Barakamon – 06

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 …other children perhaps don’t even eat them…

 Welcome back to our latest installment of island healing. You know, I do have a batch of essays and columns I wrote and never submitted to various magazines and such. Some of what Sensei had to go thru is part of the reason why….



barakamon 06-02

This is not the BFF scene we had in mind…

 You know, one would think that Sensei would not have much trouble making friends and acquaintances. On our island he doesn’t seem to badly socially adept. He’s stumbled around quite a bit, trying to find his feet in his new home, but he hasn’t been particularly anti-social. He hasn’t hit anyone, yet. Wants to, sure. But don’t we all have that bit of mental guilt? But we might as well face it, a guy that just up and lands a wallop on an old man has not had many people close enough to him to keep his actions in check for long. All you do is add in the moodiness, and the desire to be alone, and you have someone that might be difficult to make a lasting bond wit

barakamon 06-04

Dude, be your own inspiration…

But then, it would be not at all surprising to see if Kousuke manages to keep people close to him as well. I was trying to find the best single word to describe him, and the best I feel is Selfish. He is not in any way sympathetic with the needs of his idol and rather reminds me of grumpy GRRM fans, expecting something where nothing more needs to be given. But given how he is more concerned with the social niceties that Handa feels little truck with at times, it’s not all that hard to see him come up as shallow as he does. But with all that in mind, what did you think of Yuki Kaji’s performance? I felt it was a very typical role for him, but that he played it to the hilt. This sort of unrestrained, yet nearly untested youth is right in his ballpark.

barakamon 06-03

…it makes me wonder what old guy art gallery owner was thinking….

But then, the nature of emulating those in a field you admire, and wanting to feel the way they do about nearly everything both related to the field and not is not that rare at all. We follow the people we consider great, and when they look as if they are not what they should be, we are taken aback. The importance of that image we have in mind is far more important than who or what they really are. Kousuke’s actions and reactions were not surprising in the least. But Sensei’s really was. I thought he had built up a bit more toughness than this. That the next competition is what he had in mind, and pouring what he was experiencing now into that endeavour. But at least his crippling attack was short lived. And as in all things in his life so far on the island, just add Naru…and in this case some paper airplanes.

A few light breezes

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…and here we are five episodes later, and what I found that I loved about the first episode is finally revealed. Handa-sensei want’s to discover the calligraphy that only he is capable of doing. While he will always be embarrassed by his past commitments and comments, either to a large degree or only somewhat, he can always see them flying away. His past is just the past. What did you folks think?


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24 Responses to “Barakamon – 06”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    As a vegetarian, I have to say Japanese food can really gross me out. I don’t care whether they are broiled or not, I’m not going to eat snails or crawdads (which are really just cockroaches that have adapted to living under water). Pickled daikon radish sounds alright, though.

    • skylion says:

      You have an island nation, you are going to farm that ocean. I find it interesting that many local delicacies are similar in this respect. Ireland probably eats just as much in sea snails as Japan does. The last time I had periwinkles, they were boiled in a Harp and butter broth…tasty if not really damn slimy…

  2. jimbobi says:

    I like how Handa’s past and present dilemmas met in this episode. In the past he was worried that his calligraphy was too textbook and strained for originality so much that Kousuke saw it as too deliberate. So I think Kousuke’s coming had a valuable lesson in it for Handa, helping him realize he shouldn’t go to either extreme. Nothing deliberate about Naru throwing airplanes, it just is. Who needs a Zen master when you’ve got her around?

    • skylion says:

      Hiroshii exclaims that calligraphy isn’t like martial arts, but I think he may be a touch wrong in that respect. Perhaps the competitions that both Handa and Kousuke won were dominated by traditionalists. Handa won his first go, and when his style started to change, he lost to the traditional style that Kousuke adopted.

    • thorgriim says:

      Who needs a Zen master when you’ve got her around?

      Totally, I need a little Naru of my own, always making everything fun and such lol

  3. HannoX says:

    Moral of this anime: It’s impossible to stay in a funk for long with Naru around.

    • skylion says:

      I’ll just carry Haru with me as much as I can.

      • thorgriim says:

        She is light, and fits in small compartments… however she is quite a handful, the little thing dosn’t stay in one spot very long but that’s part of her charm and I like that about her.. lol

  4. Irenesharda says:

    Another great episode. I never realized how famous Sensei was, I thought he was like, a young upstart, but he’s been at this for some time.

    Naru was adorable and I loved the village guys coming to her “rescue”.

    Kousuke should actually be able to help Handa out, by, as his friend said, someone to rival against, as well as someone who looks up to him. Sometimes you find yourself doing your best when you find that someone else, someone personal, is looking to you as their guide. I don’t mind Kousuke so much. He reminds me of myself. I can’t stand bugs or camping either (my idea of camping comes with a cabin full of all the amenities, including hot and cold water, air conditioning, beds, complete plumbing, a fridge , and carpeting. 😛 ). Though, unlike him, I love children naturally, and while I would never eat one uncooked, I don’t mind snails.

