime because the storyline (except the basic plot) is independent from the visual novel. There are some scenes that are not in the visual novel, such as the alley conversation between Koujaku and Mink. Aoba’s escape is also quickened because in the VN he was supposed to go to Platinum Jail the next day. Anyway, many anime-original stuff. Not that I mind, really, because NAZ is actually doing a really good job at arranging everything so that the whole story+routes can fit for a 12-episode cour. I’m also loving all the details that are included in this episode, e.g. the part where the twins happened to see the cops passing by. In the VN, Aoba only received the phone call. Overall, it’s nice how we get to see other characters actually doing some things. Like, y’know, the focus shifted from Aoba to other characters. That’s actually the part I enjoyed the most in the anime adaption. The visual novel is Aoba-centered (duh), so the other characters were lacking some screen time. But it has been amended by this anime, so it’s all good.

And yes, above is a paragraph praising NAZ. Very rare, isn’t it? It’s because they actually did a damn good job at this episode’s animation. Well, it’s not like they actually did a good job. It’s just that there are less long shot scenes in this episode, which means less shitty faces because we know how NAZ does its job when it comes to small figures in long shot scenes. Though they’re kind of shitty with small figures, NAZ actually does a decent job with close-up scenes, and this episode has many close-up scenes. Which means good animation from the beginning until the end, yay! There we still some derp faces, such as far away!Toue and ninja!Aoba when he jumps from one roof to another, but it’s all good since we got many handsome bishies in their close-up shots this episode.

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sneak peek to Fujoshi HQ and what we do to boys to turn them into fudanshi

Ehm, back to the plot! There are many things explained, but TL;DR Toue is the culprit of everything and uses Morphine since it seems that he brainwash naïve Morphine members to control their minds. Why brainwash innocent people? Because Toue is trying to control the Old District to fully control Midorijima, and he’s trying to find the perfect brainwashing method to do it. Hmph, pretty cliché. It’s pretty obvious that Toue is behind all this mess, but I did not expect Usui to be on Toue’s side. Even I was surprised when I played the VN. Like, dude/girl, why would you side with that sly fox? Though Toue is kind of hawt, but why? And how the hell did Toue end up with Usui? Usui is supposed to be a Rhyme referee. Though it’s kind of obvious from all the Rhyme hints in Toue’s work place. Anyway, the point is, Toue is the main villain of this anime.

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Like a boss

Ehm, so the other mystery is Aoba’s origin. It’s obvious from his hair color that he’s not Tae’s real grandchild. Or maybe Aoba’s dad has a blue hair, but that’s kind of weird. Even the dude with the weirdest clothes aka Mizuki has a normal hair color, so I guess odd characters such as Aoba and Clear have odd hair colors. But back to the point. Aoba clearly doesn’t look like Tae, so who is Aoba? Since he can enter people’s mind, I guess he has something to do with Toue’s research. Tae was Toue’s underling too, so it would make sense for Aoba to be related to Toue somehow. Anyyywaayyy, there many mysteries to solve, but now we can relax since the mysteries are slowly revealed one by one.

More Plot:

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Man, this episode was just so good, even my mood turned into something good. It’s not good like WHOA-NAZ-SUDDENLY-HAS-MONEY good, it’s just that everything is finally explained in this episode. About time. Finally us audience is enlightened with yaoi plot! The decent animation is definitely a bonus, but I’ll always welcome good-looking and well-animated bishies anytime of the day. My favorite scene though has got to be the end, when the boys individually make their move to Platinum Jail. That and the combination of the actually-cool BGM. Man, that ending was really good. It was so climatic and exciting. NAZ finally learns how to end an episode properly.

Buuuut the thing that excites me the most is Koujaki getting the invitation YESSS. And I’ve only noticed this recently but Koujaku definitely has the most individual scenes (besides Mizuki) compared to the other homos. And he also has the most homosexual tendencies for Aoba. There was Noiz’s kiss, but it’s definitely just plain curiosity. So does this mean that Koujaku is Aoba’s seme for the anime? This might be me being all delusional, but I REALLY want him to be with Aoba at the end because I am SO SICK of ambiguous gay anime. I need REAL gay anime, where two guys actually hook up at the end of the series.  At least, make the main guy realize the other dude’s feelings! Or something like that. I have a feeling that NAZ will disappoint me in the yaoi department, but I can’t help being excited about Koujaku. And it’s not that bad to have some hope, right? Even if NAZ trolls me, I’ll remember this day as my fight for the goodness of yaoi genre *clench fist* Viva yaoi!

Preview: Koujaku’s route next week!

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  1. Kyokai says:

    I’m betting my money on all routes because we already hear the creepy tattoo guy in the preview. That means, he’s showing up in next episode and we will see the edited version of Kojaku route. As we have seen every other dude on alert too, I have a feeling they will all rendezvous with Aoba in Platinum Jail one after the other. Oh yeah, Aoba is going to be hella busssyyy! xD

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