Aldnoah.Zero – 03

Aldnoah03 - Princess Asseylum

Looks like she’s gotten used to Earth’s gravity by now

This episode is the last before the Butcher hands off control of the story, so bye bye Butcher see ya later maybe in Psycho-Pass or Expelled from Paradise or whatever. Anyway, Fosh, Sum, Sky & I talk about the specifics of Nilokeras’ armor, the plan to take it down and Slaine manning up and filling Trillram with some bullets.



Extra Barriers

Aldnoah03 - Inaho on Toilet

This is all of us at our jobs. Don’t lie, you’ve done it too!

Aldnoah03 - Princess Shoots Smoke

Look at how adorable the princess is contributing to the fight 😀

Aldnoah03 - InkoAldnoah03 - CalmAldnoah03 - Gap in Barrier

Nice teamwork in bringing down Nilokeras

Aldnoah03 - Slaine Shoots Trillram

+6 shots to Slaine for offing Trillram


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27 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero – 03”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Believe me guys, people noticed the science inconsistencies. On both Animesuki, MAL, and even 4chan, there were long, long arguments regarding the inconsistencies with the shield.
    Now, to be fair, they did specifically say at one point that not only does the shield absorb “kinetic energy and electromagnetic waves”, but also, they even broke it down later saying, that if absorbs all physical matter, all radio waves, all light, and all sound. So, it’s kind of like Nilokeras is a walking black hole without the pull.

    But again, that still doesn’t explain the fact that we can see it then? o_o

    • skylion says:

      Again, internal consistency is best.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      We can see it because we are the audience; we are supposed to see it. The series did do its best to show that in reality, the machine is just a black figure by showing the mech in the last ep go completely black when it activated right before allowing the audience to see what it really looks like. Plus, they show the mechs colors distort into shades of black whenever the barrier is in use to illustrate that its appearance is not what we really see. Finally, if that doesnt satisfy the nitpickers, let’s just assume martian technology is just awesome and can do things like that.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Even if that was true, you’d then half to ask, how does the characters in story see it then, since the characters do describe the way the mech looks, which they shouldn’t be able to see.

        But you know what, I gave up trying to think of explanations a while ago. Like you said, it’s martian technology, just go with it. 😛

        • sonicsenryaku says:

          No, actually no one ever describes what it looks like; they always just refer to it as a martian katerphracht; Made sure to pay attention throughout the ep to catch on whether someone actually describes it. The only time something remotely coming close to a description is when Calm tells Inaho about the weakspot, to which at this point, Calm can infer some sort of information because he can use the water to determine a spot where the barrier doesnt seem to be active. Either way, there’s some mystery to this whole Aldnoah light thing as it was the only thing able to escape the barrier. I assume if the mech emits this light, this is how others can see the mech even if the operator cannot see outside of it.

      • Jrow says:

        let’s just assume martian technology is just awesome and can do things like that.

        I like this, certainly more than Sumairii getting on his soapbox during the podcast :p

    • JPNIgor says:

      Did you guys notice when Nikoleras was defeated, it turned completely black to regain its colors soon after? That must be some kind of interface for Nikoleras to be visible to allied forces. When Nikoleras regained it’s colors again, the barrier was being destroyed. And isn’t there a gap? Any gap should in theory be able to make Nikoleras visible.

    • Munchkin says:

      that still doesn’t explain the fact that we can see it then? o_o

      To be fair, they did hinted that Nilokeras has some sort of camouflage on top of its black hole barrier, to hide its what’d be a glaring visible gap among a blob of black. Note the machine going black when it turns on/off during its landing in ep.2 and when it being defeated in ep.3, before color shows up again.

      Now we still don’t know how that ‘image’ or ‘light’ managed to get from the machine to outside the barrier, through the ‘black hole’, but judging by how the princess disguised herself (which looked like something to do with light), I’d suspect its the property of this mystery ‘Aldnoah’s light’ they kept emphasizing, which would probably be explained later.

      • skylion says:

        Hello, Munchkin! Thanks for stopping by.

        Yep, after I got some time I watched out for that detail on my third viewing of events.

        I’d suspect its the property of this mystery ‘Aldnoah’s light’ they kept emphasizing, which would probably be explained later

        Maybe we should stick with this instead of calling it “superior Martian technology”?

      • Foshizzel says:

        Welcome to Metanorn Munchkin! I hope you stick around <3

  2. Irenesharda says:

    Well, well, we might just have a winning chance after all!

    Or maybe, I’ll just make that a “survival’s chance”, Earth is still outgunned after all, but I think we’ve taken a massive step forward. Firstly we find that the of course Trillram was working for Saazbaum, who were all in the plan to kill the princess. And we learn the weaknesses of Nilokeras’ barrier. So, basically his barrier is like a black hole. It absorbs everything and anything into it, including signals and light. However, because of that the pilot can’t see and needs to use outside cameras to see. So, you get out of his sight, and he’s blind, also there are seams to his armor where the barrier can’t possibly cover. It was very cool to see them take advantage of that.

