Kamigami no Asobi – 11


More like “Loki, why are my eyes so freakishly huge?”

I missed the opportunity to make that joke the first time around. …I enjoyed this episode of KamiAso for a few of the same reasons I laugh my way through Kin’iro (which probably isn’t a good thing), but I enjoyed this a lot more than a lot of the latest episodes (minus the play, since that was brilliant), so oh well. Whatever works.


Ah, they really cleared up a few issues I had with previous episodes with this one. One was Balder’s sudden attitude change being magically solved, which was explained away rather effectively by the fact that the issue wasn’t based on his attitude at all. Wow, who would have guessed that the god of trickery could have lied about the situation (…I should have seen this coming ヽ(´ー`)ノ). Tied in with that was the lack of Balder learning anything useful from his episode(s) from interacting with Yui, unlike everyone else. Balder learning to be human seems like it will be solved in the finale of the series, so everything world out really neatly. Even his interest in Yui from the start makes more sense, since if they’re not going to have him learn anything until the end of the series, then there’s no time for him to fawn over the heroine until afterwards. …Though that was part of his character to begin with from the game, so maybe that’s less of the script writer being clever in planning things out and more of a happy coincidence.


NOOO! Not the unimportant side character friends who were all but forgotten after the first episode!

As far as the plot’s concerned now, Balder might as well be the only reason why Zeus summoned everyone there. It would probably be just a little rushed if they solved the Balder issue and then brought up a totally different problem that Zues wanted everyone to solve (though him shoving even more on to the cast would totally be in character for him). The current issue definitely a worthy cause to be worried of though, since Balder is basically an apocalypse waiting to happen. Who knows why they couldn’t have just told him about it to help the process, but loldrama he pretty much figured it out anyways from being observant. Making things turn into gold dust isn’t exactly a normal illness. Plus considering how Yui and Apollon found out so easily, maybe this isn’t a huge surprise. Loki and Thor weren’t exactly subtle.


…That looks awfully metallic to be mistletoe.

Loki probably shouldn’t of burned the one thing that could have killed Balder if they couldn’t solve the problem in time, but maybe he knows instinctively that this is the type of show that will resolve everyone’s problems in the end. The friendship was touching though. …Or at least Loki being unable to kill Balder when it came down to it. Everyone else’s mass concern at the end for Balder was just kind of cheesy. They’ve all hung out for a considerable amount of time though, so maybe this is just me. Balder trying to kill himself because he knew Loki had good intentions was also pretty touching. Jokes about BL aside, they really do have an awesome trust-filled relationship. Though of course, it’s not like Balder is actually dead. It would be interesting if they did kill him off, but from what we’ve seen so far in terms of themes, having him learn a valuable life lesson that solves everything is the far more likely outcome.

If they end with the plot totally focusing on the Kamiyan character, that’s perfectly okay with me. Hooray Kamiyan. Uh, anyways, it looks like the ending should be interesting. Personally I’m hoping that they bring back the mahou shoujo shounen transformation (and if they give them to the rest of the characters too, you won’t see me complaining). Maybe this is where Brains Base plans on using up the budget they’ve obviously been saving in terms of animation quality.


Of course. His natural enemy is gravity.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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15 Responses to “Kamigami no Asobi – 11”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Creepy loli(shota)…

    Loki’s answer: Because that bugger of an onii-san Thor beat me up again. T_T

  2. zztop says:

    Loki, why are my eyes so freakishly huge?
    All the better to see you with, my dear!!

    It would probably be just a little rushed if they solved the Balder issue and then brought up a totally different problem that Zeus wanted everyone to solve.

    12-episode limitations do have its problems. Maybe the upcoming OVA will liven things up with more Anubis.

    If you’re into shoujo, Kara, you might like The World is Still Beautiful anime. Princess Nike’s no slouch in the heroine area, and there’s a smart yet tortured shota boy-king. The insert song does get annoying though.

    • Karakuri says:

      I hope the OVA is mindless fun. Actually, I watched Amnesia’s OVA the other day, and it was probably better than the actual TV series. It was stupid, but funny (and once again, I was SO thankful for Yui in KamiAso).

      Yeah, I’m watching that actually (and reading it. It’s one of the manga series I was referring to in the last post for KamiAso).

  3. Highway says:

    I was a little surprised that Loki ‘graduated’, given his resistance to the whole thing from the very beginning, but that was nice.

