Knights of Sidonia – 06-07


Easy come, easy go just about describes these latest episodes of Knights of Sidonia.



Sudden Loss

Shizuka’s fate.

So obviously the big shocker here is that Shizuka is dead. I’m honestly surprised because I always thought she had some pretty thick plot armor thanks to being one of the most important characters as well as Nagate’s primary love interest. Part of me still wants to believe that perhaps there’s something amiss here and she’s actually OK. But it’s pretty hard to argue with half a dozen or so tentacles violently eviscerating her body, so I guess Shizuka really is gone. In retrospect, her being the main character’s love interest is a pretty big death flag, especially considering the relatively dark tone of the show. Surely her demise will push Nagate to fight even harder against the Gauna, perhaps even turning him into a cold, emotionless weapon, which would be right up the top brass’s alley. Fortunately though, it looks like Sidonia is dodging this development by simply passing him through a depressed and withdrawn phase, from which it appears he has now recovered.

And they were so cute too… =(

I would also like to add that there could potentially be some intentional link between the bathyspheres and death. With few notable exceptions, everyone who has ridden the bathyspheres has died soon after. These exceptions include only Nagate and Izana to my knowledge, and their continued survival is exceptional so they might as well be disregarded as inevitable anomalies; Nagate is the main character and thus has the ultimate plot armor, while Izana hasn’t even been given the chance to sortie so gravity disasters aside (s)he isn’t likely to kick the bucket. That said, this kind of speculative observation should always be taken with a grain of salt because there is no real evidence that this was the author’s intention and not some random coincidence.

What An A-hole

New pilots.

Moving on, I think it best to discuss Norio for a bit since he is to an extent indirectly responsible for Shizuka’s demise. I wasn’t holding my breath about his supposedly turning over a new leaf, so I wasn’t too surprised when he soon found the chance to screw over Nagate. But did he really have to do it in such a risky way? Understandably, the quickest way for him to humiliate Nagate is to have him commit some grave error on the battlefield. And clearly, it worked pretty well. But at the end of the day, the little game that Norio played actually cost many others their lives and could have potentially put all of Sidonia in harm’s way. I can’t believe he could let his egotistical desire to see Nagate removed from stardom compromise the mission like that. It’s almost selfish beyond belief.

Yuhata’s promotion.

I’m also surprised that no one has discovered the foul play yet and called him out on it. Not that this would bring back any of the dead pilots, but it would just be satisfying for us viewers to see him brought to justice. I can’t imagine that the private line is really that private given the imposition of martial law. So surely the right personnel would have access to records of Norio’s borderline treacherous actions. Heck, I was even sure that Yuhata would uncover the plot and expose the guy for the unsavory character that he is. She’s been shown to be capable of illicitly obtaining and analyzing military records. And now that she is officially an executive officer, there wouldn’t be anything questionable about her reviewing such records and holding Norio responsible for the lives lost. But anyway, I guess (and hope) that the show is just saving Norio’s justice for another episode. If TV tropes has taught me anything, it’s that one can never, ever escape karma.


Planet killer.

Before wrapping up, let me revisit the topic of the Gauna and the war in general. Previously, I had hypothesized that perhaps the Gauna are chasing Sidonia because it houses the Kabizashi that pose a threat to them. Seems I wasn’t the only one who thought so, as the anti-war protesters are also saying the same thing. And they also proposed the same “solution” of throwing away said weapons to throw the Gauna off their tail. This is nice and all, but as I concluded in the end, it ultimately leaves Sidonia vulnerable to any attack and thus isn’t a feasible course of action. Captain Kobayashi goes even further by saying that mankind cannot rebuild its homeland until the Gauna are eradicated. Now, assuming she is not misinforming us or has been misinformed herself (unlikely since she would seem to be one of the best informed characters in the show), it would suggest that the Gauna are in fact pursuing humanity for other reasons.

I think the resemblance goes way beyond just being grandfather and grandson.

So in the end, it all comes back to what the Gauna are after. If they’re not just reacting to threats, why are they still chasing mankind? Surely they’re not “waging war” because “negotiations” broke down during the first encounter. That seems a rather shallow and dissatisfying answer. So then perhaps they’re still attempting communication of some sort? I believe there was a legitimate attempt at communication during the first encounter since that Gauna purposefully took on a humanoid form. And so far they’ve repeatedly mimicked humans and human creations in pursuing mankind. Forgetting the fact that they bring death and destruction with them, the straightforward conclusion to reach is that they are trying to “talk” to us. So it might just be some sort of cliched development, like them not having the same concept of life and death that we have. Or, they could just be titans trying to eat us all.