    I’m actually rather proud and amazed at Inaho this episode. In one episode, he as become an actual interesting MC to look at, a more Lelouch-like character that happens to be very stoic and clueless at times. We see more of his emotions this time around, and I can finally believe he is a human being. He is definitely the brains of this show, using all the info he can gather, and then together with his friends forms a guerrilla style counter-offensive to get them to safety. Like Lelouch, Inaho’s the brains of the operation, but he doesn’t lead the charge. He sits mostly in the background to guide the operation, except when it’s his turn to take place in part of the plan. I really like his friends too as they seem to be very capable and much smarter and able-bodied than your normal high schoolers turned military personnel, so I’m really happy to see that.

    It also turns out that the Princess, and I’m guessing the royal family, does indeed possess some sort of alien powers? What’s that about? I guess, them believing they’re gods personified is a little more believable now, but how does their powers work? It can’t just be limited to being able to magically transform one’s outfit.

    Well, this was a really good episode, even though we all know that they all still have a long road ahead. Trillram was a rather stupid evil-for-evil’s sake villain. I have a feeling that the other knights are going to be a lot harder to deal with and much stronger villains to fight against.

    And how about that stinger at the end?! Slaine’s taken all he can stands and he can’t stands no more! You can use him a doormat if you want, but you don’t mess with his princess! I was wondering why Trillram would be so stupid as to admit all of that stuff to Slaine. I’m guessing he really does see Slaine on the same level as a dumb stupid animal in that he would never actually say anything. However, Slaine did the unexpected and killed the bastard! He shot him like five times!

    Well, Slaine, you’ve found your courage at last. Now what are you going to do with it? Are you going to try to take down Vers traitors all on your own? Or are you going to join your gun-toting Princess?

    We’ll have to see next week! If you haven’t guessed, I love this show, and it is probably my favorite of the season with Terror in Resonance as a close second.

    • skylion says:

      I just have to reiterate what I said in the ‘cast. Rayet is going to be a great character to watch…or at least I hope. She’s got some great complications going down.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      *looks up the reference ‘pedia…*

      I would use Yo’gand’s Core as a tactic to defeat the Earthlings. It’s super effective!

  3. Namika says:

    Well, I’m liking this anime so far. Scientific arguments aside, it’s quite enjoyable. Not amazing, but above mediocre. A little bit. Or maybe I’m being too critical. Oh, and I don’t like the princess. She gained a little bit of respect for bravery and such in this episode but she still irritates me, idk why.
    On the other hand, Slaine and…. the other MC are really likeable. I hope the show won’t lose steam along the way.

    • Foshizzel says:

      This has been really fun besides the scientific stuff which tends to be hit or miss for the audience, but at least they tried to be “real” about it instead of going CAUSE ITS ALIEN TECH!

      Slain ftw~

  4. Nerazim says:

    someone mentioned a cultural festival with death all around and all that? really? lol
    Sawano Hiroyuki may be the composer, but i don’t think this is Guilty Crown…

    • Kyokai says:

      Lots of dramatic music indeed but as I’m his fan, I got a kick out of all the action scenes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha we were just trolling because after this episode Butch Gen is giving it to somebody else who doesn’t have a whole lot of AWESOME shows! Yeah this is not GC but you never know what will happen because any amazing looking series can fall apart quickly.

  5. Kyokai says:

    I really liked this episode and supposedly damn humans are winning. Fine by me, even if some of the science is out of whack.

    • Foshizzel says:


      That aside yep fun episode now we have to see what this other writer does for the series! Will it continue the current trend or fail?

      • Kyokai says:

        Yep, that is the million buck question indeed! We’ll see how things go from episode four onwards. Less killing maybe? I sure hope not. >:D

      • Namika says:

        They’d better keep the pessimistic realism. Or else *~*

  6. JPNIgor says:

    Slaine, GJ! \o/ I can’t believe he really did it. Hopefully no one saw him and he can go back to the martian base to be some kind of spy.

    When the car exploded in episode 2, I thought for a moment that princess must be still alive… But again, I thought… That’s Urobuchi. He surely would make the most gorgeous and charismatic princess just to kill her. Thankfully, that’s not the case… Yet.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Slaaaaain for the win! HE FINALLY DID SOMETHING EPIC!!!

      Yep I had a feeling that the princess was alive and well.

  7. Irenesharda says:

    Here’s next week’s preview!

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Yes! That douche Trillram bites it. He had it coming but it became more satisfying when Slaine was the one who did the deed. Though it wasn’t on his mind because of his concern for the princess, it was karma doing its work since Trillram kept bashing him for being a Terran. Even if he gets pinched for killing the douche, it’s a safe bet Princess Asseylum would pardon him. I mean, the reason for it is already clear.

    I think the creators figured the robot’s build and capabilities raised more questions than answers and since there wouldn’t be an explanation for inconsistencies and everything, they just dropped the attempts and went along with what’s on the table. A mech that overpowered… It’d be a hell of a time rationalizing every detail.

    A relief to know that as stoic and calculating Inaho is presented to be, like the average person, he has fears and uncertainties. Preparing for a battle you know there’d be a slim chance of survival… the thought of such a thing is beyond daunting.

    As expected, the princess lives. I can happily say my preconceptions of her were proven wrong since the beginning, I pegged her as this pacifist, helpless damsel in distress. But after her resolve to voluntarily join the fight, I must confess she made an impression. A side note: what was she using to disguise herself, something that compresses space? Before she revealed herself with her full ensemble (long dress and all), she was dressed like a commoner.

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