    It also looks like there won’t really be much, if anything, in the way of ‘romance’ in this series. And honestly, that’s fine. They’ve made it interesting, engaging, and not full of stupid. They could come up with an Apollon ending, I guess, but that would be a bit unexpected.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I too, don’t really think they are going to really end with a romantic “end pair”. I would have thought Apollo, but in the end, it really just seems like his relationship with Yui is going to stay as friendship.

      It’s actually a little surprising and refreshing to have a reverse harem where the girl actually stays friend with all the guys and doesn’t get in a romantic relationship with any of them. Especially for this kind of game genre.

      • Highway says:

        Even more rare, it seems is that the guys aren’t all being skeevy about her. That’s been the general rule in most otoge adaptations I’ve seen: All the guys are going to fall in love / try to sleep with the girl even though she’s got no personality and they turn into total creeps about it.

        The only one who’s gotten the least bit jealous is Balder (well, Loki was jealous of Yui getting too close to Balder, but I think that’s been explained well enough that it’s not TOO BL). And that was when Balder was not himself. Everyone else has had that same “I’d be interested if there was a plausible opening and she was interested back” kind of feeling, which I think is pretty much all guys.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I dunno. He’s always had that same level of concern for Balder as far as I was aware, but I guess his act of selflessness (that may or may not have doomed the whole world) was what did it.

      I’m perfectly okay with this not having any romantic closure. It was satisfying with so many other plot elements.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    “Loki, why are my eyes so freakishly huge?”
    I know, right! Even for a kid anime character, he’s eyes are weirdly large!

    Balder being the god of destruction is sort of a new spin on the fact that he’s the initiator for Ragnarok in mythology which is the destruction of everything.

    I love that they included that, as well as that mistletoe being his only weakness. However, I also like that they used a throwaway line from the beginning as a plot point, of that fact that while mistletoe can hurt him, Balder can also hurt himself, and thus why he can kill himself here. However, I have the feeling that maybe his destructive side won’t allow that and will create the problem we saw at the beginning of the series.

    I think Balder will live by the end, though I’m not sure where they are going, since the title of the last episode is “Eternal Separation” which is a rather sorrowful sounding end than any sort of happy ending I would expect out of a show like this.

    However, I guess with all these characters being from distinctly different mythologies, they will all have to separate somehow. However, Yui should be happy, unlike all the others, she can go and read about all of these gods in her own time and see what happened to all of them.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ah, that’s actually pretty interesting. I’m not so familiar with the Norse mythology.

      …Yeah, Loki and Balder weren’t present during the opening if my memory serves correctly, so that will be interesting to see. I’m pretty sure Balder will live too, but that ending title does seem a bit weird for that. Maybe it will just be Yui separating from the gods.

  5. Highway says:

    Oh, fun fact I found when looking up Balder earlier today: the name of his ship was Hringhorni, and when he was killed, he was put on it and set ablaze.

    • Karakuri says:

      I remember reading somewhere that Balder’s character name was partially based on his ship’s name. I guess it’s fitting that he had a viking funeral though, considering the mythology he comes from.

  6. anaaga says:

    considering how Yui and Apollon found out so easily, maybe this isn’t a huge surprise. Loki and Thor weren’t exactly subtle.

    Lol I imagine Loki and THor discussing the problem and Balder accidentally listened to it. That’s so anti-climatic.

    Balder is obviously not dead. There’s no such thing as deth in reverse harem. His other personality will appear though, taking over his body. My guess is that all of those transformation at the first episode is to stop Balder. If my guess is correct, that is so much better than transforming to fight for Yui’s love.

    I’m actually pretty excited to see how this is going to end. There are few otome anime that actually wrap the plot nicely (except UtaPri and Hiiro no Kakera), and Kamigami has the potential to do it. And yeahhh I like Hiiro no Kakera anime. Crappy animation, but decent plot that actually has a main pairing

    • Karakuri says:

      …I have to admit, I still haven’t finished Hiiro no Kakera (either season). Though if it went well, it’s probably because the game was nicely linear with a longass common route that kept things in order.

      Brothers Conflist, there wasn’t really a common plot between any of the routes. The same goes from Amnesia and Arcana Famiglia. …Though Kin’iro is laughably bad and it has a common route (ish), so that’s not really a good guideline. xD

      KamiAso reminds me a lot of UtaPri. At first it was just that both games were made by the same company, but the anime’s humour is kind of similar (as well as the BL vibes, I guess).

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