    But also, learning where you’ve been, as well as connected it to where you want to go, is great as well. I’m glad that Sensei is beginning to find himself, and I think Kousuke will as well.

    Both endings of this were hilarious. 😀

    • skylion says:

      So, like me, your idea of camping is staying home and maybe, if conditions are right, taking a sidelong glance at a patch of grass?

      I’ve had snails and seas snails raw and cooked, just to keep the palate in. I don’t prefer them, and would never order them for myself.

      OMG, that fujoshi ending. Anaaga, Kyo? Why aren’t you here noa?!

      • Irenesharda says:

        Actually, weirdly, I really love the woods and outdoors. I love being surrounded by nature. And yet, I want to be able to observe it and then go inside to a normal place at the same time. I like camping resorts that are basically like hotels in the woods. That, I guess is the perfect camping place for me.

        The fujoshi ending was hilarious! She should watch her head though, that was a lot of blood.

    • thorgriim says:

      Yep fun episode indeed.

      Naru selling sniales was both funny and adorable, the Rescue as well.. hehe Naru has lots of bodyguards that come in different sizes and ages!

      Camping eh… so you wouldn’t really wanna do things the old fashion way every once in a while? id think it actually be fun lol. I’ve been a few times, either camp for a week with all the said stuff you mentioned. Also been so parks with a tents and stuff, I remember one time i wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, and for some reason we had coat hangers, the copper/metal ones.. I bent it and uses it to make one.. quite proud of myself..Anyways Its a good experience one in a while i’d think.

      and eating snails, can’t say I have, but i’d assume they are kinda like fired mushrooms or oyster and clam meat once. but I’d love to try Snail,

      and I would totally wanna make of get some Pickled daikon radish to say hey.. i tired it too! probably can by the needed ingredients easily.

      • skylion says:

        …and she really should have boiled them alive. It not only tastes slightly better, it kills the parasites…rather notorious hangers on in many living things but especially gastropods…

  5. thorgriim says:

    as I said earlier, a fun episode this week, Naru is still as cute as ever running around with Hina, and that paper airplanes scene was nice and something Naru would do haha.

    I do have a batch of essays and columns I wrote and never submitted to various magazines and such

    Tsk, now i can’t find anything embarrassing on Sensei Skylion.. I was really hoping to find some great quotes and someone to look up to! There might still be hope! nyahaha.

    Handa and Takao hug scene lol I was WAITING for Tama to show up as they where hugging or on the ground.. haha perfect moment for that, But she got her shot at the end of the episode.. I don’t think that will ever get old to me haha.

    Damn Kousuke didn’t have any arm jokes this time.. tsk.. you win this round! next time though…Unless something happens where he can’t do Calligraphy because of his arm, and Handa ends up beating him in a competition. this could…wait nope sorry..

    I also like what ya said near the end about looking up to people in your field of work, which mine is really a hobby, Which is Art, drawing, illustrations, There are alot of people I admire, and some that just blow my mind with their art, Which is why im drawn to anime and love seeing different art styles, no pun intended =P. anyways like you said, about following people we think are great, but meeting them in real life or hearing about them gives ya a whole new look at times lol.

    (in a serious tone) Welcome to Reality Sensei.

    So all in all, enjoyable episode, nice and relaxing with fun humor and such, the ending with the paper airplanes was nicly placed.. Thanks Nura! So yea.. till next week! =)

    • skylion says:

      It’s become natural to find the avenues by which a Kaji Yuki character can become delimbed. It’s like asking, when you gonna dance Chris Walken?

  6. Overcooled says:

    That girl has some pretty thick fujoshi goggles on to be able to make 4 guys just screaming at bugs into something sexual. I still loved it though =w=

    Funny how Kousuke overall acts like a nice guy but he still ends up rubbing me the wrong way. For all his good manners and attempts to praise his idol, he just seems to be pretending to be nice just so he’ll be acknowledged by others. It’s like he just wants to be famous like Sensei! And have his photo in magazines next to overly dramatic quotes! He seems like a real poser, this one…

    Still, it’s good that he’s there to push Sensei along. Maybe now he’ll develop his own style so that it’s unique, fun AND capable of winning prizes. Or maybe he’ll never win anything again and just discover the joy of calligraphy for the hell of it? He could start a fresh career as a kid’s day care counsellor :3

    • skylion says:

      Just as many can be accused of tight yuri goggles, other can find equal guilt in yaoi goggles. So it isn’t a matter of finding, but waaaaanting.

      ..and I would rather my child’s caretaker not be the sort that would trip over himself at the beach. Just sayin’…

  7. anaaga says:

    omo start shipping Handa with all the guys in his house

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