It took Knights of Sidonia eight episodes, but finally we get to see some real mecha-on-mecha action. The sparring contest a few episodes back doesn’t count because, well, it was just sparring. I’m curious to see just how effective the “zombified” Gardes will be since they are on a whole different level than anything that the Gauna have attempted to mimic before. Considering the mecha has a human user-interface, one has to wonder if the Gauna will just go about manipulating the mecha directly or if it will construct some humanoid core to “pilot” the undead mecha. The latter could give rise to plenty of drama if the humanoid cores just so happen to mimic the dead who used to pilot the respective mechas.

What do the Gauna have in store next week?


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11 Responses to “Knights of Sidonia – 06-07”

  1. Cybersteel says:

    Is that Rikiya Koyama that I hear?

    • belatkuro says:

      He’s everywhere this season along with Koyasu Takehito.

  2. d-LaN says:

    Just when I am considering to jump the Izana ship, Hoshijiro kicked the bucket :V Also I secretly hope that she is still alive just being “used” by the Gauna.

    And yes, Kunato needs to die. Preferably soon by a Gauna. Maybe some1 could throw him into the bathysphere of doom? 😛

    Now that you mentioned it, Tanikaze does resemble his grandpa a bit too much right down to the ahoge. Maybe Nagate a clone? Or it could very well be sameface syndrome but we shall see.

  3. lou says:

    about hoshijiro’s fate…

    Show ▼

  4. akagami says:

    ^ Someone should edit that to have a spoiler tag.

    I was starting to warm up to the CG, but they went ahead and killed off Hoshijiro, the last remaining interesting character (to me) after killing off Akai’s squad.

    I ragequit the series after seeing the TV headline near the end of episode 6.

    I spoiled myself afterward with a summary of the series to see if I was making a (fatal) mistake, but in the end I’ll stand by my initial decision. Nagate’s character really annoys me and the whole third gender and morphing capabilities honestly creeps me out. Yuhata is kind of interesting, but not enough to carry an entire series for me. Norio is not even a competent villain or rival… he just seems more like a spoiled brat. Oh well… I’m disappointed because I wanted to like this series too.

  5. Highway says:

    Hoshijiro might as well have been waving a death flag when she passed by Nagate, and everyone knew it when it happened.

    I really like the show, but wish they hadn’t killed her off. She was warming up as less of a dorobo neko and more of a genuine love interest. And Izana was finally realizing that she couldn’t just rely on first-girl advantage. Of course, Yuhata was coming into her own as the dorobo neko. 🙂

  6. Wanderer says:

    They killed the girl?! …Well FINE then, if the series doesn’t want me to watch it, it can just go screw itself. >:(

  7. BlackBriar says:

    The latest episode left me very bitter with Hosojiro’s death. I liked her a lot so it’s depressing knowing she’s not going to be around anymore, especially with everything she and Nagate endured together while they were adrift.

    Kunato is such a douche. Not surprising he’d sink so low as to set Nagate up for a fall. All the pilots, including Hosojiro, died because he can’t his overinflated ego in check. It’s nothing short of foolish thinking someone on a power trip like him would have a change of heart when he’s close to one he despises for stealing the spotlight. Overjoyed would be an understatement seeing him meet a violent demise. Not only was his move risky, it was too opportune a moment given the circumstances and should’ve raised suspicions. The entire ordeal happened just when Nagate was currently riding the gravy train of popularity.

  8. Kyokai says:

    Why are Kunato’s death flags not being raised? The asshole needs to hit the dust. The current preview left me nervous about the zombiefied version of Hoshijiro. Things are going to get more painful.

    Btw, you are definitely onto something on the cloning bit. Remember when the masked people caught up with Nagate. It was clearly shown that even people who were trained to pilot did not always get spots to show their stuff but a complete newbie just so happens to get into the system without a glitch? I’m pretty sure Nagate is cloned from Mr. Rikiya Koyama voiced jiji, from whom he acquired the flawless piloting skills. He’s too good to be a newbie.

  9. Irenesharda says:

    Having caught up, I’m not surprised at Hoshijiro’s death, her death flag was pretty large. However, I’m surprised how much of a piece of crap Kunato is, I thought there might be a little redemption for him in the form of becoming a rival for Nagate, however, this guy’s gone beyond that now. Seriously, seven people died just to serve your overblown ego?

    Anyway, I am proud however of Nagate. Despite hatred from the people and being unjustly framed for a act he’s not responsible for. He decided to keep going despite it all. I have no doubt Kunato will get what’s coming to him. Death is too easy for a guy like that. He needs to be hit where it hurts. Have him be revealed to all of Sidonia of what he really is, blow his ego to bits, and have his image torn to shreds. Have him dishonorably discharged from the army. Don’t make the pain quick, make it hurt as much as possible….

    I’m loving this show, and so far it’s the only one that hasn’t disappointed me this season. The new episode comes out soon, and I’ll be excited for that.

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